20 Stunning Banarasi Saree Blouse Designs

Banarasi Sarees

Saree lovers can’t stay away from gorgeous Banarasi sarees for long, let’s admit. Much like you, I have numerous Banarasi silk sarees in my wardrobe and never stop myself from buying new ones. Spending time finding unique silk sarees – we all do that. But, do you invest your time selecting perfect blouse designs for your Banarasi sarees? It’s high time to get trendy and one-of-a-kind blouses to complement your Banarasi apparel while looking distinctive. So, here I am discussing the top twenty Banarasi saree blouse designs for you. Let’s explore!

20 Stunning Banarasi Saree Blouse Designs

Do you know the secret behind collecting various blouses for Banarasi sarees? Well, I pair different blouses with the same Banarasi saree to create multiple looks effortlessly. Most of us wear a particular silk saree once and keep them away in our wardrobes forever. Now, you can keep wearing your favorite sarees without disclosing your little secret! So, let’s dive into knowing the most flattering Banarasi saree blouse designs below.

1. Sleeveless Blouse to Emphasize Your Choker Necklace

Do you love to pair choker necklaces with Banarasi silk sarees like me? If yes, then sleeveless blouses are your thing. The Banarasi saree and sleeveless blouse duo are an all-time celebrity favorite. Besides, sleeveless blouses give you the freedom to accessorize from the bottom of your heart.

Sleeveless blouses are subtle and pull the attention towards your choker necklace. Also, being lightweight, it maintains an equilibrium with heavy Banarasi sarees and chokers. Moreover, you can pair your ensemble with stud earrings and a neat bun to appear more iconic.

2. Full-Sleeved Blouses and Banarasi Sarees in Monochrome are Evergreen

When everyone is busy trying the complementary and contrasting palettes, break the monotony with a monochromatic scheme. Get a full-sleeved blouse in the same color and design as your Banarasi saree, and you’re all set to slay the streets! 

If you are attending a morning function, choose a lighter color palette. However, when going out to an evening ceremony, you can pick darker shades for yourself. Keep the accessories minimal and tie your hairs in a bun to emphasize your monochromatic fashion sense. Also, avoid keeping your hair untamed, as it might add unnecessary drama to your overall look.

3. Create Outstanding Fashion with Complementary Blouse and Banarasi Saree

A bold but fashionable move, complementary blouses with Banarasi sarees is what I’m talking about. Most ladies wear a matching blouse with Banarasi sarees and appear more or less similar in a crowd. But brave fashionistas can try complementary color schemes for a distinguished appearance.

For instance, you can wear a red Banarasi saree along with a green blouse to create the perfect complementary palette. Similarly, an orange silk saree and a blue blouse will suit each other perfectly. Also, carry minimal jewelry to keep your color scheme under the limelight without creating distractions for other people.

4. Plain and Single-Colored Blouse with Banarasi Sarees for a Sophisticated Look

You must be aware of the “minimal is trending” fashion principle. Can we apply the same to Banarasi sarees? Yes, we can do so! You can create a subtle appearance with Banarasi sarees by wearing plain blouses in single colors. All you need is to choose a prominent color in your Banarasi saree and get a plain blouse in matching color for yourself.

This sophisticated look is ideal for daytime functions and events that are not so gorgeous at any time. Besides, you can carry the ensemble to official parties and corporate events to appear traditional yet highly elegant and classy.

5. Zari-work Blouse Having Boat Necks to Draw Attention Towards the Neck

Zari-work blouses having boat necks with Banarasi Sarees are in vogue during daytime and evening celebrations. If you are tired of wearing conventional blouses with Banarasi sarees, you should try out the boat neck ones for a different appearance. 

These blouses draw attention towards the neck area, highlighting the necklace you wear. So, you can wear heavy choker necklaces with Banarasi sarees to get the prettiest look you were craving. Also, these blouses compliment women having longer necks. If you have a slightly elongated throat, you can wear a boat-neck Zari-work blouse without a necklace to complete your appearance naturally.

6. V-Neck Full-Sleeve Blouse to Create a Wedding Reception Look with Banarasi Sarees

Are you a bride who wants to drape a gorgeous Banarasi saree at her wedding reception? If yes, then I have a little surprise for you – the V-neck full sleeve blouses. Even celebs like Deepika Padukone are a fan of these blouses and have carried them in their reception parties. 

Full-sleeved blouses having V-necks accentuates your figure and provides you with an adorable conventional appearance. I find these blouses to be the safest option for ladies who fear experimenting on the receptions but wish to look the best on their special days.

7. High Neck Full-Sleeve Blouse with Banarasi Saree for a Regal Appearance

Do you wish to create a regal appearance with your Banarasi saree? I have the perfect blouse design for your purpose. The high-neck full-sleeved blouses look most royal when paired with a heavy Banarasi saree. You can add more royalty with a full-sleeved blouse having detailed Karigari uniformly.

Remember to keep your accessories minimal when carrying a full-sleeved high-neck blouse with a heavy Banarasi saree. Tie your hair in a neat bun, carry heavy stud earrings, and wear matching Kada optionally. But, avoid wearing a necklace at all costs with such a heavy combination.

8. Zardosi Banarasi Saree with Similar Blouse for Ladies Sangeet

Ladies’ sangeets are simple events and occur during the morning mostly. Planning the perfect Banarasi saree look for the daytime can be a bit challenging. Now, no more! I have the most desirable look for you to try for an upcoming sangeet ceremony – the Zardosi blouse and saree pair.

Banarasi sarees having Zardosi print look so simple yet gorgeous, don’t they? Pairing a Zardosi blouse with such sarees completes your look, preparing you to attend a sangeet ceremony in vogue. Pair jhumka earrings with such an ensemble, and you are ready to dazzle!

