6 Tips To Look Slim In A Saree [Practical Tips]

How to look slim in a saree

Whenever it comes to wearing elegance and fashion together sarees come to the rescue. Regardless of the figurine, sarees enhance the charm of every lady if draped correctly. I come across many women asking “How can I look slim in saree?”. Just then I decided that I should share some of the lesser-known aspects of wearing a saree and looking slim phenomenally.

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How can I look slim in a saree? Well, wearing a saree tightly, letting the attire accentuate your figure is the key tip for looking slim in a saree. Moreover, slim draping gets enhanced with right pinning, narrow shoulder pleating, and broad waist pleats.

Find below an infographic on tips to look slim in saree.

How to look slim in a saree

Want to know more? Follow along with the article for learning all the precious tips for avoiding plumpness in sarees.

How to Choose the Right Saree for Looking Slim?

The style of the sarees influences your appearance largely. Some attires might look extremely gorgeous but ruin your look after draping. So, choosing the right saree fabric and style is regarded as the most crucial step for looking slim upon wearing a saree. For looking slim in a saree, start focusing from the foundational level. Even before considering the slimming tips for saree draping, ask for all the elements that make a saree perfect for creating a slimming appeal.

Now, if you go for saree shopping, you might get bamboozled by the massive range of saree styles unless you know about the tips for choosing the right slimming sarees. Let’s simplify and break down all the tips that you need to consider for picking out the right saree for looking slim.

1. Soft, Crepe Silk and Georgette Fabrics for slim look

Picking the right saree fabric suppresses most of your worries of appearing slim in your attire. The best saree materials possess the characteristics of fluidity, settling on your body, and holding the drapes correctly. Before digging into which sarees should you prefer, let’s talk a bit about which sarees should you ditch.

Refrain from fluffy and non-settling sarees as they make you appear bulkier. Even though organza, heavy silk, jacquard, and starched cotton sarees appear irresistible, stay away from purchasing these sarees for avoiding a bulky appearance. Now, if you come to the flimsier and fluid fabrics like satin and chiffon, these sarees are recommended many times. However, these transparent, clingy, and slippery sarees might raise the bar of figure consciousness and fail to hold the drapes well for a longer span.

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If you talk about the best saree fabrics for appearing slim, then soft silk, crepe silk, and georgette sarees emerge out as your best buddies. These fabrics are thin, settling, translucent, and fluid for clinging on to your figure perfectly and holding the pleats for a longer duration.

2. Color Play – Darker shades are perfect for slim look

Generally, women forget to consider the importance of colors while picking out a saree for appearing slim colors play a significant role in making or breaking your saree look. Some colors look appealing to the eyes but highlight the bulkier aspects of your body, while the others strike an equilibrium between attractiveness and slimming effect. The latter category of sarees is your best friend for appearing slim.

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Going for the darker shades is considered safe for women of all body types and skin tones. Apart from being able to captivate the eyeballs in a crowd, the sarees in darker shades hide your bulkiness and emphasize your figure better than the light-colored sarees.

3. Small and Elongated Prints

The beauty of sarees partly lies in its prints. I know how difficult it is to ignore a saree with bold, large, and attractive prints. Still, you need to ditch your eyes and stay away from all the sarees that boast bigger, fuller, and dense prints for the sake of appearing slim.

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The sarees with small, elongated, and sparsely spread prints are the best picks for appearing slim in sarees. These sarees create an illusion of a slimming effect and provide a sense of cutting down your plumps virtually. Moreover, such sarees make you appear taller than in reality. That’s like killing two birds with one stone!

4. Avoid heavy Borders – Use thin & light

What about the saree borders? Do they play a role in creating a slimming effect? Well, yes, considering the borders is crucial for appearing slim in a saree. The heavy and gaudy saree borders captivate the attention negatively. Such sarees make you look excessively wide and bulky. Regardless of how well you drape, these sarees will ruin your appearance badly.

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Instead of picking out the heavy-bordered sarees, choose the ones with light and thin borders. The light-bordered sarees are capable of narrowing your body frame and flowing with your figure gracefully. Such sarees make the supreme choice of attires for appearing slim and tall.

