Buying Cheapest Sarees – Where and How?

Saree Shops

Sarees have been the most attractive garment for all ladies for ages. They become more irresistible when available at the cheapest deals in marketplaces, aren’t they? Much like you, I always look out for inexpensive yet high-quality sarees across different markets, both physical stores and online. Over time, I have come up with a list of must-visit markets and websites comprising the cheapest saree stocks. So, are you searching for “where can I buy cheap sarees”? Let’s dive in!

You can buy inexpensive sarees at local markets across metro cities in India like Chandni Chowk in Delhi, Cotton Street, Burrabazar in Kolkata, similar markets in Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad. You can also buy online at Amazon and Myntra offering an adorable collection of cheap sarees below INR 200.

Where Can I Buy Cheap Sarees?

Wearing expensive silk sarees every day is a no-no for most of us. In contrast, I prefer searching for budgeted sarees that are comfortable to wear yet fashionable. So, I can relate to how happy it feels to close a saree deal at a bargained price, isn’t it? But, the million-dollar question is, “where can I buy cheap sarees”! Some cheapest marketplaces like Chandni Chowk in Delhi and Amazon online store comprise the most inexpensive sarees in India. Also, some web stores like Sareeka have the classiest range of cheapest sarees in the USA. 

So, let’s look at a detailed list of the cheapest saree marketplaces, offering high-quality garments across the Indian subcontinent as well as the USA.

Sarees Below 50 Rupees

Sarees below INR 50 – shocking, right? Well, such inexpensive marketplaces exist and offer the best deals on sarees throughout the year. So, let’s walk through the best wholesale markets across major cities in India that you wouldn’t want to miss.

1. Chandni Chowk and Gandhinagar Market have the Best Wholesale Range in Delhi

The national capital, Delhi, has many secrets to treasure. Although you can get sarees in all ranges at Delhi shops, the most inexpensive marketplaces give you sarees even below INR 50. Cotton, chiffon, and georgette sarees are the most affordable pieces in Delhi marketplaces. However, you can also get blended fabrics in the given price range in wholesale markets. 

Delhi has the cheapest sarees in Chandni Chowk, Gandhinagar Market, Lajpat Nagar Market, and Nehru Place Market. These renowned locations serve iconic sarees at prices as low as 50 rupees to privileged shoppers across the country. If you wish to avail yourself of the cheapest sarees without hitting the wholesale market, then the Sarojini Nagar market is the ideal place for you. 

All in all, several wholesale marketplaces in Delhi supply the cheapest sarees, having premium fabrics and sophisticated designs to bargainable shoppers.

2. Mumbai’s Hindmata Cloth Market and Manish Market Offer the Most Inexpensive Sarees

Similar to Delhi, Mumbai comprises many saree lovers hunting for the cheapest deals in their cities. Whenever I visit Mumbai, I never forget to bump into some of the well-renowned wholesale marketplaces in town to avail of inexpensive stocks. Luckily, I found some Mumbai markets boasting a large saree range priced below INR 50 even. 

Hindmata Cloth and Manish markets are the two popular saree destinations for bargain lovers. Multiple outlets in these locations sell the most inexpensive and good-looking sarees in Mumbai. Also, you can hit Bhuleshwar and Mangaldas markets to close affordable saree deals in the city. If you wish to surf more, then Old Hanuman lane gives lucrative deals on sarees below 50 rupees.

3. Gariahat and Burrabazar for Cheapest Sarees in Kolkata

When it comes to shopping for the cheapest sarees in Kolkata, many wholesale markets steal the show with their affordable ranges. I had the best experience with saree markets after discussing with residents in Kolkata. Now, whenever I visit the city, I never miss out on these marketplaces. 

Gariahat, a renowned shopping destination in Kolkata, drives massive traffic from in and around the city. The market has multiple shops and outlets selling the cheapest sarees in Kolkata. So, you are likely to encounter 50-rupees sarees at most shops having iconic designs laid on premium fabrics.

