Are Linen Sarees comfortable?

Are Linen Sarees Comfortable

As I was surfing the internet for my Diwali saree shopping, I came across these six yards of elegance: a black linen saree paired with a Prussia pink blouse. That is what made me write this blog to tell you everything about linen saree.

The soft and sober linen saree look s something you would love to flaunt during this festive season. Linen saree has become a trending choice for young ladies. However, you cannot deny that linen saree draped by middle-aged women indeed looks stunning as well.

But are Linen Sarees comfortable? Yes, linen sarees are super comfy. You can wear it for a whole day without much trouble. The reasons behind the comfort offered by linen saree are its characteristics. Let’s take a look why linen sarees are comfortable.

  • Light Weight: Unlike heavy benarasis, linen sarees are light when it comes to weight. You will hardly bear any trouble to manage this light-weight linen sarees even if you are wearing it the whole day. Moreover, linen sarees are one of the lightest sarees in the world. Therefore, no more carry weight around your body.
  • Breathability: The loosely weaved linen sarees have spaces between the yarns that allows easy flow of air. The breathability of the fabric ensure you a better comfort than a cotton saree.
  • Sweat Absorbent Fabric: Don’t you hate when wearing sarees during summer? If yes, linen sarees would be exception. The super sweat-absorbent characteristic of linen fabric offers you greater comfort in summer and monsoon than a cotton saree.
  • Smooth Texture: You do not need to deal with any stiffness when it comes to linen saree. Moreover, you won’t feel any coarseness when you wear a linen saree. Therefore, the smoothness of linen saree eliminates any discomfort while wearing it.
  • Easy management: The body-hugging nature of linen sarees makes it easier to carry it during any activity. You do not need to feel any discomfort to pleat your saree every now and then.

What is Origin of Linen Saree?

The history of linen can be traced back to 5000 BC when the cloth was spun with hands, and wealthier people wore it as the symbol of high status in society. Linen is a fabric that is made from long staple fibres of flax plants (Linum usitatissimum).

This fabric has roamed the world and finally was introduced to India by the British. Kerela has adapted the technique of spinning the linen saree. Kochi has become the leading manufacturer of linen sarees in India. However, several manufacturers have started manufacturing linen sarees owing to its high demand nowadays.

Linen sarees can be manufactured through a process of heckling and then dyed into desired colors. The natural color of linen ranges from ivory to grey. While heckling is a common commercial process, linen sarees can also be processed through another method, which is similar to the manufacturing process of cotton sarees. However, you may not be pleased with the texture of such sarees.

What are the Types of linen saree?

As linen sarees became popular, the manufacturing companies started mass production along with the diversification of designs and styles in linen saree. While linen sarees were quite expensive at first, the linen saree price has become more affordable lately. Let’s look into some of the types of linen sarees available in the market.

  • Tissue linen saree
  • Ajrakh print linen saree
  • Indigo linen saree
  • Bhagalpuri linen silk
  • Pure Khadi soft linen saree
  • Pure Ghicha soft linen
  • Linen Shibori Leheriya saree
  • Ikkat Print Linen Saree

If you are still new to linen sarees, just give your first try with a solid-colored linen saree. Trust me, you will love the aesthetic look and comfort this saree will offer you.

What are Things you Need to keep in mind while buying a linen saree?

While we all have a clear picture of soft, smooth fabric when we talk about linen saree, you may be disappointed with your online linen saree shopping. The reason is that there are several qualities of linen saree that are prevailing in the market. So, here are a few things that you must check before buying your linen saree.

  • Thread Count: The thread count of a genuine linen saree ranges from 60 to 120 counts. Unlike cotton, a greater thread count does not reflect the purity as linen is a thick fabric.
  • Weaving Pattern: You may be amazed by this fact, but it is true that linen sarees are loosely weaved. Unlike the tightly weaved thin cotton fiber strands, the thick fiber strands of linen are meant to be weaved loosely.
  • By Warn: Some linen saree have cotton or khadi fibers, those are known as by warn sarees. For example, if anyone says linen by khadi, it means the saree is weaved with alternative khadi and linen yarns.
  • Texture: The texture may vary from smooth to a bit coarse, depending on the quality of the linen. Usually, the linen saree price varies proportionally with the smoothness of the saree. However, you are buying linen saree online, you do not get the advantage of feeling the saree before purchasing.
  • Percentage of linen: Most of the genuine online saree sellers mention the percentage of linen in the product description of the linen sarees. If you are buying linen saree online, do not forget to check this.

Are Linen Sarees Soft?

Yes, linen sarees are meant to be soft and breathable. However, there are different quality of linen sarees prevailing in the market. If it is a linen saree, it will be soft. The degree of softness varies with the percentage of linen in the saree. The greater the percentage of linen, the softer is the linen saree.

Are Linen Sarees Easy to Drape?

You can count on linen saree if you find it difficult to handle stiff sarees. Unlike cotton sarees, you can easily drape a linen saree without spending much time to arrange your pallu and kuchi. The soft and smooth linen sarees offer the advantage of easy manageability. In fact, the linen fabric becomes softer as you wash them, making them further easier to drape.

How to Style Your Linen Saree?

The endearing quality of linen saree offers an aesthetic look that you may carry to your office or even a wedding party. You may either opt for a minimalist look or a gorgeous yet sober look. Know how you may style your linen saree.

  • Jewellery: The best thing about styling with linen sarees is that you can opt for a variety of jewellery options. You can choose them according to the occasion. If you are wearing your linen saree to the office, you can simply pair it with oxidized, german silver or junk jewellery. If you are attending a more auspicious occasion, pair it with silver or gold jewellery as well. Now that black polish jewelleries are trending, you may pair your linen saree with it as well for a stunning look.
  • Experiment with blouse: You can always experiment with blouse when it comes to linen sarees. You can wear a kalamkari, ajrakh, ikkat or just a contrasting color blouse to look gorgeous in your linen saree.
  • Try the Belt look: Recently, the belt-saree look is trending among young ladies. Why not try it with your linen saree? Trust me, you can turn many heads by pairing your linen saree with a suitable belt. Always opt for a belt that fits your midrib.