Best type of sarees for short girls

Which type of saree is best for short girls

Nothing is as beautiful as a lady in a saree. Sarees are one of those attires that are renowned for accentuating the feminine figure. It is crucial to choose the right type of saree, and style to wear. While I was going through a popular celeb magazine, I realized that some celebrities well-play with the different types, prints, and fabrics of the sarees, creating an illusion of being tall and slim.

Inspired by those fashionistas, I decided to share all about which type of saree is best for short girl and how to wear them, making her look much taller than in reality. So which type of saree is best for a short girl? Well, georgette, chiffon, and lightweight silk sarees are the best choices for short girls. Getting further in depth, the supreme choices for short girls are the sarees with thin borders, smaller prints, and vertical stripes in the above-said fabrics.

Want to know more about the right types of sarees, and the styles to wear them for the short girls to appear taller? Hold your patience, and keep following along for a much-detailed vista.

Which Type of Saree is Best for a Short Girl?

Undoubtedly, sarees make the most glamorous outfits in a lady’s wardrobe. Being an unstitched fabric of six yards, sarees hold the potential to snuggle on to the figure and bring out a highly sophisticated appearance. It’s clear that sarees are an affair of the art of draping and styling well.

It’s all in your hands to look tall and slim, or short and bulky in a saree. How will you look wearing a saree? depends upon the saree fabric, draping, and accessorizing. Whether at a party, or just casually, going for a slim and tall look is all that we wish. The wish transforms into a delicate necessity for the short-height girls. So, without any delay, let me begin by discussing the best types of sarees for short girls.

Lightweight Silk Sarees

The Banarasi silk, Kanjivaram silk, Art silk, and Assam silk sarees can be among the most glamorous pieces in your closet. However, if you are cheeky about your appearance in a saree, then these royal sarees might not be the best choice. Heavyweight silk sarees are defamed for giving a short and bulky appearance. Whereas, the modern lightweight silk sarees settle on your body tightly, and make you look slimmer and taller.

Chiffon Sarees

Chiffon is another lightweight material on the list. Through the capability of clinging on to the figure, chiffon sarees make great choices for the bulky and short-height ladies.

Georgette Sarees

Short-height ladies who are on the bulkier side may find the chiffon sarees insufficient for solving their problems. The georgette sarees are the savior attires for such women. Georgette sarees fit tighter than chiffon sarees, accentuates the curve, and do not give any false illusion of appearing bulkier.

Sarees with Light and Thin Borders

Heavy and broad bordered sarees throw light on your shortness. These characteristics illusions the saree to appear shorter visually. So, women wearing wide and heavy bordered sarees look shorter than in reality. On the other hand, sarees with thin and light borders give you a slimming and taller appearance.

Smaller Prints

Large and dense prints are an absolute no-no for short girls. Instead, you can go for the sarees with smaller prints, or no prints at all as they will assist you in looking much taller.

Vertical Stripes

If you are slightly towards the shorter scale, then picking out vertically striped sarees is the wisest outfit choice. Vertical stripes are the long-known prints in a saree for embracing the tallness. Among the vertically striped attires, refrain from choosing wide-striped sarees. Also, stay away from choosing horizontally striped sarees that accentuates your shortness.

With the right knowledge about the best sarees for short girls, you are all set to dive into the section of the proven and preferred hacks of wearing these sarees to appear tall and slim.

How Can I Look Tall in a Saree?

Draping of a saree decides your appearance. Similarly, right styling and accessorizing are your ultimate weapons for appearing tall-height and slim-figured. I’ve seen efficient drapers inviting a fashion disaster with incorrect styling and accessorizing. So, you can sense the importance of right draping, styling your outfit, accessorizing the saree, and opting for clever saree hacks for appearing gorgeously tall and slim.

You already know the necessity of draping, styling, and accessorizing your outfit correctly for appearing attractive in a saree. Now, you must be thinking about what are the hacks for wearing a saree such that you appear taller and slim. Below, you will get to know all the wise tricks for reflecting an illusion of a taller stance in a saree outfit.

Opt for High Heels

High heels are the perfect accessories with a saree, granting you some extra height for appearing tall effortlessly. Choose any footwear among stilettos, platform heels, or wedges as each of them will complement your saree look optimally. However, refrain from wearing too high heels as they will disturb the balance between your saree and footwear, and might divert the eyeballs from your outfit towards the high heels.

Slim Fitting Petticoats

Though invisible externally, petticoats play a pivotal role in deciding your stature. Before you make the mistake of choosing any matching petticoat, halt! Check the petticoat fitting essentially before buying. If the petticoat fits you loosely, discard it, and go for the one that fits tightly on to your figure.

Tight-fitting ankle-length petticoats are perfect for enhancing your height and diminish your bulky appearance. If you want some extra height illusion, you can even go for a pair of slim-fit jeans underneath your saree.

Jeans and tight-fitting petticoats will embrace your figure, and make you look much taller. Remember to consider the duration of saree wearing before twinning jeans with your saree. You can wear a pair of slim-fit jeans underneath your saree only if the duration of wearing the outfit is shorter. Wearing jeans for a long time may risk untucking your saree.

