14 Best Places to Buy Sarees Online in 2022

Shopping online

Sarees are the best dresses for women. They flatter every type of body, making the wearer feel great. This aspect makes sarees the best gift you can ever buy for your girl. They make them feel elegant and poised.

Originally, the dresses were won in India, but they quickly spread to other parts of the world. That is why many stores are currently selling sarees online. Of course, there are stores in India, the USA, UK, and even Australia where you can walk into and buy your Sari. However, you can choose to buy the sarees online. And these are the things to look before buying a saree.

When buying a saree online, there are some things you have to consider.

The price – Different outlets price their sarees differently. There are those that price the sarees depending on the quality of material used. So, your budget should guide you on the best website to order your sarees from.

The quality –  The material used to make the saree is of utmost importance. Silk, cotton, and many more may be used. Therefore, check out the quality of materials that interests you.

Convenience – Most websites will tell you when you should expect the consignment to be delivered. Thus, buying online is convenient. But you will need to find out if they will deliver the saree before the day of the occasion.

Below, I have made a little research and came up with the 14 best places to buy sarees online.

Amazon – Most popular and best place to buy saree online

Amazon is one of the most reliable marketplaces you can get quality Sarees from. It stokes flattering drapes that you can wear on different occasions. It allows you to shop for the occasion at hand. 

For instance, you can shop for daily wears, party wears and festive wear. Among the materials you will not miss getting from Amazon includes cotton, silk, and georgette. At Amazon, you will get the clothes at a significantly discounted price. Also, you will be able to order Sarees of different colors, designs, and quality.

Myntra – Vast variety of sarees such as silk sarees, traditional, cotton

Myntra is one of the places you can buy the modern woman collection sarees. It features more original brands than any other online store.

Also, Myntra gives you varied choices because it sources sarees from different brands. Besides, the buyer has a chance to browse through the brands online.  Also, buyers can choose jewelry and other accessories that they can buy alongside the saree.


The outlet was started as an ethnic shopping retailer shop serving women and men. It offers a diversity of attires for both the western and ethnic Indian. They feature sarees that reflect the rich Indian culture, which is mostly influenced by monuments, sculptures, flora, and fauna festivals. 

Samyakk was founded in 2006 in the Silicon Valley of India. Originally, it specialized in women’s wear, but it later expanded into the men’s regalia. It is an eCommerce retail outlet that provides quality and sophisticated attires for both men and women.

The most popular sarees include Banaras, Kanchipuram Silk, Designer Salwar’s, Bridesmaids lehenga, Gowns, Tunics, exclusive Bridesmaids, and bridals. 

Also, the store features numerous collections from renowned designers, which are further modified into unique and exclusive attires that include the following sarees.  

  • Pure Printed Saree
  • Pure Handloom Silk
  • Kanchipuram Saree
  • Blended Silk Saree
  • Designer Embroidery Saree

Other than the sarees, the website features and sells jewelry to allow you to match your sarees with appropriate accessories.  


Sareeka offers Indian ethnic clothing that includes both bridal and wedding sarees. It is an online store that features Indians’ finest collections ranging from Lehenga choli, Salwar Kameez, and sarees. 

Sareeka is known for its traditional attires designed to ensure that the client’s needs are met. It specializes in a range of quality products that it sells to numerous online customers. 

Also, the outlet offers a collection of Indian fashion that you cannot find in many of the world’s online saree stores.  They are contemporary designers that you can trust for a variety of Chiffon, Georgette, and Banaras at affordable prices. 

Sareeka is a leading provider of online traditional wear in India. The retail outlet is committed to providing customers with quality and inspirational Indian heritage wears. They stock items of clothing that are exclusively designed and which give their wearer some unique experiences. They feature the following collections:

  • Casual sarees
  • Bollywood Sarees
  • Designer Sarees
  • Wedding Sarees
  • Bridal Sarees
  • Traditional Saree

Visitors to the site can also get other sarees like Kurtis, lehenga choli, kameez, jewelry, and gowns. 


Kalaniketan is one of the retail outlets where you will get all the types of wedding sarees. Its online store features a range of wedding and occasion sarees you can ever find on the market. The collections range from Indian sarees, Silk sarees, Georgette sarees, Net Sarees, Saree Blouse materials, and many more. 

Kalaniketan is a well-known brand outlet in India and has a rich culture that traces its roots to Indian’s independence. The outlet features the traditional styles but which have been modernized to give them a touch that leaves its customers yearning for more. Its top sales include:

  • Designer silk Sarees
  • Party Wear Sarees
  • Celebrity inspired Sarees
  • Plain Sarees
  • Casual Sarees
  • Art Silk Sarees
  • Latest designer sarees
  • Cotton silk sarees
  • Kanjivaram sarees
  • Traditional sarees
  • Floral sarees

Also, the outlet features a collection of Kurtis, lehengas, salwar, and suits.


