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Sarees are no less than a precious asset for a lady. We all love to invest in expensive sarees and treasure them safely. But what if a costly saree starts fading abruptly? Or even worse, what if your luxurious pure silk saree gets damaged by pests? A nightmare, right? Well, I have witnessed these terrible experiences and realized that they occur due to improper storage. 

Right when I found my favorite Kanjivaram silk saree all faded after a few years of purchasing, I decided to bring in some covers for my sarees. Since then, I recommend everyone to prioritize buying premium covers and protect their sarees from environmental damages. 

How to Make Saree Covers at Home?

Do you know that you can make saree covers at home even? I’ve created protective cases, and they turned out so well! The old clothes which you no longer use are the primary requirements to make a functional saree cover. All you need is to follow the below steps and practice to design high-quality protectors for your saree at home.

  • Begin with creating the body of the saree cover. Take a cotton cloth of size 16 X 13 inches.
  • Now, place a cement bag of the same size over the cotton cloth.
  • Take another old cotton cloth of size 16 X 13 inches and keep it over the other two pieces. Align them well before resorting towards sewing.
  • Now, sew all three layers around the four edges using a sewing machine.
  • Further, take up the layers and sew them lengthwise every after 3.2 inches starting from the edge, creating 5 compartments parallel to the 13-inched side.
  • Similarly, stitch the layers every after 2.6 inches across the width starting from the 16-inched side. By now, you’ve made a few boxes using the sewing patterns.
  • Repeat the above processes with another set of two cotton fabrics and a cement bag.
  • Now it’s time to create the cover-sides. Take the two same cotton cloths and a cement bag of sizes 6 X 110 inches each.
  • Arrange them in order and sew them together along the four edges. 
  • Now, stitch the layers across the longer length every 2 inches.
  • Take a transparent polythene sheet of size a bit smaller than 13 inches. Stitch it along the 6-inched edge of the sides you had just prepared.
  • Align the plastic sheet with the 13-inched edge of the initial layers and sew them side-by-side.
  • Now, stitch the remaining cloth pieces along the edges till you reach the sewed plastic.
  • Finally, stitch the 6 X 110 inches cloth edges with the other side of the plastic sheet. So, you have a box-like structure by now.
  • Do you remember the configurations you had prepared in the second step? You need to pick that up and sew it on the open end of your box-like structure to create a flap.
  • It’s time to attach a zipper to your saree cover. Take a long zipper to cover all four sides of your 16 X 13 inches cloth. 
  • Stitch the zipper between your flap and the remaining covering box by arranging both of them accurately.

Woohoo, your DIY saree cover is ready! Now, you can store all your sarees safely, preventing them from getting damaged unintentionally. Although homemade saree covers are difficult to design, you can practice more and master creating a perfect case.  I feel that the self-made covers are more durable and sustainable in the long run.

Further, you can play with the cloth quality and create multiple designs to store your sarees. You can even use a Velcro strip to close the covering flap tightly, but a zipper is more preferable as it seals the sarees from the environment.

There are so many saree covers available in the market, with each of them claiming to be the best. I have been using saree protectors for years and am qualified to suggest impeccable ones to others even. However, such a wide range might overwhelm and confuse you. Don’t worry. I’m here to help you and share with you the 10 best saree cover for your wardrobe. Stay tuned!

Best Saree Covers for You

I understand that creating a saree cover is tedious and time-consuming. If you cannot commit to stitching a cover at home, then you can order a ready-made one online. Among a myriad of online options, it becomes difficult to choose the best saree cover for yourself. 

So, I’ve simplified the search for you and enlisted the best quality saree covers for your wardrobe. These products have positive reviews and higher ratings among all the stocks in Amazon. Let’s discuss more on each product closely.

The best saree covers available online are these:

1. Kuber Industries Metallic Flower Saree Cover

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I recommend going for this saree cover from Kuber Industries as it is highly durable and wear-proof. They use non-woven metallic fabric to create these storage-friendly covers, having spacious areas to store around 10-15 sarees. These cases are so robust that you can even use them to store other garments and bedsheets.

2. Kuber Industries Single Packing Saree Cover

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If you don’t want comprehensive storage, then you can choose single packing covers from Kuber Industries. You can get a pack of 24 pieces, each made from robust and dust-proof fabric. Also, you can take them during traveling and store your expensive sarees concisely. These affordable covers are the best thing you will ever get online.  

3. Kuber Industries Non-Woven Saree Bag

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Do you want large saree covers at an affordable price? Your wish has come true with Kuber Industries’ non-woven saree bags. These robust covers can store up to 12 sarees and keep them protected for a prolonged duration. Each bag has a transparent side that displays all your stored garments without unzipping.

4. Atorakushon Fabric Printed Hanging Saree Cover

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Many times, even after storing your sarees in a cover, you will end up damaging them due to compression. How better it’d have been if you could hang the saree cover itself, right? Well, with Atorakushon’s hanging saree covers, you can do the same effortlessly. These covers come with small hangers that allow organizing your garments in the closet.

5. Kuber Industries Satin Fabric Saree Cover

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A saree cover with a storage capacity of 10-12 sarees isn’t always sufficient. If you wish to store more sarees, you can order this massive case. Moreover, these covers have an antique look and decorate your interiors too.

6. Kuber Industries 2 Pieces Transparent Fabric Saree Cover

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An opaque cover might push you into trouble by not showing the stored content. Organize better with transparent saree covers from Kuber Industries. These covers have a durable zipper providing you with a longer shelf-life.

7. Homestrap Quilted Saree Cover

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We all know that moisture damages your sarees and deteriorates their sheen. So, it’s better to store your garments in a waterproof cover. Such a high-utility cover is the one from Kuber Industries that is made from premium parachute material.

8. Homestrap Fabric Saree Cover – 24 Piece

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Kuber Industries brings to you the best saree cover for single garments. These are durable, tensile, and come in bulk quantities at affordable prices. If some of your sarees bleed, they won’t affect other garments upon storing them separately. 

9. Kuber Industries Non-Woven Hanging Saree Cover

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You cannot fold some sarees extensively. Storing such sarees is difficult even in the best saree covers. These long-hanging cases from Kuber Industries are ideal for storing expensive sarees with minimal folds. Also, the material is durable and wear-proof for enhanced garment protection. 

Taking care of your sarees is even more important than purchasing new ones. I suggest investing in high-quality saree covers and use them to store your precious garments. You can jot down your requirements and choose anyone from the above list.