Can Women Still Wear Kilts? What do You need to Know?

Scottish Kilt

Kilts are of Scottish heritage. They are the most significant Scottish traditional outfits worn by men. However, in olden times, ladies couldn’t wear kilts. Is the tradition still prevalent? Can women still wear kilts? Let’s find out in the article below! 

What are kilts? 

A kilt is a style of non-bifurcated, knee-length men’s dress skirt with pleats at the rear that has its roots in the Highlands of Scotland’s Gaelic men’s and boys’ traditional attire. The classic kilt, a full-length garment whose upper half could be worn as a cloak, was first mentioned in the 16th century.

Scottish kilts are the country’s official attire, and they have been worn as both a fashionable trend and with great respect throughout history.

Can a woman wear kilts? 

Although these 8 yards of fitted fabric is made for males, ladies can wear kilts that resemble skirts. Throughout history, women from all nations and ages have donned skirts. When it comes to women’s kilts, there are numerous lengths and designs to pick from.

Though it is a relatively new custom, women all around the world follow it. Women can wear kilts made specifically for men, despite the fact that the plaids, shapes, and types of kilts might differ.

The kilts were initially worn by women in the late 1800s. Tartan kilts with greater lengths were traditionally worn by women. Those long skirts are still highly fashionable and have been helping men’s kilts get more respect.

Similar to their male counterparts, women don kilts to not only look fantastic but also to project confidence. But ladies should be aware of the best kind of kilt to add to their wardrobe, just like men. Some kilts that can women wear are:

Tartan Kilts

Tartan kilts are the ideal option if you want to appear more traditional. The kilt’s crisscrossed vertical and horizontal patterns can be any color of your choice as well. There are numerous tartan kilt styles and colors to choose from. 

Utility Kilts

A traditional kilt was modernized with the utility kilt. Since they are constructed of only cotton, these kilts are durable and have a long lifespan. Utility kilts can be worn for business or casual occasions and are designed for both men and women. 

Leather Kilts

Only materials that are 100 percent genuine in the case of leather will appear wonderful. They can be worn in a variety of ways and settings. The best option for a leather kilt is if you want to seem elegant.

Camo Kilts

Hunters were the initial users of camouflage kilts. It’s a fantastic outfit for those who enjoy the military and having adventures. However, nothing would stop a girl from wearing a kilt with a military camouflage pattern.

Women don kilts with the same respect and pride that males do. It is not as simple to wear as a regular skirt, so make sure you know how to do it right.

Difference between man’s and woman’s kilts

These days, men’s and women’s kilts differ primarily in two ways. Compared to a man’s kilt, a woman’s kilt would first be tailored to accommodate her natural curvature and feminine figure. Instead of a lady wearing a kilt designed for a male, doing this would allow the kilt to fit and swing more comfortably. 

Additionally, the seam on a woman’s kilt apron is worn to the left, whereas the seam on a man’s kilt is worn to the right, although it is not a rule. This distinction is somewhat recent because historically, and in certain cases even now, the apron opened on the same side as a typical man’s kilt.

Now, you have already mastered the difference between a man’s and a woman’s kilt. It’s time to know how women can carry a man’s kilt and still appear beautiful. In the following section, you will get some styles to rock-wearing kilts for women. Let’s have a look!

How to wear women’s kilts? 

There are several methods you can style a kilt. Some of the styles can make you look chic and elegant without disrespecting Scottish culture. 

1. Wear with a pullover

If you want to get a sophisticated look in a kilt, pairing it with a pullover is the best choice. It’s the most popular way of styling kilts among ladies. You can add a pair of stockings to your ensemble to complete your kilt look. 

2. Pair it with a buttoned blazer

Another trendy look you can achieve when wearing a kilt is by pairing it with a buttoned blazer. It will give you a formal and classy look while keeping you warm in winter. Again, pairing your look with a pair of stockings won’t harm you. 

3. Wear the kilt with a t-shirt

If you want to achieve a traditional, casual, and chic look when wearing a kilt, you can pair it with a basic t-shirt. Additionally, adding a pair of stockings and ankle boots will help you complete your appearance effortlessly. Since you have added a basic top in your look, you can accessorize it with anything and look beautiful. 

4. Pair it with a half-sweater and a shirt

Another look you can create when wearing a kilt is by pairing it with a half-sweater and a shirt. It can be an ideal appearance for teenagers, college students, and office goers. You can match various colors of sweaters and shirts to get any desired look effortlessly. 

5. Wear it with a cardigan

Do you want a simple and sober look when wearing a kilt? Pair it with a cardigan! It’s the perfect look for women and the ideal appearance for ladies in winter. Try it out yourself! 


Overall, women can wear kilts and look gorgeous. You have learned the ways of styling kilts for ladies. So, get a kilt for yourself and join the fashion revolution.