CBazaar is another online retail outlet that is known for exclusive sarees designs. It stocks pure silk, faux chiffon, cotton, and faux georgette. Also, you will get a collection of crepe, faux chiffon, and cotton. Customers in the US, UK, and a few other countries in Europe who buy from the store online are entitled to free shipping services. 

CBarzaar is an online store whose objective is to allow women to remain vogue regardless of color, size, and race. It is an online venture that specializes in sarees designed in making women look appealing and sexy. Among the options to choose from include half sarees, ready pleated sarees, border sarees, lehenga sarees, and butterfly pallu. 

Also, at Cbarzaar, you will get a selection of banarasi silks, Kanchipuram, Tussar cotton, Tussar Silks, and Bengal sarees. Customers will also have access to an arrangement of intricate embroideries that include animal motifs, digital prints, embellishments, and intricate embroidery. Also, they will be free to choose from a range of wedding sarees that include bridal wear sarees, wedding wear sarees, and many more. 


Lashkaraa is the only online store that stocks Lashkar, apparel that is popular in India and which has been worn by women since time immemorial. It can be woven from six yards of fabric and is one of the attires that Indian women consider important in their lives. 

The bride can wear it during the wedding or any other special occasion. When worn by the bride, the Saree does one thing; reveals the silhouette but lets the rest of the details remain imaginative. It is one of those sarees you will fall in love with thanks to the attractive color combination, embroidery, and design.

Also, you can wear this sari over a petticoat or choose to pair it with a blouse. Thus, it is one of the elegant sarees you can choose to wear on the wedding day. Indeed, it is a draping sari designed to highlight the attractive curve of the wearer.

Buying this attire from Lashkar allows you to choose any of the colors, beautiful embroidery, and fabric that matches the occasion you have in mind. You are free to choose the saree that suits your wedding theme and which allows you to make a statement to those who will attend the ceremony. Lashkar allows the modern woman to dress uniquely from the rest of the women. Therefore, it gives women a wide range of collections ranging from silk, crepe saree to chiffon.

PanAsh India

Pan Ash specializes in staple wear for special events. It features dressings in a variety of categories ranging from Indian Sari for women and suits for men. Ladies have a range of designs to choose from as well. Also, the outlet features exclusive pieces and unique embellishment for women.

Pan Ash is a leading brand in women’s wear and specializes in saris with an Indian Ethnic wear appeal. It serves customers from across the globe through its online outlet. If you are interested in Lehengas, Kameez, and Sarees, visiting their website will spoil you for choices.

One of the things that makes the site rank high among the sites that specialize in Sarees is the quality of the dresses you will get. All its dresses are made of high-quality fabric and feature quality stitching that guarantees the best Indian saree you can ever buy online.

If you are looking for a wedding lehenga for your special occasion, all you need to do is send the measurements, your colors, and expect to collect your dress in a few business days. What is more, is that shopping at Pan ash guarantees you quality products at reasonable prices. 

Also, when you make your order online, a product that will be delivered will be similar to the one you see in the image.

Utsav Fashion

Utsav Fashion explains India’s Diverse culture in its stylish dresses that include women’s sarees. As an online store, Utsav offers a range of sarees to choose from. There is the Art Silk, Crepe, Georgette, Chiffon, Jacquard, silk, and cotton to choose from. The site enjoys a 3.42 rating from its previous customers.

It is the best online store that stocks sarees that are versatile but which are comfortable to wear. Whether looking for casual or official sarees, you will be sure to get something suitable for the occasion at hand.

At Utsav fashion, you will get plain sarees, Reshma work sarees as well as regional specialties. Once you choose your specialty, the next thing you will need to do is to make the payment and wait for the Saree to be delivered to your selected address.

Maple Fashions

Maple Fashions is another online vendor you can trust for the latest chiffon saree designs. Maple fashion is thus a one-stop-shop for all your sarees and offers free shipping services to clients in the United States. The brand has been around for a while. 

In fact, it has just celebrated 16 years of personalized services to Indian Ethnic Sarees that are available in a variety of colors and unique styles ranging from Lehengas, Salwar Kameez, to Kurta Pajamas. 

Also, Maple fashions are home to Agrapha’s, Jodhpuri suits, and Indian Jewelry. In fact, it stocks everything for members of your family. However, women have a variety of sarees to choose from. There is the Indo Western saree, Salwar kameez, and the Lehengas. Also, shoppers can sample the Kanjiras Silk, Banarasi, or Salwar Kameez.

