8 Ways To Wear A Kurti With Jeans

How to wear a Kurti with Jeans

Kurtis is no longer only ethnic outfits, they are instead a style statement. If you were wondering how to style up your plain Kurti, then here is a catch, pull up your favorite jeans with Kurti and you will be ready to be a head-turner.

There is one frequently addressed question which I am going to answer here, “How to wear Kurti with Jeans?” With the uncomfortable dresses, there is one big miss, the pockets! But you can wear comfy Kurti with everyday jeans and still be in the spotlight of every occasion by combining right colours, styling, layering of each part of the wear correctly.

Kurti & Jeans Are made For Each Other

This team of pants and Kurti is anything but another disclosure, it’s immortal. Regardless of whether you’re having a bustling road day out, spending time with certain companions or going to a night party, all current design patterns are requiring an astute blend of appeal from the two universes, the old and new. What preferable approach to do that over with a stellar mix of jeans and Kurti!

There are numerous styles to browse. This ground-breaking matching is easily stylish and comfortable. Cosmetics, Accessories and cool haircuts are your passes to a total state of mind fitting look!

Discover your design calling with stylish Kurtis to wear with pants. Regardless of the event, this outfit can make all the difference. Utilize this extensively to put some stylish Jeans-Kurti looks together, and guarantee that you’re continually dominating the style match with your bespoke mix.

Must-Have Accessory To Wear A Kurti With Jeans

If you have been thinking about how you will become an instant fashionista with a Kurti then the answer lies in your pocket, to be precise the pocket of your “jeans”. You can pair up denim with A-line Kurtis, short embroidered Kurtis, straight Kurtis, or even a flowy long one.

Accessorize according to the occasion and you will look more beautiful than you already are! But, how do you know if your attire is becoming “too-much”? Well, here are all the answers for you!

You can always pick up footwear and accessories for your outfit, but when it comes to picking up Kurtis with jeans, we have interesting things in the bucket for you. First of all, you cannot deny the comfort and longevity of the jeans.

Kurtis can be as per your choice, if you want to go bold and sparkly, or you want to keep it cotton and simple, it is up to you. However, the cuts and styles of the Kurtis are important to match your comfort while staying trendy. Here are a few tips and tricks to implement in everyday life and break out of the “boring-Kurti” zone.

How to Wear Kurti with Jeans?

Nice video on youtube that explains it well

The Kurti has become the most loved easygoing attire of ladies across the length and expansiveness of the nation. The primary purpose for this is the solace level that it carries alongside an incomprehensible cluster of plans. Actually, numerous B-town entertainers sport various cycles of the Kurti and every one of them looks entirely cool.

Picking a Designer Kurti is extremely simple however coordinating it with reasonable base wear is maybe one of the troublesome errands for ladies. This article brings to you 8 unique approaches to style your Kurti to look richer.

1. Layering Kurti for Cozy Winters

Winters are to curl up in a warm blanket but if you are someone who can’t resist enjoying the cold outside, then here is an expert dressing tip for you. You can wear your summer Kurtis and layer it up with trendy as well as warm jackets. A bomber jacket will complete your funky winter look with jeans. Also, long cardigans can style you as elegant yet stylish in winters. However, you must note that go for longer cardigans than your Kurti to contrast with your jeans.

The winter styles for Kurti with jeans do not end here. Wear a beautiful Kashmiri shawl with all black Kurti and Jeans to look distinct. Contrasting phulkari shawls also go well with Kurti and jeans. Let it flow down on one shoulder for getting a complete look in itself. Embroidered shawls are also a choice for everyday outfits, put them on as a scarf around your neck, or simply let them fall on your shoulders.

2. “Made for each other” Straight Kurti and jeans

Straight-cut long Kurtis and jeans are a perfect match for daily wardrobe styling. You can pick a plain straight Kurti or a fashionable one and pair it with perfect-fit blue denim and leave the glitter of elegance wherever you go. You can make it your everyday office look, wear it at the home, market, or even parties and you will be in the spotlight. If you are going with a detailed Kurti with a high neck or embroidery then accessorize with statement earrings or a ring. Choker necklaces give your Kurti with jeans an oomph for round or v-neck cuts.