Best Blouses

Blouse and saree are inseparable partners. Considering just a saree, and not the blouse for height and figure illusion can be a grave mistake. Just as choosing the right type of saree is necessary for appearing tall, picking the right blouses are equally important for giving an illusion of a tall persona.

Just as you spaced from choosing horizontally striped sarees, distance yourself from choosing blouses with horizontal stripes. Consider blouses that fit perfectly, neither too tight nor too loose. The length of the blouse plays a key role in deciding your visual appearance. Conventionally, best blouses for short girls end about 1.5 inches under your bust. Moreover, boat neck, V-neck, and square neck blouses are your picks. Whereas, collar necked blouses are not your thing.

Right Hairstyle with Saree

Hairstyle plays a significant role in making you appear taller and slimmer. Parting your hair in the middle creates a round-faced illusion which further accentuates your short height. For women of shorter stance, buns and sarees are the perfect combinations. Whether messy or sleek, buns increase your height magically and give you a slimmer appearance. With all types of sarees, you can consider a bun for rocking the saree outfit.

Also, short height women can consider going for a puffed hairstyle, or a braided one as both of them will multiply your height and give you a slim appearance while complementing your outfit magically.

Statement Jewelry

Apart from assisting you in standing out of the crowd, statement jewelry is a lesser-known hack for disguising your short height and bulky figure. But refrain from going for statement earpieces, neckpieces, and rings simultaneously as you need to maintain the balance between too much and too little. For best outcomes, choose either a statement necklace or a statement earring along with your saree outfit.

I know some of you might be in a dilemma thinking that heavy necklaces subtract your height, and increase your bulkiness. Well, you are true to an extent; but heavy necklaces that are longer in length illusion your height, and make you look way taller than what you are. Also, the statement jewelry diverts the attention of your saree. So, wear a plain or less detailed saree with statement jewelry for citing a perfect balance in your outfit.

Color of Sarees

Does the hue of the sarees impact your appearance? Yes, the color of the sarees plays a pivotal role in creating a play of illusion of your actual appearance. If you are a short height woman, then sarees in the darker shade hides your shortness and bulky figure perfectly. Black, navy blue, maroon, and brown sarees are what you were seeking till now.

Pinning Correctly

If you are a person, who considers pinning up the sarees just for comfort, manageability, and mobility, then let me tell you that you have undermined the potential of the pins. You already know that loose-fitting attires make you appear shorter and bulkier.

Loosely falling and unfitted sarees are a strict no-no for women of short height. So, pin your attire correctly for holding up the saree in place tightly which, in turn, makes you appear taller and slimmer. In cases where you couldn’t opt for the short height friendly sarees, pinning your attire correctly will reduce your burdens of appearing slim and tall.

Power of Right Accessories

Right accessories hold the capabilities of uplifting your saree look, or ruining it completely. Though clutches, studs, nose rings, and other accessories seem small entities, these can disguise your short height and bulky figure. Also, never wear too many accessories simultaneously, as they will combine to nullify your elegance. Some accessories like a gajra, or a nose ring draw the attention towards them partially and hide all the flaws in your appearance.

Setting up the Pallu

Pallu determines how you will look in a saree. Falling pallu is omitted by women of short height for appearing taller in a saree. When carrying a saree for casual or work purposes, pin-up the pallu well, and discard the chances of appearing short with a falling pallu.

If you are heading towards a festive evening, you wouldn’t want to pleat your pallu. In such cases, you can allow yourself to wear a saree with a falling pallu. But choose the length of the pallu of your saree considerably. Drape your saree in a way that the pallu remains longer. Too short pallu will ruin your appearance and make you appear shorter and bulkier.


Pinning well and pleating well make a watchable duo. Ladies of shorter height must pleat their sarees well to appear taller and slimmer. Make smaller pleats, organize them well, and pin them up nicely. Not only in pallu, but also the pleats in the frontal part of your saree must be neatly pleated for a slimming, tall, and classy effect.

Fabrics, prints, borders, hues, pinning, pleating, and accessorizing are all that you require to slay a saree look. Before you go out to buy a saree for yourself, ensure to adhere to the material, print, and color guide, and let these factors decide the best sarees for you. Moreover, tailor your blouse such that it amplifies your height, and suppresses the bulkiness in your figure.

Now that you know everything about the best types of sarees, and the right method to wear them for short-height girls, you will be able to rock the saree look on all occasions effortlessly. You are enlightened enough to choose the best saree for yourself or any other person of short stature.

If you remain confused about the best types of sarees that do not accentuate your short-height, then focus on accessorizing your attire majorly. Bring in boho-inspired long statement necklaces, or Jhumkas that compliment your saree look. Also, concentrate on creating a nice hairstyle, pinning your attire properly, and pleating it crisply. Lastly, irrespective of whichever saree you choose for wearing, carrying lots of confidence reverses every ill-scenario and makes you look flawless on every occasion.