Difference Between Lehenga and Skirt

Lehenga vs Skirt

Who doesn’t love to wear flared dresses and appear like a princess? I’m sure, there is no one. When it comes to flowy ensembles, two attires win our hearts: lehengas and skirts. Do you feel that the lehenga and skirt are the same? No, they aren’t! Below I will reveal all differences between a lehenga and a skirt. Stay tuned! 

What are the differences between a lehenga and a skirt? Typically, a skirt is Western wear but lehengas are Indian. A skirt is a two-piece attire. In contrast, a lehenga is a three-piece costume having a lower dress, a choli, and a dupatta. 

What is Lehenga? 

Before we go anywhere, let me introduce you to both the contenders in our discussion. Let’s begin with the lehenga! 

So, what is a lehenga, after all? 

Lehenga is an Indian ensemble. It is a three-piece costume and tends to reveal the belly, waist, and back. A typical lehenga set includes a long skirt-like silhouette, a choli, and a heavy dupatta. 

Now that you know something about lehenga, it’s time to move on to the next contender. 

What is a Skirt?

A skirt is a loosely fitting garment worn from the waist and extends to the knees or ankles. It is a flared garment with elastic or drawstring near the waist. 

Generally, women wear skirts with a top and might carry a scarf for additional appeal. Earlier, men and women used to wear skirts even during the ancient civilizations. 

Moving on, let’s look at the differences between a lehenga and a skirt. 

Major Difference Between Lehenga and Skirt

Before we compare the subtle aspects of lehenga and skirt, let’s understand the major difference separately. 

Lehenga is Indian wear. You can find references to Lehengas in manuscripts created during Mughal and Rajput eras. 

In contrast, skirts are Western attires. Although experts have figured out references to skirts during early civilization, they are primarily Western and became increasingly popular during Victorian culture. 

With the above difference in mind, you are all set to discuss more subtle points right below. Keep reading! 

10 Differences Between Lehenga and Skirt

After reading the first difference between a lehenga and a skirt, you are all set to dive into more points. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started! 

1. Lehengas and Skirts Have Structural Differences

Lehengas are three-piece costumes. It comprises a long silhouette worn from the waist and extending to the ankles, a choli or blouse, and a dupatta. 

In contrast, skirts are two-piece attires generally. They include a loosely fitting silhouette tapered at the waist and free near the ankles, and a top. 

2. They have design differences

Since lehengas are Indian, they have traditional designs like Bandhani, Kalamkari, embroideries, and floral motifs. Besides, they might have rich sequin work for additional appeal. 

However, a skirt is a Western garment. So, their designs vary from lehengas. Ancient skirts were mostly plain. But, modern skirts have prints and geometric designs. 

3. They are accessorized differently

Women accessorize lehengas and skirts differently. Lehengas look perfect with traditional gold and silver jewelry. Indian ladies carry bangles, Jhumkas, necklaces, Maang Tikas, and Naths. 

Skirts do not fit in with such accessories. They look the best with minimal jewelry like a chain with a pendant, small danglers, and a bracelet. 

4. They can be worn at different places

Indian lehenga can be worn at different places based on their purposes. Lehengas are Indian and look perfect in all cultural functions like weddings and other traditional ceremonies in the subcontinent. 

In contrast, you can carry a skirt on occasions like gatherings with friends and informal parties. However, you can carry a long skirt in Indian celebrations as well provided it is decent and extravagant. 

5. Lehengas are more popular in India

Being an Indian ensemble, lehengas have massive popularity in the subcontinent. From weddings to cultural celebrations, ladies love to carry gorgeous lehengas. So, they are highly popular in India. 

Many women in India wear skirts on different occasions. But, they are less popular than lehenga in the subcontinent. 

6. They have different availability in India

Lehengas remain widely available in all garment shops in India. You can find a massive stock of these costumes in Indian markets. I often get overwhelmed with the lehenga ranges available in India. 

However, skirts do not have such availability. You can find them in specific Western wear stores and branded outlets in India. Even then, the range is limited for skirts. 

7. Skirts have better global influence

Lehengas are not as popular as they are within India. You can find them in foreign regions where the Indian population is comparatively larger particularly USA.

Things are a bit different for skirts. Believe it or not, skirts have a global influence. They are a buzz among women all around the world from the USA to Europe and Asia. 

8. Lehengas have heavier dupattas

Although women carry scarves with skirts, it is an optional addition to the costume. However, carrying dupattas with lehengas is compulsory. 

The dupattas that Indian women carry with lehengas are heavy and intricately designed. In contrast, the scarves for skirts are comparatively simpler. 

9. Lehengas are more revealing than skirts

You already know that lehengas are three-piece costumes. The choli and lehenga remain some inches apart revealing the belly, waist, and back. 

It’s not always the case with skirts. Generally, women carry covered tops with skirts that do not expose skin. However, modern women do carry crop tops and bralettes that reveal the torso. But, wearing them with skirts is not mandatory. 

10. Lehengas are costlier than skirts

Undoubtedly, lehengas are heavier and have exquisite handwork. So, they are costlier than skirts. 

What is a Lehenga-Skirt? 

Do you know? A blend of lehenga and skirt is known as a lehenga skirt. It’s neither Indian nor Western. In fact, lehenga skirts are a modern concept. They are fit for Indian functions but have modern designs like skirts. 

Lehengas and skirts are the best attires that you can get for women. Although they have some differences, they are worth trying out. Depending on the occasion, try them out now!