Dull tones over light ones is an elegantly composed closet rule for the ones needing to show up thinner. Droning sarees are the trendiest choices you can pick this season. On the off chance that you’re enthused about more than shading, at that point ensure your outfit doesn’t have an overdose of whites and neons.

Now you know enough of all the points to consider before heading out for choosing or purchasing a saree for creating a slimming effect. Further, you must be intrigued to know about “How can I look attractive in saree?“. So, let’s move to the section of the art of draping a saree in such a fashion that will make you look less bulky while integrating into your charm and elegance.

6 Tips On How to Wear A Saree for Looking Slim?

As I always say, the elegance of a saree lies in the art of draping it. The better you drape, the more it accentuates your figure. Half of your slimming concerns are already gone if you excel at the art of draping. For achieving an edge over other classy drapers, and appearing slim in your saree look, keep in mind the following points while draping your saree.

1. Tight Draping

Do not fall loose in draping a saree as it will backfire drastically. According to me, the gravest mistake that the ladies make while wearing a saree is draping it loosely. If you drape a saree loosely, it will fluff abnormally, creating a false bulky appearance. Moreover, a loosely draped saree will not accentuate your curves, and the magic of saree will fail, eventually.

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Regardless of the fabric, whenever you drape a saree, drape it as tightly as possible. A tight draping clings on to your body perfectly and removes all scopes of emerging bulky in your attire. Also, a tightly draped saree clings to your figure perfectly, flows with your curves, and makes you appear slim and tall.

2. Pin it Correctly

Sometimes, even if you succeed in draping correctly, the tightness of sarees diminishes with time. You won’t be sitting stiffly for the entire tenure, and movements are normal. There is no worse situation than feeling your saree get to loosen up every time you move. Since you are carrying an unstitched fabric, you need to focus on keeping the folds in place for a long time.

The best trick for keeping the pleats and tightness of the sarees in place is pinning them correctly. Keep a lot of safety pins at hand while draping a saree. Use these pins to safeguard your waist pleats, pallu pleats, and hanging fabrics, if any. Once you master the skills of pinning the elements of your saree correctly, the chances of loosening get eradicated automatically.

3. Narrow Pallu Pleats

Most of us love the flowing of an open saree pallu. However, if you view through the perspective of a fashion-conscious lady, you will realize that open pallus fail to provide a slimming appearance to the wearer. So, you have estimated that pleating makes a better option for a slimming saree effect. But, can you pleat in any fashion for appearing slim in saree? Well, no! There is a trick to pleat the pallu.

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While you are pleating the pallu of a saree, remember to make small and well-arranged pleats. The broad pallu pleats of a saree make you look bulky and wide. Whereas the thin and small pallu pleats provide a slim, tall, and thin frame appearance. So, choose pleated pallu over an open one, and make smaller pleats than wide ones for your slimming saree effect.

4. Broad Waist Pleats

I have seen many ladies draping the sarees in such a way that the belly area appears bulgy abnormally. I am sure you wouldn’t admire a pot-belly appearance at all. Do you want to know another lesser-known saree trick for appearing slim? Here it goes! So, unlike the pleats of your pallu, make broad pleats to avoid bunching up at the belly while pleating your saree at the waist.

Make broad pleats, almost the size of your midrib, and tuck them gently near your belly. For the least bunching at the belly area, avoid clubbing the pleats, arrange them well, and tuck nicely in your petticoat. After these steps, ensure that the fabric is pinned well and all parts of excess fabrics are tucked-in tightly.

5. Drape Below the Navel

Now, this point is the most undermined saree trick among all. Most ladies do not think about the correct level of draping a saree and wear it from anywhere. But, let me tell you that this ignorance can cost you expensively. If you think of hiding the belly fats by draping it above your navel, then all your efforts will go into vain, resulting in you looking bulky extensively.

Try draping your saree below the navel. You won’t appear plump if you drape it slightly below the navel rather you will appear slim and tall. Such a scraping hides your belly fat and makes you appear slimmer than in reality.

