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The Real Reason Why Women’s Pants Sizes Are Different

Women with tight pants

Women’s pants sizes are indeed so different. A specific company’s ’28’ pants size will fit you, while the size ’34’ for another brand will be appropriate. So, there’s a lot of inconsistency around women’s pants sizes. But why do the sizes differ so prominently? I will reveal the reasons in the following article. Let’s get […]

Can Women Still Wear Kilts? What do You need to Know?

Scottish Kilt

Kilts are of Scottish heritage. They are the most significant Scottish traditional outfits worn by men. However, in olden times, ladies couldn’t wear kilts. Is the tradition still prevalent? Can women still wear kilts? Let’s find out in the article below!  What are kilts?  A kilt is a style of non-bifurcated, knee-length men’s dress skirt […]

Why Do Women’s Shirts Have Such Short Sleeves?

Women wearing shirts with short sleeves

Women’s clothing is significantly different from men’s apparel. We all know it very well. For example, if you observe closely, ladies’ shirts have shorter sleeves than men’s shirts. Have you ever wondered what the reason behind such an inconsistency is? Don’t worry; I will illustrate why do women’s shirts have such short sleeves. Let’s get […]

Why is Women’s Clothing More Expensive than Men’s?

Woman wearing expensive clothese

If you have closely observed, you’ll know that women’s and men’s clothing have different price points. Many of you might claim that ladies’ clothing is a bit more expensive than men’s. I’ll help you understand if that’s true and support you with logical reasons. Let’s get into the article now!  Is women’s clothing more expensive […]

Why Are Most Women’s Clothes So Uncomfortable?

Woman with uncomfortable jeans

Many people, men and women think that women’s clothes do not provide comfort. Is it true? If yes, why are women’s clothes so uncomfortable? I’ll help you get the answer in the article below. Let’s get started!  Are women’s clothes uncomfortable?  Women’s clothing is not uncomfortable as a whole. However, some clothes are uncomfortable for […]

Reasons Why Women’s Shirts are So Thin

Women with thin shirt

Have you ever noticed the differences between men’s and women’s shirts? Apart from structural variations, the quality of shirt fabrics differs. Women’s shirts are generally thinner than men’s suits. So let’s understand why there’s a disparity in women’s shirts.  Women’s shirts have indeed become ridiculously thinner lately. Let’s understand it in the section below!  Why […]

Should Women’s Pants Have Creases in Them?

Women's Pants with Creases

Women have numerous pant styles and fabrics. Going the conventional way, creasing them might appear stylish. However, creasing all types of pants isn’t an excellent idea. So, which women’s pants look good with a crease in them? Let’s understand in the following article! Reasons for Creases in Women’s Pants Creases add a sophisticated look to […]