Do Women’s Jeans have pockets in them?

Women Jeans with Pockets

Jeans are one of the most demanded, loved, and present fashion garments in women’s closets. Every woman owns at least one pair of jeans. A good pair of jeans can last a long time. When it comes to fashion styling, it can simply be paired with almost everything. However, one thing that has been raising questions lately is the pockets. Do women’s jeans have pockets in them? If so, what size?

Women’s jeans have pockets in them but in general, the size of pockets would be much smaller and narrower than that of men’s. Modern Jeans are coming with other varieties too. Some do not have pockets, some have larger pockets for latest wallets and devices. Women also wear Men’s Jeans.

Well, the pockets for women have been a conflicting topic. The pockets are definitely useful, but, as part of the women’s fashion garment, they have a long history of changes. It goes way back in the past.

History and Evolution on presence of pockets in women’s fashion

Let us look at the entire history and evolution of pockets in women’s fashion and Jeans in particular.

No pockets on women clothes in Victorian Era

The lack of these functional additions has a long history that is connected with sexism. During the time of the Victorian era, women’s clothes did not have pockets, which was not the case with men’s fashion garments. The pockets for men were sewn into the pants, just as they are today. For the women, it was a different story. Back then, they were not considered pockets, but more like satchels that are hanging by a thread and tied around the waist.

Purse acted as pocket for women in 1800s

In the 1800s, fashion perception and fashion itself changed. The fluffy dresses became sleeker. They would provide a look that would flatter and hug the figure like the Grecian gowns.

That was the time that the purse made an entry on the fashion scene and has its grand appearance. The purses then were different, but with one big disadvantage – they were too small. Those who had big bags were the working women.

Pants were worn in 1900s but without pockets

However, things started to change when women started to wear pants. Back then, the pants were designed so that they would be worn by men and had pockets. But, for the female body, the pockets were too masculine and did not flatter the look or the women’s figure. But, no matter the functionality they had, with the change in fashion, the pockets were cut out from the women’s pants. So, those women who wanted to wear pants would have worn them without pockets.

The main reason for removing the pockets from women’s pants was that anything put into the pockets would ruin the good look and the appearance of the female body, making her look unappealing and bulky. From then onwards, the fashion just did not think to put pockets in women’s pants. And that was the case for quite some time.

Modern Women Jeans come with and without pockets

The modern Jeans come in all varieties. Without pockets mostly in general. But there are lot of varieties available with pockets too. There are both Jeans with smaller pockets as well as larger pockets that can accommodate latest devices like larger mobile phones.

Also, women can wear men’s jeans if that suits them.

So, hope you got the idea. Although no pockets and narrower pockets are a norm, modern Jeans if offering all the possible combinations for women.

Now, if you are wondering, what is about size of pockets in women’s jeans, I have you covered.

The size of pockets in women’s jeans

Although women’s pants did get their pockets, they were in a different size from the men’s.  They are noticeably smaller than men’s. The situation is still the same today. The latest research has shown that the pockets in women’s jeans are 48% shorter and 6.5% narrower compared to the men’s pockets. According to the fashion experts in this area, there are 3 possible reasons why the pockets in women’s jeans are smaller than men’s.

A way of saving

According to the fashion experts, the smaller pockets in women’s jeans can be a result of a way of saving. You might wonder how? Well, the fashion companies are making a lot of profit by maintaining small pockets in women’s jeans. There are some brands that in terms of saving do not make pockets in the women’s jeans at all.

Changing fashion trends

The constantly changing fashion trends have also influenced the size and the presence of the pockets in women’s jeans. Over the last few years, women’s fashion trends have been focused on celebrating the female’s body, acknowledging body positivity, and flaunting different body sizes and shapes. In those terms, the pockets are seen as layers that would ruin the overall look.

The pocket area stretches

The third reason why the pockets in women’s jeans are small or non-existent is that if the pocket is tucked into women’s jeans that particular area will stretch. That is what directly reflects the small size of the pockets. 

The change is here

Today, we live in a world that is influenced by different trends and changes. As technology is constantly developing and moving forward, the one thing that remains unchanged is the pockets in women’s jeans. Just think about the size of the cell phones. Each new generation of phones is bigger and bigger, with bigger screens, taking up pretty much space. Just think about 20 years ago when you could have easily stuffed your cell phone in your pocket. Well, that is not the case nowadays. Not only the phones are getting bigger, but the pockets are becoming smaller and sometimes, they are not even there.

The change in this department is slow but noticeable. Celebrities, as trendsetters, have already started wearing costumes and gowns including pockets, something that would be deemed as totally unaccepted several decades ago. Also, with the cellphones becoming bigger and bigger, the need for pockets and their bigger size become more than needed.

The pocket trend will surely take time to become present in all the aspects of women’s wear, especially the jeans, but the change is happening and it is here.