6. Carry Yourself like A Pro

The way you walk and the manner you carry a saree speaks a lot about yourself. If you are confident and ignorant of your bodily imperfections, then faults like bulky, broad-shouldered, and fleshy tummy are masked effortlessly. On the other hand, if you keep thinking about your appearance and views of the crowd, all your slimming efforts will be wasted along with your inferiority.

Consider your body posture while wearing a saree. Walk straight, keep your shoulders relaxed, and your belly pulled in. However, don’t overthink your posture and ruin your look completely. Be natural and keep your thoughts away from your appearance.

Golden Tips

Stay away from very long sarees. As a basic principle, more texture will mean more weight. Thus, go with the standard length of 5.45 meters. Tie your Petticoat marginally over the navel level. It should neither be too close nor excessively free. Try not to make an excessive number of little, not well dispersed creases. Make 4-5 medium-sized even pleats. Organize and smoothen them (with hands) pleasantly start to finish.

While wrapping up the creases, place them marginally towards the side of the navel. When you crease the saree, take the free texture end (from the left, and fold it easily in a slanting way, so the hip region (from the front, close to the creases) is appropriately skimmed.

Woohoo! You just mastered all the skills of choosing the right saree and draping it gracefully for appearing slim in your attire. Are there more tricks to tell? Yes, there are even more tricks to consider for appearing slim in a saree.

Points to Remember for Blouse and Accessories

I talked a lot about choosing the right saree and the art of graceful draping of your attire for looking slim and tall. But, I did not speak anything about the contributing partners in creating a wholesome saree look – the blouses and accessories. The accessories and the blouses play a key role in making you appear slim and tall. So, I have some of the precious saree tricks lined up for you. Let’s look at each of these tips in detail.

1. Tight Petticoat

Do you consider the styles of the petticoat or go with color matching only? If you belong to the latter category, then you have been making mistakes throughout till now. For creating a slimming appearance, choose the petticoats that fit tightly. Some of the free-falling petticoats create a bulky appearance and seem to shorten your height. Whereas the snuggling petticoats create a sleek saree look that you wouldn’t want to miss.

2. Use long-sleeved Blouses for slim look

Blouses complete a saree look. When it comes to slimming saree effect, blouses have a significant role to play. Avoid sleeveless, short-sleeved, and halter neck blouses as these pieces will provide a broadly framed appearance. Go for well-cut, quarter-sleeved, or long-sleeved blouses for achieving a tall and slim stance. You can even go with long-sleeved peplum blouses as they hide the torso fat seamlessly.

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3. Accessories for slim look in a saree

A minimalistic approach is safer with sarees. Wear light-weight pieces of jewelry, and try to strike an equilibrium between too much and too little. Wear statement pieces of jewelry for diverting the minds towards your accessories from your appearance. Stay away from wearing a waist girdle if you do not boast an hourglass figure. Also, carry small clutches or Potli bags, and refrain from large handbags.

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Wrapping Up

While wrapping up the article, one thing is pretty much clear that everyone has a unique body structure and we should accept it gently. Overthinking about your flaws will make you over cognizant. With that strained inclination, you can’t look lovely! Stand, walk and sit upstanding for perfect posture. Slumped shoulders should be evaded consistently. Stroll with your shoulders loose, and stomach pulled in. In any case, don’t suck in your stomach so much that you can’t zero in on whatever else!

Now that I covered all the side entities, the tricks of wearing a saree for appearing slim are complete.

I am sure you learned a lot about wearing a saree for appearing slim and tall. Remember to choose the perfect lightweight and manageable saree fabrics for creating a slimming effect. When you drape your saree, do not forget to pin the fabrics at the right places for holding the folds well.

Also, consider the width of pleating, tightness of your sarees, blouse sleeves and types, and the accessories for completing the slimming saree look. According to my perspective, carrying your attire confidently forms the most crucial part for appearing slim in a saree. Keep in mind the postures, but do not overthink about your appearance too much to the extent of ruining your saree look.