History and Grace of Saree – A poem

Saree Poem

Oh Saree !!! You are a 9-yard Indian beauty !!!
Known by many names. Stood the test of time.
Stood with us through thick and thin.

What a pleasure wearing you.
The love of a mother.

History of Sarees

Your name derived from a Sanskrit word ‘Sati’.
Which meant a strip of cloth.
Mentioned by Vedas itself.

Back in 5000 BC, when cotton first cultivated,
and woven in Indian subcontinent.
You were called Dyes,
with names indigo, lac, red madder and turmeric flourished in India.

We remember since Indus civilization.
When you were just 5 yard drape.
When one part of you is grit round below.
Other part on women’s shoulder across the chest.
And one arm and shoulder uncovered.

We realized it was you,
who was worn by Indus valley priests,
Made a place in Sanskrit literature and Buddhist Pali literature.

When Aryans came, you became Vastram, Pitambar, Patola, Neevi.
Simple drape of cotton weaves you became.

You enrobe history, not just a garment.
You are magic, cooling in summer, warming in winter.

When Britishers ruled,
With blouse and petticoat arriving into the culture,
You accompanied and growed your beauty multifold.

With independence era in India,
Weavers and Artisans competed to grow your beauty.
You became many forms like God.

Indian Silks, Cotton Cloths, Hand-painted sarees.
Ikkat sarees, Kalamkari sarees, Kanjivaram sarees.

And with modern fashion,
Still you are a grace.

Accompanying different forms, different accessories, different ways.
Who knows more better than you,
where to hide, where to show.
It’s an art to wear you,
it’s a meditation to try wearing you.

Types of Sarees

When you are made of cotton.
You are Mangalagiri, Khadi, Sambalpuri, Chettinad.
You are Kanjeevaram, Tant, Kotki and Chikan.
Known for your origin and grace of weaving in this form.

When you are made of silk.
You are Kanjeevaram silk, lightweight Uppada, Banarasi Silk, Tussar Silk.
You are Mysore Silk, Bhagalpuri Silk and Art Silk.
Known for your radiance in this form.

You are a tough competitor even when fashion catches up.
You are Georgette, Rayon, chiffon.

Like God, you have a different form in each place.
Like God, you have devotees all across.
Their ways are different, but all lead to one.

Kanjeevaram From Tamilnadu
Kalamkari from Srikalahasthi
Kasavu from Kerala
Sambalpuri from Odisha
Pochampally from Telangana
Paithani From Maharashtra
Bandhani From Gujarat

Muga from Assam
Taant from West Bengal
Bomkai from Odisha
Banarasi from Varanasi
Chanderi from Madhya Pradesh
Konrad from Tamilnadu
Leheriya from Rajasthan
Phulkari from Punjab
Chikankari from Lucknow
Kasta from Maharashtra
Kosa from Chattisgarh
Patola from Gujarat

Puttapaka and Gadwal from Telangana
Illkal from Karnataka
Kantha from Bengal
Mangalagiri from Andhra Pradesh
Gota from Rajasthan

And many more.

Oh Saree !!! You are a 9-yard Indian beauty !!!
Known by many names. Stood the test of time.
Stood with us through thick and thin.