Best Saree Fabric for Winter

Winter Saree

What is the best fabric that comes to your mind when someone says “Best Saree Fabric for winter? Silk? Tussar? Georgette? Banasari? Kanjivaram?  And what are the factors to decide something is best? Comfort, warmth and convenience are the main deciding factors for purchasing the best fabric for winter. Here, we can suggest you the right winter traditional styling fabric are just what you need to look stunning in your outfits this season.

Type of Sarees that can wear in winters

  • Silk Sarees: If we talk about silk sarees, so most fashion designers recommend traditional and light-weight silk sarees for the winter season. As all we know, silk is the perfect fabric for winter wear traditional clothes and fashion. You should always pick fabrics that keep you warm, like silk. It is also a great option for winter weddings.
  • Velvet Sarees: As shiny as soft, the Velvet saree is ideal for your winter wardrobe. It looks very royal, classy, and graceful due to the grace of the saree, the most suitable fabric for every function like weddings, Diwali, and all evening parties. The fabric is very soft and keeps you warm in the winter seasons. This would be the best option to further style the saree with a velvet blouse to save you from cold. A nice way looks stylish to add a thick velvet pallu along with the saree.
  • Georgette Sarees: All season’s favorite sarees- Georgette saree! These sarees are also light-weight and soft like butter. It is very easy to wear a georgette saree due to its natural flow of the fabric. In the winter season, you can pick a broadly bordered georgette saree with heavy embroidery. So ladies, go for dark shades instead of light or pastel colors in winter.
  • Chiffon Sarees: when we talk about the chiffon sarees, it is always considered to wear in summer. The secret of this fabric is that you can wear chiffon sarees in winters too. It is a very light material and does not stick to your skin. If you are going to wear chiffon sarees in winter, always try to pick dark-colored instead of floral or light shades sarees.

Which is best Saree Fabric for winter?

The fabric that you can try in winter which quickly absorbs moisture and keeps the skin warm which is Silk. Silk sarees are different types like Banarsi, Kanjivaram, and art silk. It is a great winter fabric and makes an exceptionally best choice for winter ethnic wear. Silk as a fabric not only looks elegant and graceful but also provides warmth in the winter season.

Why is silk saree best in winter?      

  1. Silks are the perfect fabric for the winter season. With silk saree in winter, being the season of festivals and weddings, silk will add elegance to your looks. Silk is such a gorgeous saree, you can wear these sarees for an office party, to a wedding or simply for a festival.
  2. Winter is the season when you have to wear woolens and warm fabric so it is always comfortable to wear silk sarees to make you warm.
  3. Silk sarees are very easy to maintain and will remain uncrushed when worn for long hours unless there are Zari borders or embellishments. During winters when the sunlight is low and it is difficult to dry sarees like cotton sarees, silk fabric is very quick to dry.
  4. Silk sarees are a way of sporting elegance, grace, beauty, and sophistication in one package. It’s time to make beautiful memories with silk fabric. Putting trends with winter weather conditions together- these above details will take you through the winter season with a cozy feel.

Type of silk sarees

The most common types of silk sarees are as below.

  • Kanjivaram Silk:  It is a purely traditional and rich quality of the fabric, an amazing finish that will steal your heart at once. These sarees are made in the Kanchipuram region in Tamil Nadu. All over the world, these sarees are famous for their elegant look. Most weddings are incomplete without a Kanjivaram saree for the bride.

Keep Stylish with your saree look in winters

 All the pretty ladies out there, we know how much you love wearing traditional attire in winters. Even if you are a western outfit’s lover, you still end up saying goodbye to Indian Wear in winters, but not this time! Don’t let winters ruin your stylish saree looks. So here, I am going to share some new twist to your saree looks that will keep you warm and more stylish this winter.

  • Drape A Shawl or Stole
  • Long Silk Coat
  • Trench Coat with Saree
  • Long Shrug to Keep You Warm
  • Wear a Sweater As a Blouse
  • A Leather Jacket
  • Drape Your Saree Pallu As a Scarf

All these are little advantages and reasons why you should go for silk sarees in winter. So friends, winter is here; just go for the traditional attire – the silk sarees. Have a happy winter!