Difference Between Lehenga and Crop Top

Lehenga vs Croptop

Let’s admit it, lehengas are quintessential necessities for Indian functions. Similarly, crop tops have become a necessary inclusion in modern women’s wardrobes. But, hang on! Do you find lehenga and crop tops to be similar? Well, they are not! Below, I will share a few differences between a lehenga and a crop top for you to get a clearer picture. Keep reading! 

The difference between a lehenga and a crop top is that Lehengas are Indian wear and ideal for wearing at traditional events. However, crop tops are Western ensembles. Women carry them as casual wear with skirts and pants in outings, parties, and gatherings with friends. 

What Exactly is a Lehenga? 

Before we dive into our mainframe discussion, here’s a brief explanation of the meaning of lehenga. 

What’s a lehenga, after all? Essentially, it’s a festive attire worn by Indian women across the subcontinent. Many brides wear gorgeous lehengas at their weddings, especially on Punjabi nuptials. It is a three-piece costume having long skirt-like bottom wear, a choli or blouse, and a dupatta. 

Now that I have introduced you to lehenga, it’s time to understand the meaning of crop tops. 

What are Crop Tops? 

You might have heard about crop tops a lot lately. These are fashion essentials for every woman belonging to any age group. 

But, what are crop tops? These are Western tops having a somewhat smaller length. Generally, it exposes the navel, back, and waist when worn correctly. Ladieswear crop tops with pants, jeans, and skirts mostly. Also, these make the perfect fusion dresses with Indian wears, which I will discuss at the end of this article. 

Major Difference Between Lehenga and Crop Top

Many women get confused about lehenga and crop tops. Before you try them on you, it’s time to clear the difference between lehengas and crop tops. So, here’s the major difference between these costumes. 

Lehengas are bottom wear whereas women carry crop tops to cover their torso, that is the upper part of their bodies. 

Besides, more points distinguish lehengas from crop tops. Let’s discuss all of them right below. 

8 Differences Between Lehengas and Crop Tops

Lehengas and crop tops are in vogue worldwide. These are a must-have in everyone’s closet as they are ever-green and ideal for all occasions. 

Are you wondering what are the differences between a lehenga and a crop top? You have visited the best place! Here I will discuss eight brilliant points to separate lehengas from crop tops. Stay tuned! 

1. They have different origins

When it comes to differentiating lehengas and crop tops, their origins come first. Lehengas and crop tops have different roots. While lehengas are Indian dresses, crop tops are entirely Western. 

Although they are highly popular worldwide, lehengas originated in India. Furthermore, they were shaped by Mughals and Rajputs. In contrast, stylists derived crop tops from Western blouses. 

2. They have different counterparts

Crop tops are incomplete without a bottom-wear like pants and skirts. You cannot carry them without considering how to cover the lower body. Ideally, it’s a two-piece attire. 

However, lehengas are incomplete without a blouse and dupatta. You must carry the three entities together regardless of the type of occasion you’ll be attending. Indeed, it’s a three-piece costume. 

3. They can be accessorized differently

Since lehengas are Indian dresses, ladies carry traditional jewelry like gold, silver, Kundan, etc. I feel modern jewelry ruins the show when carrying it with lehengas. Naths, bangles, necklaces, and heavy danglers – all these accessories go well with lehengas

However, you can easily carry modern accessories with crop tops. Also, you can experiment with their looks. Sometimes, oxidized and Afghani jewelry go well with such upper wears as well. 

4. Lehengas have massive availability in India

Unlike Western wear, Lehengas have massive availability in India. You can find thousands of unique lehengas in every Indian market at different price points. Also, many garment stores deal only in lehengas and house different costumes for every occasion. 

However, you will not find such a massive range of crop tops in Indian stores. These are available in exclusive stores and branded outlets only. Also, you can find them in some Indian markets like Sarojini Nagar, Delhi. 

5. Lehengas are more popular among Indian ladies

Indian ladies prefer wearing lehengas over crop tops on traditional occasions. As lehengas remain widely available in the Indian subcontinent, women love carrying unique pieces at almost all events.

Crop tops are not so popular as lehengas in India. Although modern women love to carry them on outings and parties, they are an unfavorable option for Indian ceremonies. 

6. Crop tops have better global influence

Crop tops became highly popular across boundaries since their inception. They traveled to different countries and became a popular fashion choice among women worldwide. 

Unlike crop tops, lehengas are not so popular among women worldwide. They have much wider acceptance among Indian communities settled anywhere in the world. 

7. Lehengas are more traditional

Ever wondered why lehengas are a popular choice among women for cultural ceremonies? It’s because lehengas are traditional ensembles. These are modest costumes worn by all Indian women. 

However, crop tops are not traditional costumes in any culture. They are modified dresses worn by modern women, primarily in Western countries. 

8. Lehengas are costlier

Undoubtedly, lehengas are far more costly than crop tops. You will have to spend lakhs to buy designer lehengas, especially the bridal wear ones. However, crop tops aren’t so expensive. So, they are a better alternative for casual outings. 

What are Lehenga-Crop Tops?

As the name suggests, it is fusion wear having Indo-Western roots. Women love carrying lehengas to different occasions with a small twist. They wear crop tops with lehengas in place of cholis. The entire ensemble looks gorgeous when paired with modern, funky, or oxidized jewelry. 

Be it lehenga or crop tops: women have their hearts with these ensembles. Although they have multiple differences between them, lehenga and crop tops make anyone appear more beautiful. 

Now, you know the difference between lehengas and crop tops. So, carry them out on different occasions, or try out the fusion dress now!