Have you ever tried “The Indian look”? No, it is not just the long Kurti and jeans but something more to it. A bindi will add the missing charm to your outfit at any time. Go for a large black bindi with bright Kurtis and blue denim. Whereas, for long Kurtis with heavy embroidery or design, go for a smaller bindi and complementing jeans.

3. Perfect college girl look

I have nothing to wear! Yes, that is what you think every day before dressing up and leaving for college. You do not wear new dresses daily, all you need to do is mix and match your Jeans with Kurtis. Shuffling between different accessories and footwear will be a cherry on the top. You can pick light-colored short or long Kurtis for summers and go bold with vibrant Kurtis in winters. You can wear a small bindi and classy bangles if you want to add the Indian touch to the modern look.

To be honest, the first and best choice for Kurtis as a trendy look would be a peplum Kurti or a short embroidered Kurti. You can not only get away from the dime and a dozen modern tops. If you are wondering if it would look like go with your unique silhouette then shed your worries here. Kurtis with jeans goes with every kind of physique beautifully.

Of all the Kurtis that you could combine with denim, the short Kurtis for pants is a group puller. There’s plenty of short Kurtis for pants plans including a mainstream one that resembles keyhole style, puffy sleeves, Anarkali-style, peplum or coat Kurtis in prints and examples that you can browse. You’ll be spoilt for a decision!

4. Stand out with bold Kurtis and white Jeans

It is high time for you to get out of the “blue-black” life of Jeans and put on something distinctive. Not many will prefer wearing Kurtis with white jeans but it is an uncommon opinion that white jeans bring the pop you need in your outfit. Wear a bright-colored Kurti with bold cuts, like high-slit, bell sleeves, and many more! The best thing about white jeans is you can pull up every colored Kurti with it. For those who want to look picture-perfect, this style is an all-time favorite.

With bright Kurti over white jeans, you not only bring a statement to your attire but you are guaranteed to be the show topper of every party. However, there is one big twist in this stylish look. You can wear a white Kurti over white jeans and carry a colorful embroidered stole or scarf around your neck to complete the look. I go with silver bangles or a slim silver bracelet or watch to add to the elegance.

5. Long Kurti with ripped jeans for a Funky look

If you want to maintain your impression and personality of a “cool” person then you no longer have to go along with T-shirts or funky clothes. Instead, you can now put on the Kurti hidden in the farthest corner of your wardrobe. Pull up your everyday comfy ripped jeans and sneakers and wear a Kurti, spice up your look with your favorite earrings. Besides, if you are going out on summer day then don amazing sunglasses to make your Kurti-ripped jeans look exhilarating.

As for the type of Kurti you should wear, there are no boundaries. Although, wise women will avoid wearing long Anarkali Kurtis and floor-length Kurtis, because who would not like to flaunt ripped jeans! You can go with flowy Kurtis and asymmetric cuts. Long bell sleeves or plain black sleeveless Kurti will stunningly go with blue ripped denim.

Pick a long kurta style with rich enumerating, a high neck and an A-line slice with accomplices to coordinate. On the off chance that your neck is weighty on decoration, downplay the adornments with just articulation studs. A cool pair of shades for a day out is all you would require.

For the bottoms, you can attempt ripped denim that radiates a grit vibe or a rich pair of lower leg cut pants, A solid pair of footies that reel it all in. A striking red lip flushed cheeks and a chaotic bun, and you’re prepared to take off in a triumphant combo of long kurta with pants!

6. Rock the casual look with Short Kurti and Jeans

When I talk about short Kurtis, I talk about the choice of every other woman. Whether it is for chubby women or slim ones, working women or housemakers, short Kurtis look marvelous on all. Although there are no limits for the bottom wear, you can choose with a short Kurti, jeans remain the popular choice.

With Patiala bottoms or dhoti-style bottoms, you will undoubtedly appear perfect. But, it is best suitable for wedding ceremonies or other festivals when you want to go ethnic. Wearing these kinds of bottoms every day with accessories may become over the top.

