14 Style Ideas for Diwali

How do you style for Diwali

Diwali, the auspicious occasion of lights and glitter, needs to be celebrated rightly while endowing a sparkle in your wardrobe. The festival of Diwali brings joy and blessings. And thus, it is a great time to dazzle out with your stylings and outfits. But how do you style for Diwali? Well, that may be a real concern for you if you have not yet decided anything about your outfit. But don’t worry, in this article, I will give you 14 trendy style ideas for Diwali.

Diwali styling always needs to be glamorous and complementary to the grace and sparkle of the festival. The effortless styling for Diwali should be the one that lets you enjoy the daytime events with brightness and soulfully merge with the flamboyance of the lit evening. Also, if you want to know how do you style for Diwali safely, pick a comfortable non-inflammable attire that lets you enjoy the different traditional activities like lamp lighting and playing with fireworks with ensured safety.

How Do You Style for Diwali Events to Bring Out Your Inner Diva in This Occasion of Lights?

From your home to your closet, Diwali sparkles up your life entirely, which epitomizes this festival’s ultimate beauty. Every occasion’s vibrancy needs to be flaunted in a gorgeous way to enjoy this festivity’s magic.

Thus, your outfits for all the events and occasions of Diwali need to be unique and charming to bring out your inner fashionista.

So how do you style for Diwali? Here are few style tips:

1. Color That Complements the Flamboyance of the Diwali Sparkle and Lets You Stay Safe

Diwali, the auspicious festival of lights, needs to be celebrated most gorgeously. A minimal yet embellished look will bring out your inner charm. So, what about wearing an elegant saree? Opt for a saree with a slightly shiny texture that offers a nice glow and suits perfectly with the occasion of light. Sarees like Tussar silk, Kanjivaram silk, Pattu silk, and Chanderi in dark and vibrant colors are going to look great for Diwali.

Maroon, red, dark pink, magenta, orange, and yellow-hued sarees with minimal zari work will be perfect for your Diwali occasions. These colors will gorgeously blend with lights and look more stunning when you pair them with minimal golden jewelry and bright make-up.

Besides, make sure to wrap the pallu around your shoulder and hands to keep you warm and safe in the breezy night while lighting lamps.

2.  Dazzle in a Salwar Suit on the Day of Dhanteras

It is the very first day of Diwali, dedicated to the Goddess of wealth, Goddess Laxmi. And on this auspicious day, you’ll go shopping to buy gold and silver. So, you must wear gorgeous bright colored ethnic wear with minimal Zari work so that your look will symbolize power and invite wealth and wellness.

Wear an embroidered salwar suit with proper make-up so that you can stand out from the shopping crowd. A salwar suit will let you create a typical North-Indian styling that looks traditional and pretty.

Also, the outfit nicely complements your body shape, giving you a captivating look. Pick any bright-colored salwar with Zari embroidered borders and edges to complement the lit atmosphere.

3. Stay Comfortable with a Kurti Palazzo Set While Celebrating Your Choti Diwali Moments

A Diwali function is incomplete without the celebration of Choti Diwali. These days of festivities are full of fun and enjoyment; thus, you should not miss a chance to look gorgeous and charming with your style.

For doing the preparations for Choti Diwali, your attire needs to be lightweight and comfortable. Thus, a Kurti palazzo set, along with an embroidered dupatta for the day, will be amazing. Palazzos are the best mixture of style and comfort; hence, it gives your legs a lot of space to breathe.

While making the arrangements for Badi Diwali, Choti Diwali needs to be comfy and full of fun. So, pick any Palazzo salwar set with classy embellishment and a lot of gorgeous colors to ace styling for your Diwali days.

4. A Pretty Lehenga to Do Your Home’s Decoration on the Day of Diwali

Lehenga is the ultimate charmer when it comes to adding vibrancy and elegance to your look. For any occasion, a lehenga fits you perfectly, and Diwali is not an exception. Diwali means decorating your home with rangoli and diyas. So, why not add your style to it?

Pick a bright and light lehenga for this occasion, and let your inner diva come out in elegance. A flared lehenga with minimal Zari work and lots of colors is going to look stunning for the evening.

Lehenga is relatively easy to carry for those ladies who work throughout the Diwali evening for decorating the home and attending guests. The flare volume of the lehenga will let you swirl in style and do all the work in your home. Pick one, which is effortless in style and lets you enjoy the decoration sessions while rendering you picture-perfect vibes.