Besides Gariahat, you can try out the Burra Bazar market to get affordable deals on sarees in Kolkata. Most shops in Burra Bazar deal in wholesale sarees and offer the most competitive price points to the customers. You can even get sarees below INR 50 in Burra Bazar, Kolkata, easily. Another must-visit saree market in Kolkata is the Satya Narayan park. You will encounter versatile sarees priced at the lowest rates in the Satya Narayan park market in Kolkata.

4. Chennai has the Cheapest Saree Collection in Pondy Bazar 

If you are looking for the cheapest saree destinations in Chennai, then you must try Pondy Bazar to close the most inexpensive deal in the city. Local shoppers flock to Pondy Bazar throughout the year and avail of unforgettable saree deals effortlessly. I have visited Pondy Bazar several times and took away high-quality sarees at a price as low as 50 rupees.

Godown street is a standard alternative to Pondy Bazar in Chennai. Similar to Pondy Bazar, Godown street has many outlets selling affordable sarees in the city. There are high chances of encountering 50-rupees sarees in Godown street, Chennai. Adding to your surety, Godown street has never disappointed me. I have shopped for below 50-rupees sarees from Godown street market several times and keep referring others to try the place out.

Similar to the above metros, other cities in India house large marketplaces offering worthy deals on sarees priced at below 50 rupees. Bombay Market in Surat, Ghantakarna market in Ahmedabad, and Chickpet market in Bangalore are some of the paradise marketplaces in India for low-budget saree lovers. 

Most of these markets give off their collection at affordable ranges when bargained perfectly. So, whenever looking for cheap sarees and visiting the above marketplaces, ensure bargaining like a pro to close the deal at the lowest prices, some below 50 rupees even.

Amazon Sarees Below 200

When talking about the cheapest saree markets in India, no one can miss out on the giant Amazon. Similar to local outlets, Amazon comprises many high-quality sarees from wholesale suppliers, listed at below 100 rupees. Are you wondering about which sarees come below 200 rupees on Amazon? Worry no more. I am sharing a comprehensive guide on 200-rupee saree shopping on Amazon below.

1. Chiffon Sarees on Amazon Below 200

Who doesn’t love wearing net sarees round the year! If you are a net saree lover, then Amazon will never disappoint you. The online marketplace has lucrative deals on party wear net sarees, some listed below 200 rupees even. You will get high-quality net sarees with stone work and gorgeous borders, ideal for lighting up your evenings.

NYK Fashion Womens Rambo Colour saree at Amazon

2. Georgette Sarees Below 200 on Amazon

Georgette fabric is much cheaper than any other saree material. Consequently, Amazon has affordable georgette sarees in multiple colors and schemes. From simple daytime wearing sarees to gorgeous evening wear pieces, suppliers like Omkar Fashion have all types of Georgette sarees below 200 rupees for you on Amazon. Adding to your delight, you will get matching blouse pieces at the same price with Georgette sarees when ordering from such brands through Amazon.

Womens Georgette Blouse saree in Amazon

3. Art Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees below 200 Rupees on Amazon

Drifting away from Chiffon and Georgette, Amazon offers premium art Bhagalpuri silk sarees at or below 200 rupees, to the customers. We all know that authentic Bhagalpuri silk sarees require heavy budgets and remain unaffordable for many of us. So, a clever alternative to real Bhagalpuri silk sarees is the cheap art silk ones at Amazon. These sarees are gorgeous and ideal for parties and special events in the evening. You also get blouse pieces with art Bhagalpuri silk sarees from brands like Parmar.

Womens Kalamkari Bhagalpuri Saree Blouse on Amazon

4. Amazon has Cotton Sarees Below 200

The evergreen cotton sarees are already budget apparel. Adding to your delight, you can get even more discounts on cotton sarees when shopping through Amazon. The largest online marketplace has many suppliers like Pradeep Fashion, offering our favorite cotton masterpieces at below INR 200. High-quality cotton sarees in different colors are available with blouse pieces on Amazon at around 150/- even.

