Everything You Should Know About Hairstyles with Saree

Hairstyle with Saree

Sarees and accessories are incomplete without an appropriate hairstyle. However, I see many women struggling to find the perfect hairstyle for their ethnic look. Don’t worry; I’ll share all secrets and facts about making the best hair-do for your sarees right below. Stay tuned!

How to choose a matching hairstyle for your saree?

Picking accessories for your sarees can be challenging. But, making a matching hairstyle with your saree is a Herculean task. Let’s take a few popular scenarios and discuss the matching hairstyle with relevant sarees.

1. Go for an open hairstyle if you have short hair

Saree is a feminine attire that suits all personalities and hair types. You can still wear a saree if you have short hair. Do you know? A woman with short hair can drape a saree to reflect their smart personality, provided they can carry a matching hairstyle. The best thing is that you can keep your hair open to match your ethnic costume.

I prefer curling the tips of your hair to some extent with sarees. You can either go for light curls with regular-wear sarees like cotton and georgette. However, it’s better to extensively curl the lower ends of your hair if you wish to drape a heavy saree or attend a glamorous event in the evening. Overall, light styling and an open hairstyle will make you look gorgeous in a saree at all events.

2. Make a bun, a braid, or side-swept curls if you have long hair

You can experiment with your hairstyle when wearing a saree if you have long hair. It’s better to arrange your hair in a braid, especially if you are carrying a South-Indian drape. The traditional southern women use decorative hairpins and Gajras to adorn their braids when carrying a cultural saree.

Also, you can go for a bun hairstyle with sarees if you have long hair. A sleek bun with Gajra and smokey eye makeup will make you the talk of the town at any event. Such a bun hairstyle will keep your long hair managed and protected from damage.

Why not showcase your long hair in an open hairstyle with sarees? You can do so! All you need is to curl your hair and bring it to the front on any side. It will help you show off your gorgeous growth when draping a saree.

3. Make a Gajra bun or leave your hair open with silk sarees

Silk saree lovers often get confused with the hairstyle. These sarees are gorgeous. So, it’s better to create a healthy balance among silk sarees, your accessories, and your hairstyle. Let’s breakdown the silk saree hairstyle into two parts:

Keep your hair untamed with silk sarees

Do you know? You can go for an open hairstyle with minimally accessorized silk sarees. Since these garments are gorgeous, you don’t need to style your hair much when wearing a silk saree.

Make a Gajra bun with accessorized silk sarees

Silk sarees look gorgeous with bun hairstyles, especially if you are planning to carry heavy jewelry with your apparel. Go for a sleek bun look with silk sarees to showcase your gorgeous attire and heavy jewelry. You can add a floral Gajra on your bun to make your silk saree appearance more gorgeous. 

4. A sleek bun with accessorized Kanjivaram saree

Styling a gorgeous saree like the Kanjivaram can be a challenge. It becomes a Herculean task when you have decided to carry heavy ornaments with your traditional Kanjivaram silk saree. You can create a gorgeous appearance in a Kanjivaram saree by making a sleek bun. It’s the best hairstyle and is chosen by many celebrities in India.

Leaving your hair open with an ornamented Kanjivaram saree will make you look extra. I love making a sleek bun by parting my hair from the middle. You can make a partition on any side when making a bun. Besides, it’s better to add a white floral Gajra on your bun to complete the saree appearance effortlessly. A bun will help you balance the gorgeous saree and ornaments. So, you can get a gorgeous yet subtle look when making a bun with an accessorized Kanjivaram saree. 

5. Front puff ponytail with sarees for round face cuts

Round faces are the best for hairstyles. You can carry out a front puff ponytail that will make your face appear smaller with more emphasis on hair. 

It will suit contemporary sarees like the dhoti style and pant style ones. You can give it a try! 

6. Loose curls with sarees for oval face shapes

Get inspired by Sonakshi Sinha! She has an oval face and carries loosely curled hairstyles with sarees. All you need is to part your hair and get the tips slightly curled to create a matching hairstyle with your oval face cutting. You will look more glamorous than you are, girl! 

7. French hair updo with designer sarees

Do you want to carry a designer saree with minimal hair distraction? It’s time to go for the French hair updo! You can tie your hair in a French updo to focus more on your saree while not leaving your hair unattended. 

Can we keep loose hair on saree?

You can go for loose hair on a saree with some styling. However, it’s better to understand when such hairstyles look better with traditional sarees.

Loose hairstyle goes well with simple daily wear sarees

Loose hairstyle suits simple sarees like cotton, chiffon, and georgette. Since these sarees are lightweight, you can pair them with versatile jewelry and loose hairstyles.

Carry loose hairstyle with sarees at morning events

Do you have a traditional ceremony in the morning? Go for a lightweight saree and loose hairstyle with minimal jewelry to appear out of the crowd. Also, you can carry this hairstyle if you want to wear a saree casually.

Heavy sarees with minimal ornaments

I love styling heavy Kanjivaram silk and Chanderi silk sarees with a loose hairstyle. All you need is to wear a simple necklace with Jhumkas to don this look. Also, you can carry such an appearance with any heavy saree in your wardrobe.

Hairstyle for saree to attend a wedding

Wedding guests often get confused with an appropriate hairstyle with sarees. No worries! I will discuss the top hairstyles for sarees to attend weddings in this section. Let’s get started!