9. Rich Brocade Blouse with Banarasi Saree for Marriage Ceremony

Attending a marriage ceremony in Banarasi saree as a guest has many challenges. You will have to appear subtle than the bride but gorgeous than others. Why not try a rich brocade blouse with a somewhat simple Banarasi saree! 

The simple Banarasi saree will keep your look muted, while the rich brocade blouse will amplify your appearance. So, you can balance between too much and too little by pairing a brocade blouse with a Banarasi saree. Wear a pair of jhumka earrings and accessorize your bun with a Gajra to complete the look.

10. Mirror Work Blouse to Power Up Banarasi Sarees with Less Detailing

I come across many Banarasi sarees having lesser details than others. Such sarees require heavy blouses to create a gorgeous appearance. But how to find such an adorable blouse? Well, you can give a shot to mirror-work blouses to make a difference in the crowd.

Let me tell you that fashionistas love the lesser-known combination of mirror-work blouses and simple Banarasi sarees. So, grab a dark-colored plain Banarasi saree and pair it with a bright mirror-work blouse for distinct styling. Keep the saree pallu pleated and let everyone notice your unique blouse choice.

11. Puff Sleeve Collar Neck Blouse with Banarasi Saree for a Bossy Look

Being an executive and creating a beautiful Banarasi saree look can be a bit daunting for you. You need to maintain the dignity of your designation while revealing your fashion sense to everyone. Sounds too complicated, right? Don’t worry! I am here with a creative idea to carry your Banarasi saree while retaining your bossy look.

Choose a puff-sleeved collar-neck blouse to pair with your Banarasi saree. Such an appearance is rare but looks the most gorgeous of all. Although this look suits everyone, it will appear more gorgeous if you have a slim and tall stature. 

12. Contrasting Blouse with Simple Banarasi Sarees

If you have a simple Banarasi saree and wish to attend a daytime event, then you should try out a contrast blouse. Heavy blouses and detailed Banarasi sarees are a no-no in morning functions. But, your function is gorgeous enough to drape at least a simple Banarasi piece. In such a situation, contrast blouses will solve your dilemma.

Wear a white and golden Banarasi saree and combine a contrasting blouse along with it. It will create a delicate balance between loud and mute fashion while making you appear elegant consistently.

13. Velvet Blouses with Banarasi Sarees for the Most Gorgeous Appearance

We all know that Banarasi sarees are the most ethereal ethnic attire in India. But if you still crave more gorgeousness, try out velvet blouses. I understand that some of you might feel a bit intimidated to carry velvet blouses with Banarasi sarees. But, believe it or not, velvet blouses are the trendsetting pair for Banarasi sarees.

Many celebrities have tried the look already, inspiring us to create our unique appearances. A lipstick in dark shade compliments Banarasi sarees and velvet blouses pair during evening parties. However, such a combination might be too tacky to wear during the daytime.

14. Patterned Blouse with Banarasi Saree Creates a Decent Difference

Brocade and Zari blouses with Banarasi sarees are the most common pairs nowadays. If you wish to create a difference while appearing loud moderately, you can carry a patterned blouse with a Banarasi saree. 

Sequin-patterned or pear-patterned sarees are ideal for Banarasi sarees. However, such blouses will look more beautiful with somewhat plain Banarasi sarees. You can wear such a combination at all times in a day while appearing decent and elegant effortlessly. Also, you can wear heavy earrings with patterned blouses and Banarasi sarees, along with heavy eye-makeups for final touch-ups.

15. Slightly Ruffled Blouses with Banarasi Sarees to Add Drama

I know some of you love experimenting with your traditional apparel. Luckily, I have some Banarasi saree blouse ideas for such fashionistas. You can choose a blouse having light ruffles near the sleeves to add some drama to your Banarasi saree look. Apart from creating a fashionable difference, such blouses provide a contemporary touch to your Banarasi saree look.

16. Sleeveless High Neck Blouses with Heavy Banarasi Sarees

Heavy Banarasi sarees require relatively simple blouses for the perfect balance. However, if you look towards keeping the blouses simple and fashionable, then you will love plain sleeveless high neck blouse designs with Banarasi sarees. So, whenever you wear a heavy Banarasi saree, try out this little trick, and you will become the talk-of-the-town in no time.

17. V-Neck Collared Blouses to Compliment Pleated Banarasi Saree Pallus

Most of us become blank when talking about pairing a suitable blouse with pleated Banarasi sarees. However, you can break the stereotype by carrying a contemporary V-neck collared blouse with a Banarasi saree. These blouses add power to your personality and give you a bossy appearance.

18. Sleeveless Boat Neck Blouses for a Fashion Twist

Boat neck blouses are fashionable and trendy. But most fashion-conscious women have already tried out the look several times. So, if you wish to add a creative twist to your boat neck blouses with Banarasi sarees, you should go for the sleeveless ones surely. It will give you a sleek appearance and revamp your daytime events magically.

19. Keyhole Back Blouse Amplifies Your Curvy Back in Banarasi Sarees

Are you a cut-out blouse lover like me? You can carry keyhole back blouses with Banarasi sarees to appear classy and out-of-the-crowd. Also, these blouses amplify your curvy back, making it look more beautiful in a Banarasi saree.

 20. Printed Blouse with Zari Border for All Age Groups 

Some older women avoid wearing gorgeous Banarasi silk sarees with heavy blouses. If you feel the same, then go for printed blouses along with Banarasi sarees. Apart from older women, such a combination is worth trying for ladies of age groups at least once.

So, you have twenty new blouse designs to pair with your traditional Banarasi sarees. Get new sarees or match different blouses with the same Banarasi saree and turn heads whenever you step out.