10 Different Ways To Wear A Kurti

10 Different Ways To Wear A Kurti

Have you been wearing Kurtis as ethnic wear only? Were you wishing to be a fashionista but wondering how to wear Kurti in different ways? If yes, then it is high time to scour through your wardrobe and get your all kinds of buttons out. You do not have to go through wardrobe sorrows or spend a lot on new clothes to look trendy. Mixing and matching old clothes is all you need to revive your plain Kurti look and boast of it in wedding receptions, office, home or market.

Finding the right accessories with your regular Kurti can be helpful to an extent but to entirely change your look, you need to experiment with your wardrobe. Kurtis is indeed comfiest and to add on to this comfort you can pull off different bottom wear with your plain Kurti. While skirts, palazzos, and shararas give you a more poise and classy look, jeans or shorts are a win-win for an outgoing funky style.

Are you still doubting on the abilities of your Kurti to make you look attractive and add uniqueness to your persona? RegulaKurtisis come in comfortable clothing materials and make a good outfit not only on every occasion but in all the seasons. Whether it is a summer brunch or a winter outing with friends, your Kurti can make you a style icon, provided you know how to wear a kurti in different ways with minimal expenditure.

How to Wear Kurti in Different Ways?

Instead of brimming the suspense more, let me spill the tea, here are some of the ready-to-go tips to style your kurti and be a fashion diva.

  1. Pair Kurti with Jeans to shine the Everyday Look

Jeans are the go-to wear for all ladies and if you are one of the jeans-lovers then, congratulations, you have a perfect dress for every day. Kurtis go well with ripped jeans and all kinds of footwear. Whether you are inclined to straight kurtis or A-line and high slits, you will look stunning in all of them by pairing with jeans. To make this look gorgeous, it is important to pick the right pair of footwear. For a more cool look, wear shoes and to look more refined and inventive, go for heels, mojadis are also a go-to footwear for this kind of an outfit.

Are you thinking if jeans and kurtis would go with your body shape? This stunning outfit is for all the women who love to be fashionable while at ease. Doesn’t matter if you are chubby or slim, you are beautiful and this attire will add on to your beauty.

P.S- Do not forget the comfort and longevity (and the pockets!)

  1. Rock the Funky Kurti look with Shorts

Kurti with shorts, does it sound over the top to you? Well, not to me, contrasting the colorful kurtis with outgoing shorts is the best you could ask for. Loose kurtis can be styled with a belt whereas if you prefer short ones then you are good to go as it is (you can tuck in the kurti if you want a cool look). However, my choice would be a front slit with t-strap sandals or simple shoes. Not to mention, kurtis with shorts go with every body shape.

Kurti-shorts is one chunky-funky look that is the love of all the girls who like to experiment with their clothing. A fusion wear that suits women of all body shapes and shines at all occasions. Casual parties, beach, shopping, you have got all the eyes on you by wearing a kurti and shorts. So ladies… start flaunting your toned legs and be a head turner!

  1. Be the Showstopper of every festival with Kurti and Skirt

Kurtis rock all the wedding ceremonies and festivities so does the lehangas. Have you ever thought that you could get the gist of both in one? Kurti with a flared skirt do exactly the same! Whether short or long, kurtis have attractively replaced the trend of teaming tops or shirts with long skirts. You can wear a straight kurti with a contrasting skirt, accessories, and a dupatta to complete your ethnic attire.

If you prefer wearing heavy jewellery then you are already rocking your BFF’s wedding. There is also something for you if you do not prefer loading yourself with jewellery. Pick a nice brocade for the festive attire or kurti with an asymmetric cut for a casual yet sophisticated look.

  1. Try on the Sharara-Kurti look

The siblings of palazzos, shararas would be a perfect match for your latest kurti to wear on any occasion. Short kurtis and shararas have been in trend since a long time, but pairing long kurtis with an outstanding sharar is something every woman looks up to. If you haven’t tried it yet, then it’s time to pick a sassy sharara and a plain kurti.

Shararas come in different styles, from pleating over the knees to coveting many pleats and heavy flare. Good thing about kurtis is that they go with all types of shararas. Minimal jewellery like heavy earrings would go for every occasion. Though, the best about the sharara-kurti duo is yet to come. It looks amazing on women of any age. Comfortable yet stylish, what can you ask more!

Pro tip: Go with plain and simple kurtis to quirk up your style.

