Tips For Going To Bathroom When Wearing A Saree

How do you go to a bathroom in a saree

Is wearing a saree cumbersome?

I know many ladies wearing saree often struggle in it, They find it difficult to do various tasks in sarees. Surprisingly, many of them resist going to the washroom while wearing a saree.

So, how this could work for the whole day or night? It’s quite difficult. With extensive draping and safeguarded folds, you fear disrobing your saree and try to avoid going to the bathroom.

If you find it tiring to manage a saree when going to the loo, don’t feel yourself the only one. There are many ladies who experience the same problem. This article can assist you to manage your saree while using the washroom.

So, how do you go to the bathroom in a saree? Just lift your saree along with shapewear, strip off your panty, and sit on the western-style commode facing the wall to avoid wetting your saree. While using an Indian-style toilet, you can lift the attire moderately and finish off your business in a squatting position. Moreover, you can drape a saree in pant-style, making a slit near the privates and facilitating yourself in using the restroom comfortably.

How Do You Use the Restroom in a Saree?

Using the restroom while wearing a saree can be challenging, especially when you are a newbie draper. Holding the drapes and pleats in place and preventing them from getting wet is a tedious job. But, by practicing the washroom protocol in a saree and knowing the following tips, you will realize that carrying a saree isn’t that difficult. Below I’m discussing some tips to relieve yourself in both Indian and western-style toilets.

1. Initial Preparations

Prepare yourself to use the bathroom when wearing a saree. Safeguard your folds and pleats with enough pins so that the attire doesn’t get disorganized while going to the loo.

2. Practice

Before attending the final occasion in a saree, practice using the washroom at home itself. You will get to know the problems you might encounter in a bathroom while draping the saree and prepare suitable solutions accordingly.

3. Bundle Up Hanging Fabric

I’m sure you wouldn’t want the pallu and bottom pleats getting wet when using the washroom, would you? When practicing draping a saree, you should learn how to bundle up the loose fabrics and prevent your saree from getting wet.

4. Maintain Hygiene

You already know that public toilets are unhygienic and prone to spread numerous diseases. So, prevent your attire from dragging on the washroom floor and touching the toilet seat directly. Prevent yourself from unwanted ailments by lifting your saree as soon as you get inside the washroom and hovering over the toilet seat without touching the commode. Also, wash your hands well and sanitize them right after using the washroom.

5. Saree Shapewear Issues

If you are wearing shapewear, try to avoid wearing a panty. Being extensively tight near your hips, you might find lifting the underskirt a bit difficult initially. Lift all your garments, including shapewear, and sit on the commode facing the wall. Things get pretty easy in Indian-style toilets. Similar to bodycon dresses, you don’t require lifting your attire much while using an Indian-style toilet. Squat carefully on the toilet, and finish off your business quickly.

6. A Convenient Twist

The petticoats and shapewear can get troublesome at times. If you wish to get over such complications, you can skip wearing an underskirt. Leggings and tight jeans are equally well for tucking a saree and keeping the pleats in place. While using the washroom, you just need to lift your saree and open up your pants partially. Re-organizing the pants and saree is fairly easier than wearing a petticoat.

7. Ask for Help

If you are a bride, then you are likely to carry a heavy garment along with loads of jewelry. You might not be able to handle such a heavy ensemble all by yourself.  In such a scenario, never hesitate to ask your relatives and friends for help. They might hold up your garment while you are using the washroom or re-organize the loosened fabric after you finish off the business.

Some Special Saree Style for Using Washroom Comfortably

Do you know that some specific saree draping styles favor using the washroom easily? During the primitive days, when sarees were the only feminine attire, wearing a saree and visiting the restroom was the most common event in a woman’s life. If petticoats, shapewear, and ordinary draping styles seem overwhelming to you, you can try out the following draping styles for a comfortable edge.

1. Pant-Style Saree

The modern and convenient pant-style saree saves you from a host of discomfort when going to the loo. When you feel the urge to use the washroom, you can simply take off your pants to an extent and relieve yourself. Since the saree is neatly draped in such a style, there are no chances of your attire getting wet accidentally.

2. Maharashtrian Saree

Similar to the pant-style saree, Maharashtrian draping is washroom-friendly and trending these days. You don’t require wearing a petticoat when draping a saree in the Maharashtrian way. The knot-style draping assembles your garment like a pant and creates a slit near the privates for using the restroom easily.

3. Jumpsuit Style Saree

Wearing a saree in the jumpsuit style is easy and convenient for the newbie drapers. Carry the saree in Maharashtrian style and take over the pallu from right to the left shoulder from the back. Continue wrapping the pallu across your waist till the end, and tuck near the waist finally. Such draping will retain the slit at the bottom, allowing you to use the restroom comfortably.

4. Making Pants Out of Saree

If you don’t want any fabric on the top, you can drape your saree like a dhoti-pant entirely. Begin with draping your saree in the Maharashtrian style itself. Then, instead of keeping the pallu on your shoulder, twist it up tightly. Now, wrap the pallu around your waist, and tuck it near your navel properly. A pair of pants is ready for you, with bottom slits to use the washroom efficiently.

How to Organize My Saree After Using the Washroom?

There might be moments when you fail to safeguard your pleats while going to the loo. So, after knowing everything about using a washroom when wearing a saree, you might get intrigued about how to rearrange your saree after using the restroom. After completing your business, follow the below steps to arrange your saree as it was before.


Don’t come out confidently without checking your ensemble thoroughly. Many times, stains and unpleated parts remain invisible to your eyes and are enough to ruin your look entirely. After you are done using the loo, use the washroom mirrors to identify disorganized areas and rectify them accordingly.

Keep Extra Pins

Let me tell you that pins are the savior. Many times, you might encounter a situation where your saree came off after using the washroom. Also, you cannot always finish your saree without disrobing it entirely. In such a scenario, you can leverage safety pins to organize your saree and hold the pleats in the right place like earlier.

Safety Pins

Carry Along with Some Tissues

Water damages some exquisite sarees, like the Kanjivaram silk one. While using the restroom, you ended up wetting a section of your saree. What to do now? Use extra tissues with yourself to wipe off extra water from your saree and prevent it from damages.

Use Hand Dryer

Tissues cannot handle the deal if a large section of your saree got wet. In an outdoor location, you don’t always have an iron or blower nearby. But many washrooms are equipped with a hand dryer. You can hold the wet fabric below its blower for drying it completely. Such drying techniques will never harm your saree fabric and ruin your look dramatically.

Whether you are a saree veteran or a newbie, using the washroom in a saree is highly inconvenient, especially if you’re traveling on the outskirts. Avoiding going to the loo is not a solution in any way. You need to master the art of comforting yourself when wearing a saree. Practicing is the only life-saving key to deal with such a natural scenario. So, habituate yourself to the maximum extent and keep safety essentials with yourself whenever carrying a saree outside the home.