5. Pick a graceful Saree for the Laxmi Puja Ritual

Are you thinking of what dress to wear for the Laxmi puja on the grand day of Diwali? It is the time when you will seek blessings with your family from Goddess Laxmi and perform arati and other rituals. Thus, your outfit for the puja needs to be effortless yet gorgeous. And what else other than bright red type sarees for this occasion which is almost standard for women. This is the day we even dress Goddess in a saree.

6. Anarkalis for Diwali Evenings for Your Easy Movement While Having Fun Chit-Chats

The bubbly yet traditional vibe in your charm is easy to flaunt with proper style while wearing an Anarkali suit on Diwali eve. For relaxed moments with your family and easy chit chats with your friends and cousin, a flared Anarkali Kurti will be the real charmer.

You can pick a plain cotton Anarkali Kurti and pair it with palazzos or cigarette trousers to stay energetic and comfortable for the entire day. Pick colors like the vibrant, shiny yellow, ravishing orange, calm Pista green, pretty pink, and many more that go perfectly in sync with the lights and glow of Diwali.

To add more ornamentation to your dress, you can wear Jhumkis, Juttis, or other ethnic accessories to make your look more intense and pretty for a happy Diwali.

7. Family Look with Saree for the Evening

Nothing can beat the flamboyance of an Indian traditional saree when you want to enjoy quality family time. Pick a saree that is vibrant in color and lets you look great.

If you host many guests at your place during Diwali or think of going out with your family to enjoy a happy family moment, a saree will be best for you. You can wear embroidered designer sarees with embellished borders to take an absolute diva look on the day.

Also, do not forget to wear lustrous heavy jewelry like a Kundan set, heavy necklace, Chandbali earring, and heavy bangles to bring out your inner charm in the classiest way.

8. Go for Indo-Western with Ethnic Jumpsuits While Bursting Firecrackers

Now when it comes to bursting firecrackers, you need to wear pure cotton clothing to ensure safety. But at the same time, you need to make sure that you do not compromise with your fashion. So, this is where an Indo-western outfit comes to your great help!

A simple yet classy jumpsuit will be an excellent choice for the fire-cracking event. Trust me; nothing can beat the exquisite charm and comfort of a cotton jumpsuit. This outfit will not only make you look great but also facilitate easy movement while bursting crackers.

So, pick a jumpsuit of warm colors like red, blue, or green to complement the bright lights. Also, do not forget to accentuate the jumpsuit with sandals or sneakers. You may add minimal jewelry to make your look more graceful.

9. Pick a Floral Print Saree for a Relaxed Diwali Evening Post Fire-cracking

Whether you want to create a casual styling or stunning look for the evening of Diwali, a floral print design will never go out of style. To look gorgeous during a relaxed evening after the fire-cracking event, a floral printed cotton saree will simply rock the moments.

Whether you pose for random photo sessions or go out on the eve with your family or friends, a floral saree will make you look stunning, bringing out the ultimate of your charm in the warm lighting set-up. To add more accentuation to your saree look, you can also wear off-beat designer blouses to bring out a mix and match fashion statement on the festival of Diwali.

10. Go for an Experimental Styling with a Ruffle Saree for Diwali Dinners

Do you love to experiment with your styling? Then look like an absolute diva by draping a light ruffle saree for the Diwali night. Your gorgeous designer ruffle saree is comfy enough, allowing you to easily flex in it while serving dinner to your guests and enjoying the best of your time.

Pick bright colors like peach, pink, cherry, and champagne, which perfectly blend with the Diwali party’s mood lighting. Let every bit of your outfit celebrate the mood and festivity of this bright occasion. Moreover, you can wear a choker or a heavy necklace, along with the saree to make it look like an utter charm.

11. Pick a Pre-Stitched Saree for Attending a Glamorous Diwali Party as a Guest

You might undoubtedly have a long list of invitations for Diwali parties in your bucket. So, are you not sure about how do you style for Diwali for attending these parties? Well, simply go and pick a gorgeous saree. But add a bit of a twist to it!

Opt for a pre-stitched saree that is very easy to drape around and comes with an exquisite pattern and styling. It lets you have an effortless dressing when you are rushing towards the party for the evening.

