A Step By Step Guide On How To Wear A Saree

A saree

The charm of sarees is known to everyone. Be it a conventional or a contemporary occasion sarees make the most elegant dress code for every lady. While attending a nuptial ceremony, I observed that women of all age groups carried gorgeous sarees.

Also, most of them failed in draping the attire perfectly, resulting in appearing plump, uncomfortable, and conscious. I was inspired by the observation and decided to put down all the tips on how to wear a saree like a pro.

How to carry your saree with grace
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How to wear a saree step by step? The draping of a saree begins with wearing the petticoat slightly below the navel. Aligning the level of the saree with the ground, arranging the pallu, and smoothening all the crinkles create the best saree get-up. A saree looks even more beautiful if you drape it tightly, pin it correctly, and pleat it nicely.

Your saree appearance depends on your efficiency of draping. Regardless of if you are a fresher or a veteran saree draper, taking care of some delicate tips enhances your skills of wearing a saree perfectly. Follow the article to find out more about these pro-tips.

How to Wear A Saree Step By Step?

Every lady pictures herself as dressed up in a royal saree. They pick out the most captivating sarees but set back in draping the attire in the best way. You might be extremely enthusiastic about the six yards of sheer luxury, but what is stopping you from looking gorgeous? Is it the lack of knowledge on draping a saree perfectly? If it is so, then all your worries are about to end in a while. So, without delaying further, let’s dive into the section of step by step guide on wearing a saree.

Gather all your saree essentials before beginning to drape your saree.

  • Safety Pins
  • Saree
  • Petticoat
  • Blouse
  • A Pair of Heels

Find below an infographic on how to wear a saree step by step that will clearly demonstrate everything you would like to know and be clear on the saree wearing process.

How to wear a saree step by step - Infographic

  1. Firstly, wear a blouse and petticoat. Ensure that the petticoat remains slightly below the navel for achieving a slim and tall appearance. Pull the drawstrings of the petticoat tightly for safeguarding the tucked in saree fabric.
  2. Take the non-pallu end of your saree, and begin tucking it from the side of the belly, inside the petticoat.      
  3. Keep tucking the saree through the left, complete a full circle, and reach the initial tucking point.
  4. Now, broadly pleat the frontal part of your saree about the size of your midrib.
  5. Make about 5-8 pleats, and smoothen each of them with your fingers, moving from the top to the bottom. Arrange the pleats, tuck inside the left side of the petticoat, and secure them with a safety pin.
  6. Depending on your preference, you can either pleat the pallu or let it flow freely.
  7. If you decide to keep the pallu flowing, then all you need is to bring the pallu to the front from below the right arm, keep on the left shoulder, and pin it nicely.
  8. On the other hand, you can even go with pleating the pallu. To get a pleated pallu look, bring the pallu portion of your saree to the front from under the right arm, and make small pleats along with the breadth of the saree. If your saree has a border, then keep the border as the first pleat of the pallu.
  9. Now, arrange the pleats of your pallu, remove the wrinkles and crinkles, and pin them on your left shoulder.

You are all set to slay the streets! Now, you have the basic knowledge of wearing a saree perfectly but do not yet know about the precautionary measures to take while draping. Well, let me tell you that saree draping encompasses some precautions that can make or break the look. Let’s look at all the precautionary tips for wearing a saree.

Precautions for Wearing A Saree

A combination of the knowledge of saree draping steps and a list of precautionary tips make up a professional saree draper. Having a sound knowledge of the probable saree draping bizarre and their preventive measures etch your draping skills.

You can pleat the pallu by sticking it to the shoulder or keep it open. Regardless of how you choose to style your pallu, ensure that you convey it easily and flawlessly for the ideal look. In the event that you need your pallu to stream transparently, at that point essentially wrap the pallu behind you and let it fall smoothly over your arm.

You can stick the pallu at your hip to shield it from slipping or falling. This little hack likewise permits your arm to move unreservedly with no problem of conveying the pallu consistently. For a creased pallu, you need to make seven to eight vertical creases of the saree. You need to crease the pallu uniformly and perfectly ensuring that the finish of the saree falls underneath the knees. You can likewise unfurl a couple of creases to make the pallu long.

