How to Convert Saree into Lehenga?

Saree and Lehenga

Sarees are the most versatile wear. You can pair them with numerous accessories, blouses, jackets, and what not. Besides, you can also carry out different draping styles to create a unique appearance in the crowd. Surprisingly, you can convert a saree into a graceful lehenga to access an out-of-the-box look. Are you wondering about the ways to make a lehenga out of a saree? Don’t worry; I am here to discuss the methods to transform a saree into a lehenga. Let’s dive in!

You can convert a saree into a graceful lehenga by draping it differently and accessorizing the ensemble with a gorgeous dupatta. Also, you can take the saree fabric and permanently turn it into a lehenga by stitching the garment effortlessly.

How to Convert Saree into Lehenga?

As you already know that you can convert a saree into a lehenga, it’s time to do the hard work. You require some sewing and stitching experience to craft an elegant lehenga from an old saree. It can be the best way to reuse your saree and produce something new and entirely different. 

Before going to the process, let’s take a look at the materials required to transform a saree into a lehenga.

  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Fabric Chalk
  • A Sewing Machine
  • Any Saree
  • Some Decorative Accessories (Optional)

Once you have all the above materials, you are all set to sew a lehenga out of a saree. Now, let’s move towards learning the stitching process. 


Making the Astar

  1. Cut the fabric to get an Astar of 2 meters for your lehenga.
  2. Now fold the Astar in half and turn the folded portion towards yourself.
  3. Now, you require making a triangle out of the fabric for further steps. So, hold one end of the folded portion and keep the other end on the diagonally opposite side of the Astar to form a triangle.
  4. Next, turn the fabric upside down.
  5. We will take all the measurements from the apex of the triangle. So, measure 8.5 inches from the top and make a curve marking.
  6. Now, place the measuring tape on the apex and mark 37 inches along the fabric edge. 
  7. Keeping the apex as a pivot, rotate the tape in a circle about 3 inches ahead of the initial point to measure 45 inches and mark the fabric. Repeat the process till you finish marking the entire fabric. Finally, join all the points to get a curved line on your fabric.
  8. Now, cut the fabric according to the guideline that we made earlier.
  9. Take some extra fabric and stitch it with the initial one in case some material seems missing. 
  10. Now, your Astar is ready and it’s time to take up the saree.

Cutting and Stitching the Saree

  1. Take about 2 meters of the saree and fold it in half.
  2. Make a triangular shape by holding one end of the folded part and keeping the other end on the diagonally opposite part of the saree. This step is similar to what we did above with the Astar.
  3. Now, keep the Astar on the saree and mark a curved line on it 2 inches below the Astar.
  4. Next, cut the Astar and the saree on the 8.5-inch mark to get the perfect lehenga shape.
  5. You can keep the Astar aside and open the saree to check its Ghera.
  6. You can fit various laces, sequined strips, etc. on the saree at this point if required.
  7. Make curved lines separated by about 4 inches as guides to stitch the laces.
  8. Now, sew the laces and strips according to the guidelines drawn earlier. You can choose a heavy lace for the bottom of your lehenga.
  9. Next, join the Astar and the saree by stitching them near the waist.
  10. You require a belt of around 5 inches, made out of the saree. Now, fold the belt one inch from all the sides and sew it.
  11. Next, sew the belt around the lehenga waist to create a polished look.
  12. Now, fold the belt for half an inch to create a tube-like structure on the waist.
  13. It’s time to stitch the remaining side of the lehenga. Take the open side of your lehenga and separately sew the Astar. You will get a skirt-like appearance in the Astar.
  14. Finally, you can stitch the saree and completely stitch your lehenga.
  15. You can pass a Dori through the waist tube to give the final touch to your lehenga.

Woohoo! You just made a lehenga out of your saree. So, these were the steps to stitch your saree and create a lehenga at home. Now, let’s look at some other ways to transform a saree into a lehenga.

How Can We Convert Saree to Lehenga without Cutting?

Some of you might think that stitching a lehenga out of a saree implies permanently damaging it. I completely understand your concern and bring a “harmless” method before you. Did you know that you can drape a saree as a lehenga without cutting the fabric? Yes, you’ve read it correctly! Below you will find all the details to turn a saree into a lehenga without stitching and cutting. Take a look!

1. Fusion Game

Required Materials

  • Two  different sarees
  • Blouse
  • Can-can skirt


  1. Wear the blouse and the skirt before draping your saree as a lehenga.
  2. Now, take one of the sarees and tuck an end into the skirt. 
  3. Make one-inch pleats in your saree and tuck them into the skirt around the waist. This will make the lehenga for you.
  4. Next, you require another saree to create the dupatta. All you need is to take the pallu and make neat pleats.
  5. Place the pallu on your shoulder, secure it with a safety pin, and adjust the length.
  6. Now, move your hands along the length of the saree to cross your bust and reach the midrib.
  7. Let some fabric hang out freely.
  8. Take the other end of the saree and make neat pleats. Tuck them in the middle of your back.
  9. Now, make wide pleats using the remaining saree and tuck in the waist.
  10. Accessorize the look and complete your lehenga ensemble in the blink of an eye.

2.  The Classic Lehenga

You can create the classic lehenga with one saree only. Here is how you can do so.

  1. You require a designer saree with monochrome shade to slay the classic lehenga look.
  2. Wear a can-can skirt and a blouse before draping the saree.
  3. Take the saree and tuck one end into the skirt below your navel.
  4. Keep tucking the saree till you make a full circle around your waist.
  5. Now, pick more fabric and make a pleat of about two inches. Tuck it into the skirt.
  6. Keep making more pleats and tucking them in the skirt till you make another circle around your waist.
  7. Finally, take the pallu and bring it to the front.
  8. Now, keep the loose end on your left shoulder and make neat pleats.
  9. Pin the pallu and secure it.
  10. Now, take the untucked fabric near your waist and bring it to the front to showcase the border. Your classic lehenga is ready to dazzle on the streets.

3. The Contemporary Lehenga

Are you tired of wearing lehengas conventionally? Let me share an all-new way of draping sarees to create a unique lehenga look. Here are the steps.

  1. You require to take your favorite silk saree out of the wardrobe.
  2. Wear a blouse and can-can skirt before draping the saree as a lehenga.
  3. Now, tuck one end of the silk saree in the skirt and keep doing the same till you make a circle around your waist.
  4. Make small pleats of about two inches using the saree and tuck them into the skirt to complete one revolution around the waist.
  5. Keep some fabric unattended near the pallu.
  6. Make neat pleats using the remaining fabric and tuck them in the skirt near the opposite side of your waist. Your unique and contemporary lehenga is ready. Furthermore, you can pair a gorgeous brocade dupatta to finish the ensemble.

How Much Fabric Do I Need for a Lehenga?

Now that you have read about converting a saree into a lehenga, you might be willing to know the amount of fabric required to do so.

Honestly, the length of the fabric for the lehenga depends on the Gher and the number of pleats you wish to have in the ensemble. You need more fabric for a larger Gher and more pleats. Also, the fabric length depends on your physical stature.

Ideally, you can choose a fabric of around 4 meters to create a lehenga if you are slim. In contrast, you can take 5 meters of fabric to design a lehenga for a healthy lady. Besides, you can add more meters according to the flow and number of pleats you desire to have in the lehenga.

The festive season is knocking at our doors. It’s the best time to get creative and transform your saree into a gorgeous lehenga to slay at all functions. Now that you have the best answer to “how can I make my own lehenga?“, you are all set to glow up for all seasons.