Pradeep Fashion Casual Stripe Running on Amazon

5. Get Khadi Sarees Under 200 on Amazon

Khadi is gaining impetus and becoming a favorite option for saree lovers. If Khadi sarees appear adorable to you, then you should try out Amazon for the best deals. Through Amazon, you will get classic daily and party wear Khadi sarees in soothing palettes under 200 rupees even. Some suppliers like Being Banarasi offer durable Khadi sarees with matching blouse pieces on Amazon below 200 rupees.

Banarasi Women Cotton Maroon at Amazon

6. Art Silk Sarees on Amazon Below 200

Silk saree lovers who cannot afford big-budgeted garments will love Amazon and its inexpensive deals. Some brands like Being Banarasi offer good quality, lightweight, modern, and daily wear art silk sarees at below 200 rupees. These sarees are available in many colors and make great apparel for morning events even if styled properly.

Banarasi Women Green Saree at Amazon

You can reach out to these sarees by filtering your search on Amazon. You require adjusting the price range to below 200 or 100, and numerous sarees come up on your screen. Besides, you should wait for lofty discount festivals on Amazon to avail of even reduced price tags on exclusive sarees online.

How to Buy Cheapest Sarees Online in USA?

Undoubtedly, saree lovers span across the globe and are on a consistent lookout for the cheapest sarees everywhere. If you are looking for cheap sarees online in USA, then you’ve landed at the right place. Let’s discuss the best online stores offering affordable sarees in the United States.

1. Sareeka for Modern Pieces at Best Price

The best online destination for saree lovers in the USA is Sareeka, especially when you are looking for modern designs on chiffon, cotton, and silk materials. Also, you can avail yourself of large discounts on individual pieces on Sareeka easily.

2. Cbazaar Gives the Perfect Deal in the USA

You will find the most affordable cotton, chiffon, and georgette saree collection on Cbazaar in the US. Also, you can get silk sarees, handcrafted sarees, and Bollywood-inspired sarees on the web store. A free shipping offer makes it even more affordable to shop through Cbazaar.

3. Huge and Affordable Saree Collection on Amazon 

Much like India, Amazon is creating buzz among all saree lovers across the globe. Being the largest marketplace, Amazon offers the best deals on exclusive saree collections in the US. From cotton to georgette and blended silks, Amazon has everything in store for you.

4. Get Cheapest Designer Sarees on Samyakk 

Are you craving adorable designer sarees online in the USA? I’ve got you covered! At Samyakk, you can get the dreamiest designer sarees at affordable price points in the USA. Apart from designer pieces, you can get cotton and chiffon sarees on Samyakk as well.

5. Avail of Discount Festivals on Lashkaraa

Lashkaraa is the perfect shopping destination for women who wait for lucrative online discount festivals in the USA. The store has a large collection of designer and party wear sarees and offers complimentary blouse pieces too. All in all, Lashkaraa is the most comprehensive shopping portal for saree drapers in the USA.

6. Panash India

Panash India offers exclusive sarees having intricate detailing online in the USA. Gorgeous thread and sequin-worked sarees are available at large discounts at the Panash India portal. Also, their free shipping and other elusive offers make it even more worthy to shop sarees through the Panash India website.

7. Utsav Fashion

Utsav fashion celebrates India’s cultural diversity with exclusive sarees belonging to all regions in the country. Right from Banarasi to Kanjivaram silk sarees, you will get everything at the best prices at Utsav Fashion in the USA.

8. Sarees Bazaar

Sarees Bazaar resembles the local marketplaces and brings low-budget sarees to the customers. The store has everything from daily wear sarees to the bridal ones under a roof at affordable price tags for the US, Canadian, and Australian shoppers.

Be it in India or anywhere abroad, you will come across heartfelt saree admirers worldwide. When it comes to budget shopping, even experienced drapers fall into the expensive trap. However, if you bring your collection from the above listed local and online marketplaces, you will succeed in shopping for the cheapest sarees for your purpose. So, what makes you wait? Try out the marketplaces now!