So, once you are thorough with the step by step saree draping guide, it’s time for you to glance over the following precautionary tips for wearing a saree. Let’s dig right into the section.

  1. Do not wear your heels after draping the saree to avoid an out-of-fashion look from the behind. Instead, step in your heels right after wearing the petticoat and starting to drape your saree.
  2. Wearing the petticoat from above the navel is the most common mistake women make. If you wear the petticoat above the belly button, then it will provide a plump and short-heightened appearance to you.
  3. Do not bring-in any petticoat of your choice. Ensure that the colour of your petticoat matches with your saree.
  4. Do not drape your saree loosely. You wouldn’t want to appear fluffy after all!
  5. Use the safety pins wisely. Firstly, if you procrastinate in using enough safety pins, then you might risk the unfolding of your saree just as you move. Also, ensure that the pins do not appear from the outside.
  6. Keep the frontal pleats broad enough to avoid bunching at the belly.
  7. If you aspire to achieve a slim look in a saree, ensure that the pallu pleats are small and well-arranged.
  8. Also,  do not keep the length of your pallu too small to avoid a fashion bizarre.
  9. Adjust the level of the saree. It should neither be hanging too low nor get too much above the ground.
  10. Lastly, avoid all crinkles and wrinkles in your saree. Regardless of how well the draping comes out, the fabric flaws will ruin everything.

When done, tie the top corner of the plain finish of the saree into a bunch and overlap the bunch into the petticoat at the left half of the navel. In the event that you are wearing a weaved saree, ensure that the weaving is looking out while getting married. Presently take a total of 360 degrees to divert while wrapping up the saree from left to right guaranteeing that the lower end of the saree is simply off the ground. Fold the saree flawlessly around the midsection.

So, by now, you excelled in learning the general steps of wearing a saree. Also, the above-mentioned precautionary measures apply to all styles of sarees.

Wait, are there some special tips for different styles of wearing a saree? Well, yes! Different ways of wearing a saree have different steps and various other precautionary measures to consider. If you want to grasp the art of draping a saree in other styles, then get down, and keep reading.

Special tips

Saree is loved by women of all ages. “An Indian woman may go anywhere in the world but her love for saree will always remain the same”. There are so many examples of Indian celebrities who are set examples- Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai, and so on.

If you all admire sarees and want to wear them on different occasions, then you should be abreast of various tips and tricks to wear different sarees.

Special tips for Bengali Saree

If you are a Bengali saree lover, then consider these few tips to enhance your looks and be the center of attraction at any event.

How to wear bengali saree
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  1. Have you seen women with a bunch of keys tied on the pallu? Well, this could be the best tip to add some charm to your Bengali saree. Just tie a bunch of keys with an elegant keyring to your pallu and drop it to fall on the back of your right shoulder. You will love this look.
  2. The second tip is- wear a blouse with long sleeves. This is because, with long sleeves, you get a neat and clean look, which is impossible to get with a sleeveless or short sleeve blouse. Moreover, a short-sleeved blouse might ruin your look, by widening your frame. Whereas, a long-sleeved blouse will mask your chubbiness, and make you appear slim and tall.
  3. Another worth-mentioning tip is to add some imperfections to the pleats. You might be wondering- how any kind of flaw can be good for your attire. However, the truth is- these imperfections will add charm to your appearance.
  4. In addition to these tips, move over the traditional Garad sarees, and you can also opt for sarees with beautiful broad borders. These borders will definitely take your breath away.
  5. If you are married, then there is one more tip which is especially for you. Give a try to Pola (coral bangles) or Shankha (conch bangles), this will totally give you a new look to you and your attire.

Special tips for Kasavu saree from Kerala

Kasavu saree was initially known as Mundum Nereyatham. These sarees are very simple cotton sarees in off-white colour with golden borders. These are perfect for small events, but nowadays, many women want to add some charm to these simple-looking sarees.

