What is the Difference Between Lehenga and Lancha?

Lehenga vs Lancha

Let’s admit that lehengas have become the national costume for all festivals among ladies. So, buying them is in vogue these days. You will often come across two terms, lehenga and lancha, when shopping for them from any store. You might be wondering about the difference between the two terms. I’ll discuss the comparison between lancha and lehenga in the following article. Keep reading! 

Typically, a lancha has a small crop top-like choli. In contrast, lanchas have long kurtis as the blouses. That’s the major difference between Lehenga and Lancha.

What is Lehenga? 

Before jumping into the comparison, let me introduce you to the contenders, beginning with lehenga. 

So, what is a lehenga?

Lehenga is a three-piece Indian ethnic costume. It is an Indian version of ankle-length skirt and comes in different fabrics. Among the three pieces, you will get a long skirt, a blouse or choli, and a scarf or dupatta. 

Lehengas are highly popular across all states in India. However, they have a massive popularity in Punjab. You can find numerous ladies wearing Punjabi lehengas during various events nowadays. 

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Now that you know about lehenga, let’s move on to lancha right below. 

What is Lancha? 

It’s time to understand the meaning of a Lancha dress. Here’s a quick introduction to Lacha! 

So, what do you mean by a Lancha dress? 

A lancha is much like a lehenga. It is a three-piece attire and suitable for carrying in various functions. The traditional lachas comprise a flared long skirt, a long blouse, and a dupatta. 

Although it sounds similar to lehengas, you can find minor differences between the two. So, let’s move on to our ultimate comparison. 

10 Differences Between a Lehenga and Lancha

Lehengas and lanchas are the latest buzz among all ladies in India. They have taken over the fashion industry and everyone wants to wear them. These costumes have some differences between them that you should know before shopping for any of them. 

I’ll reveal ten significant points of comparison between a lehenga and lancha right below. Keep reading! 

1. Lancha and Lehenga have structural differences

A lancha and lehenga might appear similar to you. However, you can easily spot various differences between their structures if you take a closer look into the costumes. 

As you already know, a lehenga dress comprises a long skirt, a blouse, and a heavy dupatta. The blouses in such a costume have smaller lengths and cover the bust while keeping the belly area and back revealed. 

However, the structure of cholis in lancha dresses are different. Often, these garments have longer cholis resembling a kurti. These blouses cover the back and stomach area of the wearer. Also, they might extend to the things or calves for better coverage. 

2. They have different traditional wearers

Apart from structural differences, a lancha and lehenga have different traditional wearers. Typically, all women within and outside of Punjab love to carry lehengas on different occasions. Honestly, lehengas have a massive acceptance among all women regardless of their religion and caste. 

In contrast, lancha dresses have massive popularity among Punjabis and Muslims. Although it’s a common attire during fashion shows and advertisements, you cannot find many ladies carrying a lancha on their wedding. 

3. Lehengas are more popular

Lehengas are all the rage these days. Brides, bridesmaid, and guests – everyone loves to wear a lehenga during all occasions. 

However, lanchas are a bit less popular than lehengas. You cannot find many ladies wearing a lancha unless they wish to create an out-of-the-box yet traditional appearance. 

4. Lanchas are more traditional

Do you know? Lanchas are more traditional than lehengas. Although lanchas have less popularity, they resemble the ancient culture more strongly than other costumes. 

Lehengas are traditional too. But, they are a new-age ensemble when compared with lanchas. So, ladies prefer wearing lanchas if they wish to give a traditional touch to their lehengas at any event. 

5. Lehengas are more revealing

As I discussed earlier, lehengas have a small choli resembling a crop top. These blouses reveal your stomach, waist, and back when worn perfectly. Also, they accentuate your curves for an enhanced appeal. Indeed, lehengas are highly revealing. 

Lanchas have a long kurti as a part of the ensemble. So, it keeps the back, stomach, and waist fully covered. 

6. Lehengas are widely available

Lehengas remain widely available in all garment shops – big or small. You can find different designs and colors in a lehenga when shopping for them in the market. 

However, lanchas are not easily available in all shops. Since they are not very popular, you won’t find them everywhere. 

7. Lanchas have heavier Dupattas

Lanchas are traditional attire worn primarily by Punjabi and Muslim brides on special occasions like their weddings. So, these costumes come with heavy and embellished dupattas for the best appeal. 

Although lehengas comprise gorgeous dupattas, they are not as heavy as the ones available with lanchas. 

8. Lehengas Have Better Global Influence

Lehengas have won everyone’s heart within and outside India. It experienced massive customizations and modifications as it traveled to different countries and became the best attires for all ladies worldwide. 

Lanchas did not travel as much as lehengas. So, they have a limited global influence. 

9. Lanchas and Lehengas are Differently Accessorized

Since these are ethnic outfits, accessorizing a lehenga and a lancha is a must. 

Women accessorize lehengas with different types of jewelry from traditional to modern. However, they prefer conventional gold and silver jewelry to adorn their valuable lanchas. 

10. Lanchas are More Costly

The average cost to buy bridal lehengas can be INR 50,000. However, the lanchas are more costly due to heavy designs and long kurtis. 

Designs of Lehengas and Lanchas

Lanchas look more royal than lehengas. They have more exquisite designs than lehengas with intricate detailing, embroideries, and sequin work. 

Although lehengas have detailed Kaarigari, they are not as heavy as Lanchas. Designer lehengas are more common for the brides.

Lehengas and lanchas are ruling the world. Everyone seems to be wearing them and turning all heads on their way. Do you want to carry the legacies in functions? Shop for them now!