  1. Get trendy by pairing Kurti with Cigarette pants

Whoever is telling you that cigarette pants are out of fashion; pick a fight (not literally!). The trend of cigarette pants, or straight pants as they are called often doesn’t seem to vanish anytime soon. Women of every age and body type prefer this pair of kurti and cigarette pants because of the sophisticated look it offers. I would not be wrong in saying most working women goes for this combination on a daily basis.

One mistake that you may do while wearing kurti with pants is adorning it with jewellery. Never do that! You can go for light-weighted and stud earrings along with a pretty necklace. Let your outfit shine and not your jewellery.

  1. Stand out by styling Kurti with dhoti pants

You must have heard of wearing patiala bottoms with kurtis to give an evergreen punjabi look, but have you tried rejuvenating your outfit with a dhoti pant? You can pair your short kurti with a dhoti pant and slay every occasion (You may also earn some secret admirers!). Are wondering if this alluring kurti-dhoti combo will suit your age-group? Well, most young girls walk on the path of their favourite fashion influencer, which is the reason that all of them eye dhoti-pants with a kurti.

There is only one DON’T to consider while teaming dhoti with kurti; always go for short kurtis which are above knee-length rather than long ones. It doesn’t matter if you pick out a flared short kurti or a plain straight one, you are going to be the showstopper with your attire.

P.S- Choose flat sandals or heels with kurti-dhoti to outshine all others’ outfits in the party.

  1. Experiment with Kurtis by wearing as Beach Coverups

A while back, like most other ladies, my perception of kurtis was that they are ethnic wear. Stunning but on festivals and wedding receptions. However, as the truth of the century dawned upon me. KURTIS ARE NOT ONLY ETHNIC OUTFITS. Breaking all the norms of kurtis being worn on traditional occasions, we have a “beach-kurti”, well if not exactly than a sheer kurti to look sassy on your beach vacation. You can take a sheer kurti to your next beach vacation and wear it over a bikini or denim shorts, styling your hair is absolutely a win-win to rock the look.

There is also a trend of wearing kurti and palazzos to the beach, but I personally don’t recommend that. Because, if you love to splish-splash in the beach waves, palazzos would not be as comfortable as shorts or a coverup.

  1. Style regular Kurtis with shrugs and denim jackets

Are you planning to re-invent your kurti-look this festival? The good news is, you do not have to buy new outfits to do that. Pick a long jacket for your kurti and get an elegant look. Not wearing it for a festival? No worries, you can go with denim jackets for a casual look, trust me this look is a big hit for college girls. A straight kurti with denim jeans and a denim jacket would look glamorous without making it dowdy.

Now, if you think this look is too simple for you, then quirk it up with nice accessories. By nice I mean, earrings or maybe jhumkas, a stack of bangles or classy rings. To give your Kurti an even more enthralling look, wear block heels or mojadis and you are already the diva of your college.

  1. Wear Kurtis as Saree Blouse

There are a lot of saree blouse designs in the trend but have you wondered that your plain Kurti can make an attractive saree blouse. You must have already seen this style in many fashion shows and top models wearing to big parties. If you haven’t yet experienced the elegance of this attire then you should do it right away.

Pair up a plain Kurti with a heavy bordered saree to be the fashionista in the town. It would not only make you stand out of the crowd but also add on to the comfort level, not to mention the ease of movement.

Take it from the expert, you can team every kind of Kurti, straight, high-slit, short, or long, with a saree and you are going to look ravishing.

  1. Make your Kurti a sassy dress

Are you afraid of how your usual Kurti would make it as a  dress? It’s time to show some glamour girls! This is not fusion wear but giving a western touch to ethnic Kurtis is the new trend. A Kurti-dress makes the best outfit for summer brunches, whether it is a long flared Kurti or a short flared one, you can style it up with heels or even shoes and be charismatic.

One of the major don’t while wearing Kurti as a sassy dress is never going for a translucent clothing material otherwise it would be a wardrobe malfunction. Spice up your Kurti as a dress outfit with casual accessories and sprinkle confidence to look attractive.

Final Tidbits

Kurtis are everyday outfits which you can style in different ways and refresh your look. I prefer Kurtis for their elegance but they can add to your funky profile too. All you need to do is pick different bottoms and accessorize and make your plain Kurti more enthralling. For those wondering how much it will cost you to revive your attire, it would not cost you more than what you spend buying different outfits.

Another important thing about Kurtis is they suit all body types and women of all ages. Besides, the most important thing to look beautiful in any outfit is sprinkling boldness of character. Be confident and slay your Kurti look with palazzos, skirts, shorts, beach cover-ups or denim!