Folding Saree for Engagement Tray

Folded saree in tray

The wedding season is at our doorsteps. Like me, you might be excited about the ceremonies and gifts exchanged during the wedding. Beautiful saree packing, glittering wrappers, oh my my! However, you would face a genuine problem if you have been assigned the job of folding sarees for the engagement tray. Don’t worry. I’ll share the best way to fold sarees for engagement trays along with some precautions for special fabrics. Let’s dive in!

How to Gracefully Fold Saree for Engagement Trays?

Folding sarees for engagement trays is an art. You should aim at impressing the recipient with beautiful folds and wraps on the tray. But, how to do so? Here is a step-by-step guide to one of the best saree folding techniques to glam up the engagement trays. 

Here is a video link for your quick reference if you are in a hurry and wish to master saree folding in the blink of an eye.

  1. Get a beautiful saree with a gorgeous or contrasting border for your engagement tray.
  2. Steam iron it if possible to ensure the fabric holds the drapes for a prolonged period. Also, it will help you in managing the six yards effortlessly.
  3. Now, begin with the pallu part. Make 5-inch pleats on the pallu.
  4. Hold each pleat and press it down to the bottom for a neat look.
  5. After pleating the entire pallu, organize each pleat and ensure that they all have the same size. 
  6. Pin the pleated pallu: one at the top and the other on the saree body along the edges. Moreover, you can use additional safety pins if the saree is flowy and the pallu tends to loosen up.
  7. Keep the pallu aside and move on to the basal part.
  8. Now, find the middle part of the saree (some inches below the pleated pallu), and create a folding crease.
  9. Leave some inches and fold more fabric and place it over the previous crease. 
  10. Repeat the process until you finish folding the entire saree.
  11. Meanwhile, keep pressing the folds to ensure they stay there in the long haul.
  12. Now, you would have the pallu and some fabric below it hanging out freely.
  13. Keep the loose fabric on the folded part. At this point, some of your saree fabric will get wrapped without folding.
  14. Adjust the unattended fabric to ensure it doesn’t peek out from the folds.
  15. However, keep the pallu hanging out of the folded part.
  16. Now, keep the pleated pallu in the middle with some part peeping out.
  17. Fold the basal fabric into two halves.
  18. Finally, fold the saree perpendicularly and place the pallu over the folded part.
  19. Now, you can use all pins to safeguard the folds and attach the pallu with the remaining fabric.
  20. You can even use a decorative brooch to decorate the pallu.

So, that’s how you can master saree folding for engagement trays. This saree folding technique is ideal for brocade sarees with gorgeous pallus. However, it might not be beneficial for fluffy sarees like organza

How to Fold Fluffy Sarees for Engagement Trays?

The above saree-folding style works with fabrics that can settle in folds. But, what about flimsy fabrics like organza sarees? Among all saree-folding techniques for engagement trays, I found the best one for flowy sarees like organza. Below you will find the step-by-step instructions to fold such a saree for a wedding trousseau.

Again, here is a video link for your ready reference.

  1. Get a flowy saree and iron it if the fabric allows.
  2. Select a flat and clean surface for folding purposes. 
  3. Open the saree and horizontally place it on the flat surface.
  4. You can fold the non-pallu part of the saree to some extent if there’s a space problem.
  5. Now, make 2-inch folds along the length of the saree.
  6. Jump over 2-inch of the saree and make more folds.
  7. Repeat the process till you reach the other end of your saree.
  8. Meanwhile, keep applying pressure on the folds to ensure that the pleats stay there for the most prolonged period.
  9. Now, move on to the non-pallu side of your saree and fold it inwards. The size of the folds will depend on the tray dimensions.
  10. While folding the saree, ensure that the pleats do not get disturbed.
  11. Repeat the process till you reach the middle of your saree.
  12. Now, you can fold the pallu part of your saree.
  13. Keep folding the pallu end till you reach the middle part of the saree fabric.
  14. Finally, place the folded pallu part over the non-pallu portion to ensure the former appears visible to others.
  15. Now, adjust the folds and your saree is ready to be placed on engagement trays.

Tadaa! You just learned another beautiful method of folding sarees for engagement trays. Since this process keeps the folds fluffy, it will give enough room for organza sarees without damaging the fabric. You can even fold silk sarees like this to ensure that the folds do not damage the fabric.

Precautions to Remember When Folding Sarees for Engagement Trays

You have spent thousands or even lakhs on gifting sarees. And, you wouldn’t want them to get damaged during folding and placing on engagement trays. Would you? 

So, here are some precautionary measures that will save your sarees from getting damaged.

  • Silk sarees might get damaged during folding. So, lightly fold the saree and ensure that you don’t make hard creases on the fabric.
  • Some borders have intricate Zari-work which might tarnish when placed in the open air. So, it would be best if you wrap the saree in cellophane paper before placing it on engagement trays.
  • Remain cautious when ironing the sarees before folding them as it can damage the fabric.
  • Avoid using safety pins on organza and net sarees. It might tear the fabric if handled recklessly. You can use all pins to be the safest side.

Engagement trays are a token of love. They become more attractive when you pour all your affection into folding the sarees. So, adhere to the precautions and gracefully fold the saree to steal the show.