1. Bun hairstyle with heavy sarees 

Many ladies love to drape heavy silk sarees to attend marriage ceremonies. You can updo your hair in a bun and decorate it with Gajras to complete your traditional look. It will look better with heavy jewelry and rich makeup. So, the bun hairstyle looks perfect with heavy and gorgeous sarees.

2. Make braids in a South Indian wedding

Braids look perfect with South Indian sarees. You can make a sleek braid and adorn it with decorative pins and Gajras to don traditional South Indian sarees at weddings.

3. Open hairstyles with Gajras

You can keep your hair open with lehenga-style sarees. However, adding a Gajra to the middle of your hair perpendicularly will add to your beauty. Also, you can get your hair slightly curled near the bottom for an enhanced show with sarees draped as lehengas. It will suit you more on occasions like your sibling’s wedding.

4. Go for an open hairstyle with a Maang Tika for unmatched elegance

You can make an open hairstyle and add a Maang Tika to your wedding saree look. It will make you look elegant and royal in such ceremonies. Also, keep the jewelry minimum to balance your overall look. However, you can carry a heavy Maang Tika to enhance your saree ensemble. Furthermore, you can get your hair curled at the bottom for an additional show. 

5. A sleek ponytail with shimmery sarees

Ponytails might appear contemporary to you. However, they are the perfect hairstyles for non-traditional sarees like the shimmery ones. You can make a sleek ponytail with minimal jewelry to carry out a wedding saree like a fashionista.

11 modern hairstyles for saree

I know hairstyles for sarees is a tricky subject. But, I have handpicked some hairstyles to carry with your saree look. Have a look right below!

1. Fishtail braid with sarees for a manageable look

Many women find it challenging to manage their hair when wearing a saree. So, it’s better to make a fishtail braid with their ethnic look. It will keep them comfortable while giving full points on styling. You can carry minimal jewelry when going for a braided saree look. This hairstyle will look better on women with a small and oval shape like Deepika Padukone. 

2. Open hair with simple cotton sarees

I feel styling a simple saree is more challenging than creating the perfect heavy saree look. However, I have the perfect idea for simple sarees. You can keep your hair open and wear minimal jewelry to don simple sarees for casual events. For instance, you can wear small Jhumkas and a bindi with a wide-bordered cotton saree. Complete the entire look by opening your hair and parting it properly.

3. The celebrity ponytail for a modern saree look

You can look unique with sarees and a ponytail. However, it’s better if you go for such a hairstyle with modern sarees and out-of-the-box blouse designs. Designer, sequined, and shimmery sarees look perfect with ponytail hairstyles. Also, you can tie your hair in a loose ponytail when wearing tops such as blouses with sarees. So, you can match a ponytail with all contemporary saree ensembles.

4. Open hair with roses on the side for organza sarees

Organza sarees have a unique flowy character. You can add more glamor to your look by opening your hair and adding some roses above your ears with organza sarees. Remember that you cannot pair heavy jewelry with such ensembles. It’s better to wear small studs and light makeup with such a hairstyle and organza saree. 

5. Twisted hair locks from front to back for bridesmaids

Another trending hairstyle for sarees is the front-to-back twisted locks hairstyle. It will look ideal for bridesmaids, especially in South Indian weddings. All you need is to take two thin hair bunches from the front and take them to the back of your head by twisting them. Finally, secure the locks with hairpins at the back to complete your traditional look.

6. Comb your hair back and add a decorative pin while keeping the remaining strands open

It’s better to keep your hairstyle minimalistic when wearing a gorgeous saree or carrying an exquisite drape. You can keep your hair open with a small twist. Begin your hairstyle by combing your hair backward to remove the partition. Once your hair looks perfect from the front, hold two thin strands above your ears and bring them to the middle of your back. Add a decorative pin to secure the locks and you are all set to dazzle.

7. Side ponytail for a chic look

There’s no harm in wanting to look simple and chic in a saree. You can get that look with a sideways ponytail and minimal jewelry. It’s one of the most popular daily looks and ideal for offices and daytime outings. You can try out this hairstyle with cotton and linen sarees.

8. The “all Gajra” hairstyle looks divine

Do you want to hide your hair without an updo? A simple trick is to attach Gajras parallel to your hair! This look will require multiple Gajras. All you need is to secure two hair locks with a clutch at the back and hang multiple Gajras to hide away your hair. You can add a decorative clip at the back above Gajras to complete your traditional look.

9. Wear hanging chain jewelry on open hair with a Bengali saree

Bengali sarees look perfect with gold jewelry. You can keep your hair open and wear hanging chained jewelry for an additional show when draping a saree in the Bengali style.

10. Open hairstyle with a French braid in the middle to attend weddings

Wedding hairstyles allow you to become as creative as you like. You can take the central part of your hair and make French braids while keeping the remaining hair open. It will create a new look!

11. Slanted Gajras at the back for a royal look

Finally, you can experiment with your Gajras by attaching them diagonally at the back of your hair. You can keep your hair open with twisted locks and simple hairstyles. However, adding such a creative Gajra will enhance your saree look.

Wrapping Up!

Have you picked your favorite hairstyle from the list? Cheers if it’s a yes! Now, go for a unique saree look and steal the show effortlessly!