Where Can I Find a Blouse Piece in Saree?

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Sarees that come with a blouse piece are everything. They resolve your concern of finding matching fabric and complete your saree with perfect blouses. When I began draping sarees, spotting a blouse piece within them was the toughest task for me. However, I learned and found simple ways to separate them from a saree. So, do you also worry about “Where can I find a blouse piece in saree”? Don’t worry anymore! Here’s everything you need to know about identifying within and separating blouse pieces from a saree. Let’s dive in! 

You will find a blouse piece in the saree side that goes inside when you drape it. Some sarees also have blouse pieces attached to the pallu, while the others come with already detached materials. The sarees and blouses remain separated by a dotted line, making it simple for you to differentiate them.

What is an Unstitched Saree Blouse?

Sarees often come with unstitched blouse pieces. But what are unstitched blouse pieces? Well, they are the extra fabrics attached to sarees and having similar colors and designs as the sarees. When sarees come with unstitched pieces, they omit your effort to find matching blouses. They are plain materials that you can mold according to your measurements. You can separate them from sarees and tailor the pieces to stitch matching blouses for yourself.

Where Can I Find a Blouse Piece in Saree?

Blouse pieces that come with sarees offer the highest convenience and make it simpler for you to sew matching blouses. But, are you stuck at “where can I find a blouse piece in saree”? Worry no more. I’ve got your back! Let’s see the places within a saree where you will find unstitched blouse fabrics.

1. Blouse Piece at the Saree Portion Going Inside When Draping

Most probably, you will find a blouse piece on the saree side that goes within when draping. Whenever I purchase a saree, I begin my hunt for unstitched blouse pieces from the saree insides. You will have to look for a light dotted line that distinguishes the blouse piece from your saree. Right there, you’ve spotted the unstitched blouse material!

2. Blouse Pieces at the Saree Pallu

Many times, the blouse pieces remain attached to saree pallus though less likely. The more decorated and distinguished saree portion, pallu, entails plain fabrics which you can sew according to your measurements and get an unmatched blouse to complete your ethnic look.

3. Separate Blouse Pieces Kept Within a Saree

You may also get already separated blouse pieces kept within a saree for your convenience. All you need is to bring the piece outside and tailor it according to your measurements. A flawless blouse gets ready within no time and with the least effort.

So, when you bring a new saree at home, you should verify if the garment includes a matching blouse piece or not. Check all the above three places in a saree if it comprises a blouse piece. 

How Do You Separate a Blouse Piece from Saree?

So, you have spotted a blouse piece within a saree. Now, what? You need to separate it from the saree to sew a blouse for yourself. But, how to do that? Let me help you. Here are all the steps you need to follow to detach a blouse piece from a saree. 

1. Find the Dotted Line to Guide Your Scissors

Although light in appearance, you can still find a dotted line separating your blouse piece from the saree. Try to tilt the saree portion against light, and you will come across the line that runs across the width. Or, you can view the saree in sunlight where the dotted line might appear prominently.

2. Cut the Blouse Piece Out from Your Saree

Now that you’ve figured out the separating line, it’s time to cut the blouse piece out from your saree. Consider that the dotted line may not be entirely visible to you. So, cutting the blouse piece by guessing the line might fall hazardous and hamper your beautiful saree unintentionally. I prefer the following safe methods to separate blouse pieces from sarees.

  • Cut the Blouse Piece Using Scissors Unguided

If the line remains entirely visible to your eyes, you can use scissors to separate the blouse piece from your saree by following the line.

  • Cut the Blouse Piece Using Scissors and a Ruler

Sometimes, you may not get enough confidence to cut the blouse piece using the dotted line only, even when the line remains visible to you. You can use a ruler to simplify things to a great extent. Place the ruler along the dotted line before cutting it and use scissors while aligning it with the ruler throughout the width.

  • Make a Small Cut and Pull a String to Enhance the Dotted Line

Till now, I was talking about the cases when the dotted line remains entirely visible. However, you can enhance the dotted line if it remains partially visible to your eyes. 

Make a small cut on the dotted line near the saree border. Now, separate a string from the cut. Pull the string gently until the crinkles reach the border on the other side of your saree. Now stretch the string out and cut it. Finally, resolve the crinkles properly to find that the line has become more prominent after finishing the string-pulling method. 

Take another string from the cut and pull it again to the other border side. Cut the string off after crinkling the fabric fully. Lastly, smoothen the wrinkles and get an enhanced line. The dotted line will get more prominent this time. Now, you can cut the blouse piece out from your saree using the dotted line.

Sarees become your favorite attires when they lessen your effort by attaching a readymade blouse piece. All you need is to search for the blouse fabric at the places mentioned above and separate it from the saree safely. That’s it! You have a matching blouse fabric that can mold according to your measurements and become an ideal blouse easily.