Can a Woman Still Wear a Man’s Shirt?

Woman Shirt Tucked In

Over the past few years, men’s clothing has found a special place in a woman’s closet. Boyfriend jeans and oversized hoodies are some classic examples. Going by the trend, can a woman wear a men’s shirt? I will give you a detailed dive in the article below. Let’s begin!

What are the differences between men’s and women’s shirts?

Shirts are not the same for men and women. They have several differences which you should know going forward.

1. The stitching shape is different in men’s and women’s shirts

Shirts for men are stitched straight. In contrast, women’s shirts curve near the waist to give them a better fitting. Additionally,  some ladies’ shirts have stitched darts to give them a snuggly fit.

2. Women’s shirt sleeves are tighter than men’s

Another striking difference between men’s and women’s shirts is the fitting of their sleeves. In women’s shirts, the sleeves are tighter with smaller armholes. However, men’s shirts typically have a loose fitting and larger armholes.

3. Women’s shirts have a larger chest room than men’s

Women’s shirts have more room near the thorax than men’s shirts. So, the ladies’ shirts can appear slightly slack near the chest region. However, men’s shirts have a tighter chest-fitting.

4. The shirts have different button and hole placements

The most prominent contrast between men’s and women’s shirts is the placement of buttons and buttonholes. Women’s shirts usually have buttons on the left side and buttonholes on the right side. However, it’s the opposite with men’s shirts. They have buttons on the right side and holes on the left.

Can a woman still wear a man’s shirt?

It might not be very common for a woman to wear a man’s shirt. However, a woman can wear a man’s shirt and look beautiful. Wearing shirts from men’s sections has become a trend lately. Women, for example, find oversized shirts to create a comfortable casual appearance. In such cases, men’s shirts are the perfect ensemble for them. Besides, numerous reasons justify women wearing men’s shirts on various occasions.

In the following section, I will tell you why a woman can wear a man’s shirt.

7 reasons why a woman can wear a men’s shirt

Now you know that women can wear a men’s shirt. But the question is, why can a woman wear them? Or, in other words, when will wearing a men’s shirt be beneficial for a woman? I will explain everything to you.

Let’s understand the top reasons why a woman can wear a men’s shirt.

1. Men’s shirts are comfortable

Men’s shirts have a straight fitting, unlike curvy shirts for women. Consequently, men’s shirts create enough room to accommodate a woman’s body. So, they are more comfortable, airy, and roomy when compared to snuggly-fitting women’s shirts. Thus, women can wear men’s shirts if they wish to wear comfortable clothing on casual and formal occasions.

2. Oversized shirts are in trend

It’s the era of oversized clothing. And shirts are no exception! Women are going largely toward baggy shirts to look and feel more comfortable. Since men’s shirts are slightly oversized and do not cling to a woman’s body, they help create the oversized fashion pretty easily. Thus, it gives another reason for women to shop for men’s shirts.

3. Men’s shirts have more variety

It’s a fact that men have more variety of shirts than women. It can happen that women might not find any suitable pieces from the female sections. However, shirt varieties will not appear to end in the men’s department. So, some women prefer exploring the massive men’s shirt collection to get a garment they love.

4. Men’s shirts are good for creating a unique style

Walking off beat is a fashion trend. Like most women, I love creating off-the-road styles and look different than my friends. Choosing unusual clothes, like shirts from the men’s section, can help such women create a unique look. Hence, it’s another prominent reason why women can go for men’s shirts and look more beautiful than ever.

5. Sizing is easier when wearing a men’s shirt

Not all women’s shirts fit everyone appropriately. Some of them can be too loose near your waist, while the others can be extensively tight. However, since men’s shirts have a straight cut and loose fitting, they tend to fit women more properly. So, you can find better sizing when choosing casual and formal shirts from men’s sections.

6. Men’s shirts are highly available in most fashion stores

You can easily find men’s shirts, even in the smallest fashion outlets. However, not every fashion store sells women’s shirts. So, you might require to make more efforts to find the best women’s shirt in your town. Instead, you can choose men’s shirts which are highly available in almost every retail store. Isn’t it more convenient?

7. You can save money by buying men’s shirts

It’s my favorite reason to switch to men’s shirts. Typically, women’s shirts are more expensive than men’s. Since manufacturers spend more time and effort shaping a woman’s shirt, it becomes costlier than men’s. So, if you want to save money when purchasing shirts, you can choose men’s shirts that are comfier, better fitting, and highly available everywhere. 

Tips and precautions for women when wearing men’s shirt

You might have decided to carry men’s shirts. But, wait! Before you make up your heart, let’s review some tips and precautions you should consider when wearing men’s shirts.

  • Some men’s shirts have too much fabric aggregated at the back. So, when buying shirts from the men’s section, try them and buy the one with comparatively lesser fabric at the back.
  • The men’s shirt sleeves can be longer than your arm. So, it’s better to fold the sleeves when wearing a men’s shirt.
  • Carry an oversized blazer to hide the imperfections in your men’s shirt.
  • Carry some accessories like watches, hats, and chains to distract people from the slight imperfections.


Men’s shirts are the best alternatives if you wish to go for affordable, highly available, comfortable, and sized clothes. So, you can follow the above tips and precautions to look more beautiful when wearing men’s shirts on any occasion.