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How to Import Saree from India?

Import From India

Do you think sarees are popular only in India? Rethink! Saree lovers are everywhere, from Asia to the USA, UK, and Europe. However, they find it challenging to get their hands on indigenous sarees out of the Indian subcontinent. And the situation is somewhat similar for direct customers and saree-business owners. The ultimate solution for […]

How To Remove Oil Stains From Silk Saree? [Step-by-Step Guide]

Oil stains

You can find sarees made of materials like rayon, polyester, georgette, cotton, and a plethora of other fabrics.  Silk sarees are rare today because gathering the material is very labor-intensive and more expensive than other fabrics. If you do own a silk saree, that’s fantastic; but getting oil stains out can be a bit of […]

Choosing Best Silk for your Saree [A Complete Guide]

Best silk for your saree

A silk saree is a superior choice for anyone looking for an outfit that flatters all body types. It’s a beautiful piece of fabric that wraps around your body perfectly and highlights your curves. However, it’s because of this function that getting that perfect silk saree becomes a little complicated. To choose the best silk […]