Also, while at the site, you will not just buy the Sarees for women but also hand-embroidered jackets for men. Also, you get an opportunity to sample other essentials such as Pattani suits, Kurta Pajama, and Jutties.  Girls have stalwart suits and Lehengas to choose from, while boys have Agrapha’s and Kurta Pajamas.

Gravity Fashion

Gravity Fashion is another online vendor that specializes in Bollywood Sarees for people who fancy Bollywood. Here you will get printed saris bridal sarees and wedding sarees all made from Georgette, chiffon, and silk. You can also choose to order sarees made from Jute, Khadi, Cotton, satin, brocade, crepe, and velvet.

Ordering the sarees is easy even if you are based in foreign countries. Once you express your interest, you will be provided with an email and WhatsApp number of the contact attendant. You will then be required to provide details, including the measurements. Your order will be processed and the dress shipped to the address you provide.


I had a chance to read through some of the reviews left on their website and was convinced that they are not serious with their business. Most buyers complained of poor customer service. That the store has agents that will quickly become unresponsive upon receiving payments. Calls and emails for refund are never answered. 

SareesBazaar – Buy sarees online from USA, UK, Australia, Canada

If you are in the United States, U.K., Australia, or any other countries in Europe, you can buy the Sarees from Bazaar online. The website sells ethnic Indian saree, embroidered Indian wedding sarees, half sarees, and fancy sangeet saris. 

Also, you can order Bollywood replica collections and many more. Bazaar provides free shipping to Mauritius, Malaysia, Dubai, Australia, Canada, and the U.S.  What is interesting about the site is that you will get any design that you want at affordable prices.  It is an online boutique that offers the latest ethnic styles and serves customers from across the globe.  

So, if you love Indian sarees, you can order them any time, regardless of where you currently reside.

The store was started with the purpose of styling women around the world. It thus features colorful party sarees ranging from bridal Lehengas, printed Kurtis, choli wedding wears, and fashion jewelry. Also, women have a range of palazzo suits to choose from. Besides, you will get a chance to buy gowns and evening party clothes you can wear on a wedding day.

Sarees Bazaar has been the epitome of elegance and is versatile in designs.  It features sarees that will make any woman look elegant. Also, it features elegant sarees that come in a range of colors and embroidery.

At Bazaar, you will get Lehenga styles sarees and Television inspired sarees. In particular, you will also order sarees that feature T.V. celebrities like Jasmin Bhasin, Kajal Aggarwal, Tamannaah Bhatia, Shamata Shetty, and Shilpa Shetty. Lastly, it gives you a chance to choose sarees made from Georgette, cotton, silk, and chiffon.


Flipkart is a leading one-stop eCommerce online in India where you get everything you want, ranging from electronics to clothing. Flipkart is a popular store that is visited by millions of online shoppers during the festive season. The megastore is based in India, but its online domain serves clients from around the globe. There would be continuous sales and offers often in Flipkart and you can bag exclusive discounts.

If you love Sarees, a treasure of dresses is always available and waiting for you. All you need is to visit the store, pick the sarees of your choice from the options available and make the payment.  Besides enjoying the massive discounts, you will have the sarees delivered within 5 business days, depending on styles. 

Also, you can get a few price-friendly pieces of jewelry that will match your Sarees. Of course, you will have a sample of saris ranging from casual wear to Bollywood.


Craftsvilla is an online marketplace that aggregates designers and artisans from across India. Its objective is to help the artisans and designers find a market for their products. Also, it is committed to helping craftsmen and women have direct access to international clients. So, it eliminates middlemen, therefore, allowing businesses to gain more profit. Craftsvilla is also committed to helping businesses promote their brands on the international markets while preserving the values, traditions, and Indian culture. 

So far, the company has about 25,000 designers and artisans who sell over 4 million products.  Therefore, it is one of the online stores based in India where you will find numerous designs of the Indian Sarees. The outfit partners with the Indian Ministry of Textiles to market sarees and other weaves online.  For instance, in 2015, Vidya Balan, a Bollywood actress, promoted women’s ethnic wear, including ethnic Indian saree for women.

Final Thoughts

Hope, you enjoyed the list of the best online shopping sites in India as well as across the world. A saree is indeed the Indian epitome of its values and culture. It is one of the wears that will make you feel elegant and look good. It is a piece of artwork that has stood the test of time and represents the old style that continues to be relevant to the modern lifestyle. Indeed, the saree culture is evolving, and the latest collections speak styles that weave the new and old ideas into trends that will continue to excite the world.

If you ask to name one best place to buy sarees online out of all, that would be Amazon as it is most trusted, and used by all other merchants and saree manufacturers in addition to their own stores.