11 Places to Buy White Kanjivaram Saree Online

Woman wearing White Kanjiavaram Saree

Kanjivaram sarees are sheer luxury. The masterpiece in different colors and designs is a paradise for Indian women. However, the Kanjivaram sarees in white are rare bliss. Like me, you might be a die-hard fan of the white Kanjivaram sarees. But, finding one can be a hard game, especially in online marketplaces. Worry not. I’m here to share my 11 favorite places to buy a white Kanjivaram saree online. Stay tuned!

1. Shasmi Designer Studio – Amazon

The largest online marketplace, Amazon has an experienced white Kanjivaram saree manufacturer – the Shasmi Designer Studio. They have numerous inexpensive Kanjivaram silk sarees in white and can be a best-fit option for ladies seeking a low-budgeted white Kanjivaram saree online.

Although you will find blended silk fabric through the seller on Amazon, it can be a great deal if white Kanjivaram sarees are your thing. You will require spending around INR 910 to make the beauty yours and get it delivered to your doorsteps. Above all, the additional Zari-work on these sarees will woo your mind and encourage you to get one for yourself.

2. MIMOSA Store – Amazon

Another paradise destination to buy a gorgeous white Kanjivaram saree online is the MIMOSA store. You can find their entire collection on Amazon and bookmark it for high-quality Kanjivaram saree shopping. It is an inexpensive option to buy white Kanjivaram sarees in this range.

Apart from housing affordable white Kanjivaram sarees, the MIMOSA store offers blouse pieces with every garment to complete your shopping in one go. These sarees are hand-dyed and comprise elusive Zari-work that you cannot afford to miss. So, you should give a shot to MIMOSA for white Kanjivaram saree shopping online.

3. South India Fashion

Who doesn’t admire Vidya Balan in her gorgeous white Kanjivaram saree avatar? I’m sure no one! You might have captured her look and got inspired to try out the white Kanjiavaram saree appearance at least once in your lifetime. So, here is a perfect answer to your dreams – South India Fashion. The online portal lets you shop for splendid white Kanjivaram sarees at genuine prices.

Above all, you can choose more celeb-inspired white saree looks online at southindiafashion.com and become a talk-of-the-town in the blink of an eye. So, I’d ask you to give this website a shot.

4. Kanjivaramsilks.com

Do you wish to access a website that deals only in high-quality Kanjivaram silk sarees? I’ve got your back! You can give a fair try to kanjivaramsilks.com. As they house a massive collection of authentic Kanjivaram sarees, you are likely to find some of the best white sarees online.

When you hear authentic Kanjivaram sarees, you might get a sudden price shock if your budget is comparatively smaller. So, the website gets you covered with a huge range of designer Kanjivaram sarees having blended fabrics. Numerous white sarees are available in this collection and you can close the deals at inexpensive rates.

5. Pehanawa – Etsy.com

Now, that’s a show-stopper! If you have been looking for party-wear white or ivory Kanjivaram sarees, the Pehnawa store at Etsy has the best answer for you. Since the manufacturer is a star-seller on Etsy, you can get several perks like free shipping and discounts.

Also, this gorgeous masterpiece is handmade with beautiful Zari-work embedded all around. Indeed, it is one of the best white Kanjivaram sarees you will ever find online.

6. Metromela.com

White Kanjivaram sarees with a tinge of maroon are all you need to make heads turn on the street. You can shop for similar sarees on metromela.com at genuine prices and exclusive offers. The website has a massive Kanjivaram saree collection. So, you can find many other white Kanjivaram sarees at affordable rates on the website. Check them out now!

8. Rangneeti – Etsy.com

Ivory white Kanjivaram sarees are the hallmark of elegance and aristocracy. You can make this gorgeous piece yours by visiting the store and ordering it right now. The natural shine and Zari-work Kanjivaram saree are ideal for parties, evening ceremonies, and even weddings.

The blended silk saree is handmade and manufactured by the authentic craftsmen of Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu. So, you can get the genuineness of Kancheepuram weavers in your favorite shade – the white color.

8. Wedmegood.com

Do you wish to buy white Kanjivaram sarees having the latest designs? You can head over to wedmegood.com for Kanjivaram saree shopping that won’t disappoint you. 

Also, you can get excellent ideas on styling white Kanjivaram sarees for weddings, parties, and many more occasions. So, it’s your complete destination to get guidance for premium white Kanjivaram silk sarees online.

9. Karagiri.com

Karagiri Pearl White Kanjivaram Saree

The combination of ivory and white in Kanjivaram silk sarees is deadly. Karagiri understood the color play and brought the best Kanjivaram saree you will ever see. The blended silk saree has an affordable price tag and is a must-have in your wardrobe.

10. Taneira

Taneira Kanjeevaram Shop

A massive collection of white Kanjivaram sarees. What else do you need! With the reliability of the Tata group, Taneira brings one of the best ranges of Kanjivaram silk sarees for you. Try it out!

11. Kalanjali

Classic Off White Kanjivaram Silk Saree

Are you looking for an authentic white Kanjivaram saree? Kalanjali gives you the best answer regarding online shopping. Since the saree has pure yarns and Zari-work, it is placed at a slightly higher price. You can give the store a shot if your budget lies on the higher side.

So, these were the best white Kanjivaram saree shopping online destinations. I am sure you found numerous great deals. Why are you waiting? Get the perfect white Kanjivaram saree for yourself now!