Also, do not forget to experiment with colors like red, ivory, baby pink, and pastel blue to look gorgeous, along with stunning and bright make-up. And do you know what the best thing about a pre-stitched saree is? You can easily flex and dance at the party without any worries of the draping getting loose.

12. Palazzo with Crop-Top is Best for Attending Office Parties on Diwali

Is your office throwing a party for celebrating Diwali? Well, then it is going to be a fashion parade that you can’t miss. To become the show stunner with your off-beat styling, you can pick a palazzo and ditch the Kurti with a crop top.

A flared palazzo with an embellished sleeveless crop top will look out-of-the-box yet utterly gorgeous. For casual and bright party vibes in the evening with a bright lighting atmosphere, an Indo-western dress like this combo will be the ultimate charmer of the day. Hence, never leave a single chance to stay in style, especially during the festivities.

13. Look Like a Diva in an Ethnic Gown for Bestu Varas, the Day After Diwali

It is the day to relax after the long tiresome days of Diwali. Particularly on this day, relatives and friends may visit your home to offer blessings and wishes. So, wear lightweight pastel-hued ethnic wear, which is highly breathable and easy to carry. Thus, a simple and traditional maxi dress or long gown would be perfect for this occasion. With an ethnic touch, such gowns add a soft and pretty charm to your look.

Also, these gowns are easy and comfy to wear, so you can easily flex in them while serving your guests and enjoying the best of your festive days.

To make your look more pleasant, you can wear minimal jewelry pieces with the ethnic gown and apply light make-up.

14. Look Easy in a Trendy Ethnic Skirt to Celebrate Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj is the most special day for a sister to celebrate the brother-sister bond. And with this day, you get another reason to get decked up and look your best. However, as Bhai Dooj involves many rituals, which require a lot of arrangements, you must wear light yet elegant attire that will give you enhanced comfort and a stunning look. So, a light designer ethnic skirt-top combo would be the apt choice for the day.

The maxi skirts are quite a in trend now; hence, you should not miss the chance to dazzle in them. You can pick a multi-layered long skirt for comfortably doing all the preparations for the Bhai Dooj puja. A flared skirt will make you feel free and cozy enough.

Opt for a skirt with a glowy look and pair it with a shimmery or embellished crop top to look glamorous. Also, don’t forget to add some gorgeous jewelry to create a trendy style statement for the day. Thus, along with your pretty outlook, capture many happy brother-sister moments on this day, which you can treasure for life.

Don’ts for Diwali Day in Terms of Fashion and Styling

Well, now that you have a distinct idea of what to wear and how do you style for Diwali, there are some things that you must know so that you do not step into any wrong styling and become a fashion disaster.

So, here is what you should not do while styling for Diwali.

  • It’s better not to wear western dresses on Diwali. It is an ancient traditional festival of India where Laxmi puja is also performed. And you cannot enjoy the real vibe of a traditional function without wearing an ethnic dress. So, do not spend on western dresses for Diwali.
  • Ditch short dresses to wear on a Diwali night. I understand short dresses are incredibly comfortable, but for an Indian festival like Diwali, it is a big NO! Try to put on fully covered nice Indian ethnic wears, which will make you look more beautiful. Also, it lets you feel special and gel well with the festive vibe and mood of Diwali.
  • Do not wear too heavy an outfit. For Diwali, pick a dress that lets you stay active and also gorgeous. Too weighty dresses with heavy embroidery work will make you feel uncomfortable while walking, arranging for the puja, bursting crackers, and attending to the guests. And this will entirely ruin your style and confidence.
  • Do not wear too pale dresses or daily casual wear, as it will make you look too ordinary for the brightly lit night. Look for attires and colors that perfectly complement Diwali lighting and its shimmery ambiance.
  • Do not wear too long and flowy dresses. Well, as Diwali involves the bursting of firecrackers, such dresses can easily catch fire, putting your life at risk. Also, it will make your walks difficult; you might even stumble upon the Rangoli or diyas in front of your guests, which makes it embarrassing and ruin your festive mood.

Bottom Line

Diwali is all about celebrating light and glamor in the air. Thus, the dressing for your Diwali needs to be gorgeous and comfortable so that you can participate in all fun associated with the occasion and, also, look like a show-stunner in the shimmery ambiance.

I hope the top 14 styles mentioned above will make each day of the festival worth cherishing.

“Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it.” – Diane von Furstenberg.