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Why Do Women’s Shirts Have Such Short Sleeves?

Women wearing shirts with short sleeves

Women’s clothing is significantly different from men’s apparel. We all know it very well. For example, if you observe closely, ladies’ shirts have shorter sleeves than men’s shirts. Have you ever wondered what the reason behind such an inconsistency is? Don’t worry; I will illustrate why do women’s shirts have such short sleeves. Let’s get […]

Reasons Why Women’s Shirts are So Thin

Women with thin shirt

Have you ever noticed the differences between men’s and women’s shirts? Apart from structural variations, the quality of shirt fabrics differs. Women’s shirts are generally thinner than men’s suits. So let’s understand why there’s a disparity in women’s shirts.  Women’s shirts have indeed become ridiculously thinner lately. Let’s understand it in the section below!  Why […]