Jeans come here to the rescue. Put on a short straight Kurti with embroidery on the neck and sleeves with Jeans, and you will be ready for an outing. You can not only wear this look to the market but also the office or family picnics. Short A-line Kurtis is also in trend with Jeans, as they suit any body type and age group.

Whenever you’ve picked a short Kurti of your decision, you can pick some pants to go with it. Intensely designed or weaved Kurtis calls for more restrained denim in light blue, while less complex, straight Kurtis looks extraordinary with dark or dim denim.

The look is easygoing generally speaking, so pads and a popular Jhola (sack) will look awesome.

7. Pair up Tail Kurtis with Jeans

If someone asks you how to wear a Kurti with jeans, give them this advice straight away. Wear a tail Kurti over Jeans and stun every eye with your beauty. For those who don’t know what a tail Kurti is and what wonders it can do for your attire, let me spill the tea. A tail Kurti is similar to Kurtis with asymmetric cuts. As the name goes, it is shorter on the front and longer from the back. Such Kurtis can be worn with any type of bottoms, leggings, salwar, and cigarette pants. So why should you wear it with jeans?

Jeans give an amazing contrast to the flowy tail Kurtis and emphasize your silhouette. It is best for you if you like going bold and confident with your outfit. Besides, the ease of movement with this look is something that cannot be missed. To add on the beautiful tail Kurti- jeans look, go for bright colors, and for footwear, pick heels.

This type of pants Kurti configuration is easygoing, agreeable so you won’t feel too in a strange spot. Simultaneously, it can make your outfit go from easy to shocking with next to no exertion. What more do you need?

8. Go formal with Shirt Kurtis with Jeans

When you think of different ways to wear a Kurti with jeans, you first consider wearing this look to work. It is undeniable that several women prefer wearing Kurti with Jeans to the office, every day. But there is no limit to experimenting with your outfit. Our clothes define us and if we wear the same kind of clothes every day then it becomes a part of our personality, which you should avoid to keep at bay from the monotony. You can easily slip away from your daily look and try something new to revive your personality.

There is an enormously growing trend of shirt dresses and shirts Kurtis.  Shirt dresses cannot be worn as formals, but I give a big thumbs up to shirt Kurtis and jeans as formals. You can go for plain bold colors or patterns like checkers or circles. If you ask me, this is one of the looks that will make you unique and adorable.

You might be wondering… What about front cut Kurtis?

Front cut Kurti with white jeans looks hot AF! Nearly as hot as a harvest top! Discard those plain tees for the idiosyncratic front cut Kurti. Once in a while, your outfit needs a little assistance; a little wind that makes it remarkable. A front cut could be all you require to break the fatigue.

The Kurti generally glances best in flowy materials like georgette, chiffon and silk, if it’s something besides these, the Kurti would look square-shaped and hardened.

P.S- If you love traveling, this can be the best travel outfit for you, comfortable, elegant as well as modern.

Kurti comes in with different plans and examples. Take one long straight fit ethnic Kurti and pair it with a since quite a while ago erupted skirt. Ensure the outfit diverges from one another. You can add a dupatta for an ethnic look. For more style wear a halter killer kurta with skirt lehenga for an easygoing or mixed drink party. Likewise, you can be able to brocade Kurti with pants for your BFF’s wedding. Wear the correct sort of adornments to make this look lively.


There is one simple conclusion for all the above styling tips I gave on different ways to wear a Kurti with jeans, pick nice comfortable jeans, and pull out a versatile Kurti and shine! There are no particular do’s and don’ts to consider when you choose this attire.

However, it is crucial to mix and match your accessories and footwear to suit the occasion. You can wear it when you hang out with friends, family functions, work, or simply at home. These Kurtis will never impose any discomfort.

Although, the best part is you do not have to think much about the bottom wear. As one blue/black pair of jeans will go with all colors of Kurtis. If you want to be experimental with your outfit then you must try on white jeans as well. Finally, Kurtis with jeans is perfect for women of any age group and any body shape. If you wear something confidently then your outfit will automatically look even more stunning.