How to Convert a Saree into a Skirt?

Convert saree into skirt

Do you think sarees to be a conventional attire? Let me tell you that sarees are the most versatile garments. You can craft a wide array of other silhouettes from sarees. Reinventing sarees into something new is in vogue, especially the skirts. But how to convert a saree into a skirt? I am here to discuss all the steps right below. Let’s get started! 

How Do You Make a Skirt Out of an Old Saree? 

Ladies and fashion experts have invented a thousand ways to create a skirt out of a saree. All you need is an old saree and some sewing expertise to create a skirt effortlessly. Below are the steps to transform an old saree into a skirt without difficulties. 

1. Stitching an Umbrella Skirt

Materials Required

  • Saree fabric – 5 meters
  • Lining cloth – 2.5 meters
  • Elastic
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Fabric chalk


  1. Fold the saree into 4 parts. 
  2. Keep the folded part near your left hand and hold the corners. 
  3. Fix a measuring tape on the folded corner and mark 6 inches along the edges. 
  4. Rotate the tape in a curve by keeping the end that is kept on the corner as a pivot. 
  5. Keep marking 6 inches till you reach the other edge. 
  6. Join the points to get a curved line. 
  7. Now, it’s time to get the full length of the skirt. Keep the tape on the folded corner and mark 39.5 inches along the edge. 
  8. Rotate the tape by making the folded corner a pivot and keep marking 45.5 inches till you reach the opposite edge. 
  9. Join all the points to get a curved line. 
  10. Now, cut through all the markings to get the perfect skirt shape. You will get two fabric pieces at this point. 
  11. Let’s shape the lining now. Fold the cloth into two parts to begin. 
  12. Hold one corner of the folded part and bring the other corner on the diagonally opposite end to form a triangle. 
  13. Take one piece of saree fabric and keep it above the lining. 
  14. Keep the saree waist below the triangle’s apex and mark a curve. 
  15. Now, spread the saree fabric and mark 2 inches less than its full length along the edges of the lining. 
  16. Measure the marked length from the apex and keep marking the same throughout the fabric by keeping the corner as a pivot. 
  17. Join all the points to get a curved line. You might require stitching some additional fabric with the lining to get the perfect shape. 
  18. Sew one side of the saree fabric now. 
  19. Take the lining fabric and spread the saree on it. 
  20. Align the folding line of the lining with the stitched edge of the saree. 
  21. Now, stitch the waists of both fabrics. 
  22. Take a long belt made out of the saree fabric of width 5 inches. 
  23. Keep the belt on the waist and sew it with the skirt. 
  24. Reverse everything and join both the belt edges. 
  25. Firstly, stitch the saree fabric. 
  26. Next, stitch the open end of the lining. 
  27. Now, fold the belt by half inches and stitch it. 
  28. Insert the elastic through the belt to make the perfect skirt.
  29. Finally, you might cut out the uneven parts of the saree fabric to get a polished look. 
  30. Also, you can stitch the bottom edge of the lining and pico the saree for a finished appearance. 

2. Stitch a Box-Pleated Skirt

Let’s admit that box-pleated skirts look the best. That’s the reason I find many of you asking “how do you make a pleated skirt from a saree?

Materials Required

  • Saree fabric – 2.5 meter
  • Astar fabric – 1.5 meter
  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric chalk


  1. Take the saree fabric and mark two inches from one corner along the edges. 
  2. Measure 5 inches from the initial point and mark it. 
  3. Now, measure 2 inches from the 5-inch point and mark it. 
  4. Repeat the process till you reach the end of the fabric.
  5. Join the 5-inch points and stitch them. 
  6. Now, open the pleats and stitch across the saree length. 
  7. Make small pleats on the Astar and stitch it with the saree fabric. 
  8. Take a belt made out of saree fabric of width 6 inches. You can take the measurements of your waist to get the perfect length of the belt. 
  9. Stitch the saree fabric and belt along the edges. 
  10. Fold the belt by 1 inch and stitch it to get a tube-like structure. 
  11. Now, fold the skirt and get a zipper. 
  12. Measure the length of the zipper from the belt and mark it on the fabric. 
  13. Fix the chain firmly on the skirt. 
  14. Stitch the open end of the Astar fabric along the edge. 
  15. Finally, stitch the open ends of the saree fabric to get the perfect box-pleated skirt. 

