7 Colour Blouse Designs for Navy Blue Saree

Navy Blue Saree with Blouse

Sarees are divine – there are no second thoughts to them. However, when it comes to navy blue sarees, I can never have enough of them. Frankly speaking, I love the navy blue palette on my sarees and cannot resist wearing them repeatedly. I am sure you admire their sheen too! Do you wonder which colour blouse will go with navy blue saree? Worry no more. I am here to share the seven best blouse colors for navy blue sarees out of my experience. Let’s dive in!

1. White Blouse Gives a Calm Navy Blue Saree Look

Do you crave that sophisticated and calm look with navy blue sarees? A white blouse will fall ideal to complete such a tranquil appearance. You can carry a sleeveless blouse if you are heading to a party wearing a navy blue saree. Also, matching a full or quarter-sleeved blouse with a navy blue saree looks best for morning events or daily wearing purposes.

2. Choose a Navy Blue Blouse for Monochrome Appearance

Let’s admit that monochrome looks never get obsolete. You can create such an appearance by pairing a navy blue saree with a blouse in a similar color. Mostly, you will come across blue blouse fabrics with navy blue saree. So, it is the most common color choice among navy blue saree drapers. A head-to-toe navy blue tinge will turn heads wherever you go!

3. Silver Blouse for a Complementing Party Look

Are you heading to an evening party? Pair a silver blouse with a navy blue saree and slay the streets! The silver color stands as the most complimentary color for the navy blue saree. So, you can complete your navy blue saree appearance with a stunning silver blouse and minimal jewelry effortlessly. Such a wise fashion sense will strike the most perfect balance in your overall navy blue saree look.

4. Yellow Blouses with Navy Blue Sarees Enhance Your Playfulness

Have you wondered which colour blouse will go with navy blue saree during day time? Well, yellow blouses create an ideal playful look with navy blue sarees during daytime occasions. If you wish to carry a navy blue saree during a Mehendi or Haldi ceremony, a yellow blouse will look the prettiest on you. 

You can look for simple mirror work on yellow blouses to pair with your navy blue saree to enhance your joyful spirit during such morning events. Keep the jewelry and make-up minimal to shift everyone’s focus on your attire’s cheerful color combination.

5. Green Blouse and Navy Blue Saree Sets You Apart

Enough of the matching game! Now, it’s time to create a difference. Pair your navy blue saree with a green blouse and set classic benchmarks for everyone. The green-blue combination is bold and distinguishes you from the crowd. 

The cool color matching works even better when you are carrying the apparel during summers. So, take the courageous move and step out wearing a green blouse with a navy blue saree for a distinct appearance.

6. Pink Blouse with Navy Blue Saree to Get that Divine Look

Do you want to recreate a fairytale when wearing a navy blue saree? Nothing can beat a pink blouse if that’s the case! Although most ladies feel intimidated to carry a pink blouse with a navy blue saree, you can try it out to create a divine appearance. A quarter-sleeved pink blouse will look the most astonishing with your navy blue saree. Check it out once!

7. Black Blouse Gives a Bold Appearance

Whenever I fall into a dilemma of what to wear with a navy blue saree, I choose a black blouse blindly. I feel that the black blouses are the boldest of all and perfectly match all sarees, especially the navy blue ones. You can carry the black and navy blue combination during evening ceremonies mostly. 

Choosing a designer or shimmer black blouse for your navy blue sarees will create a stunning party appearance. So, get ready in a black blouse and navy blue saree next time to give off a glamorous appeal.

So, these were my favorite answers to your question of “which colour blouse will go with navy blue saree?”. Now, I’m sure you are worried about what jewelry matches with navy blue ethnic wear, right? Find the best ones right below.

What Jewelry Goes with Navy Blue Saree?

The perfect navy blue saree look relies on how well you can accessorize it. So, here are the most ideal jewelry pieces to pair with your navy blue ethnic apparel.

1. Pearl Jewelry to Sparkle-Up a Navy Blue Saree

Add a touch of sparkle to your navy blue saree look by pairing it with classy pearl jewelry. You can keep a single or multi-layered pearl necklace with your navy blue saree and carry similar Kadas to complete your astonishing look. 

2. Create a Boho Look with Oxidized Jewelry

Oxidized jewelry goes perfectly with all sarees, primarily the navy blue ones. So, you can carry an oxidized heavy necklace with your saree for a bold look. Also, you can choose a large oxidized pendant with a simple silver chain and match it with your navy blue saree. Updo your hairs in a bun, and invest in heavy eye make-up for the highest appeal.

3. Golden Jewelry for a Regal Look

Who said golden doesn’t match a navy blue saree’s energy! You can give a shot to gold jewelry with a navy blue saree for the regal yet subtle appearance.

4. Kundan Jewelry to Complete Your Navy Blue Silk Sarees

Enhance your party look with a navy blue silk saree and Kundan choker necklace. Wear a boat-neck blouse and pair a heavy Kundan choker necklace with your navy blue saree. Such a combination will look even sizzling with a neat bun and nude ears.

A clever mix-and-match of complementary blouses and accessories will impart life to your ordinary navy blue saree like no other. So, what makes you wait? Look gorgeous in all events with the best navy blue saree look at any time.