One of the richest looking sarees that has become a thing, and not exactly at conventional Kerala weddings. A fascinating change from the ordinary bridesmaid’s clothing, maybe. This ordinary handloom saree began in a grayish and gold outskirt mix, yet is presently accessible in horde conceals (for the fringe). In case you’re thinking about this for your young lady clan, they can each choose a differentiation tone for the shirt and jazz it up.

Let’s have a look at how we can make these sarees stunning:

  1. The first tip could be to add some statement accessories to your saree. You can try for any precious metal or stone jewelry like Jhumkas or any chunky necklace. Statement pieces of jewelry are the best accessories for diverting the attention from your appearance. This trick works really well for slightly plump ladies.
  2. You can pair up the saree with any white bustier blouse to uplift your Onam saree instantly. You can try for various other styles of a blouse like a peplum, crop, cami, etc to blend traditional wear with some modern wear.
  3. Another tip is to add a flare of lehenga to the saree. This style is far more stylish and elegant than the original Kasavu look. Nail your look with some golden accessories.
  4. You can also try for print Kasavu sarees such as floral prints or lining prints; as these look much prettier and give you a fresh Kasavu look.
  5. You can intensify your saree look by pairing it with some bold colour blouses like red and blue. This can give you a completely different look.

Special tips for Paithani Silk sarees

Paithani silk sarees belong to Maharashtra and are perfectly termed as traditional sarees. These sarees are well identified with an oblique square design border and a pallu with a Peacock design. Let’s have a look below to get various tips for styling Paithani silk sarees.

  1. With Paithani Saree, try different fabrics for blouses like net and georgette. Also, innovate some amazing neck designs to kill the look.
  2. Another tip is to surprise your traditional look with modern twists. Cold shoulder or off-shoulder are a few things that you include in your saree looks to become a style icon.

This customary Marathi style saree hanging makes for a provincial and nation stylish look, whenever progressed admirably. A look that will have a few heads turning and will give you the truly necessary consideration. In contrast to different styles, this necessity a nine-yard saree and not the customary six yards.

Besides, you additionally needn’t bother with an underskirt, albeit the greater part of them wear either shorts or knee-length tights. Wear the nose ring, which is likewise called the ‘Nathni‘, tie your hair in a chignon updo, enveloped by jasmine blossoms, and display glass bangles and sanctuary adornments.

Special tips for Chanderi sarees

Do you adore the sarees of Madhya Pradesh? Well, no doubt, Chanderi sarees are a mix of simplicity and style. Many patterns are available in these sarees but still, women keep on experimenting with the sarees to look different from others.

Below listed are few tips to wear Chanderi saree with elegance:

  1. Avoid wearing heavy jewelry with these simple, sleek sarees, and opt for some iconic, elegant jewelry piece.
  2. If you love silk sarees, then pair these with gold necklaces, bangles, and other accessories. For cotton Chanderi, match the saree with silver jewelry or meenakari necklaces.
  3. To complement the Chanderi saree, heels are the best to wear. This footwear will add glamour to your outfit for sure.

Additional tips for wearing any kind of saree

●       Get the right Underskirt and Blouse

●       Pick up the right Fabric and Colour

●       Choose the right Drape for your body shape

●       Know the drape style you pick

●       Pinup properly and as much as required

●       Always wear your heels before draping a Saree

All in all, picking a gorgeous saree isn’t everything. The real task begins right during getting yourself ready in the saree. Being an unstitched fabric, you need to remain careful while draping the saree. To avoid stretching, wearing, and tearing of the saree, ensure to attach a matching fall near the bottom of your saree.

Avoid last hour rush by getting yourself a well-fitting and in-fashion blouse and a matching petticoat for yourself well in advance. Much like the blouse and petticoat, the accessories are the most crucial counterpart of the sarees. But refrain from overdoing your accessories, as it will spoil your appearance in almost no time.

Phew! That was a host of saree wearing steps and tips. But as you know that there are no other charming feminine attires than sarees, dedicating some extra amount of effort in wearing a saree is doable, isn’t it? So, keep in mind the above points, and do not forget to wear self-confidence along with the saree.

Remember that you look gorgeous, and refrain from overthinking about your appearance. That’s it! Now, nothing can stop you from coming up as the most gorgeous butterfly in a saree at all times and occasions.