How Can We Convert Saree to Skirt without Cutting?

Do you think stitching a skirt out of a saree means permanently damaging it? Nope! You can make a skirt from a saree without ruining the ensemble. Here is a harmless method for you that does not involve cutting and stitching the saree fabric. Yes, you’ve read it correctly! Below you will find all the details to turn a saree into a skirt without affecting the material. Take a look!

1. Half Skirt

Do you want to create a revealing skirt to wear with pants using a saree? Half-skirt is the answer! Here is everything required to convert a saree into a gorgeous half skirt.

Required Materials

  • A saree
  • Safety pins
  • An elastic belt


  1. Get a beautiful saree and make 5-inch pleats on the edge without falling.
  2. Now, keep the belt on a smooth surface upside down. 
  3. Divide the saree pleats into two halves and separate them.
  4. Next, turn the saree upside down and keep the edge on the belt.
  5. Keep the middle pleat a bit wider to create an effortless box-pleated look.
  6. Now, you need safety pins to attach the saree with the belt. Align the pleats properly and fix the fabric on the belt evenly.
  7. Move your hands across the pleats to adjust them and give them a polished look.
  8. Now, wear the saree using the belt on your waist.
  9. Remember to keep the fabric at the back when wearing to get the perfect half-skirt look.
  10. Now, adjust the pleats by looking into the mirror and ensuring that the pins aren’t visible at all. Your self-made half-skirt is ready!

2.  The Wrap Skirt Look

Required Materials

  • A saree
  • Safety pins
  • An elastic belt


Wrap skirts are trending and give you an elegant look that you were craving for eternity. Here’s how you can create a wrap skirt using a saree.

  1. Take a glamorous elastic belt and spread it on a surface upside down.
  2. Make 5-inch pleats on the saree and divide them into two halves.
  3. Separate the halves and turn the saree upside down to expose the open surface.

Now, attach the saree to the belt using multiple safety pins.

  1. Next, wear the saree as a half-skirt with the back cover using the belt.
  2. Now, take the open end of your saree from the front near your feet and pleat them.
  3. Tuck it under your belt. Repeat the same with the other end.
  4. Now, attach both ends using a safety pin.
  5. Tuck it under the belt or attach it with your top. The wrap-skirt look is ready!

3. The Classic Skirt

The classic skirt will never go out of fashion. So, here is a quick way to turn your saree into a classic skirt in minutes.

  1. Wear the elastic belt on your waist.
  2. Now, take the saree and make 3-4 pleats of 5 inches each. Secure them using a safety pin.
  3. Next, leave a gap of about an inch and make 3-4 pleats again. Secure them using a safety pin.
  4. Follow the same steps till you reach the end of your saree.
  5. Now, tuck the pleats in your belt and evenly spread the saree to create a skirt look.
  6. You can add a designer belt at the waist to create a finished look.
  7. Ensure that you pin up the open sides of your skirt before stepping out. Your classic skirt is ready to slay the streets!

4. The Classic Short Skirt

Enough of discussing long skirts! Now, it’s time to create a glamorous short skirt using a saree. Here are the steps:

  1. Wear the elastic belt on your waist.
  2. Now, horizontally fold the saree in half.
  3. Make around 3-4 pleats on the folded edge of the saree. Secure it with a safety pin.
  4. Leave a gap of about an inch and repeat step 3 till you reach the end of your saree.
  5. Tuck the skirt into your belt and spread the pleats.

Lehengas and skirts are the most popular derivatives of sarees. As you saw, making these garments from sarees is simple. So, what makes you wait? It’s time to recycle! Get an old saree from your wardrobe and create the most fascinating skirt/lehenga now!