How to wear a saree Bengali style

How to wear a saree bengali style

India is renowned for treasuring the age-old heritage, culture, and traditions, the praises of which are prevalent even outside the nation. One such praise-worthy part of the Indian heritage is the Bengali culture. I always used to admire the elegance and beauty of Bengali women, especially when they are adorned in a traditional yet modern-looking Bengali style saree.

Have you been looking for ways to wear a saree in Bengali style perfectly? Worry no more as I’m here to share with you the answer to “how to wear a saree Bengali style”. You must have seen Bengali women wearing white sarees with red borders, draped in a typical style. Ever wondered what is the significance behind wearing such a saree? Well, the red color and other Bengali accessories like “Shankha” and “Pola” signifies the married status of a woman.

Regardless of the marital status, location, and occasions, wearing a saree in Bengali style uplifts the charm of every lady and lets you celebrate the culture of Bengal.

By now, you must be intrigued enough to learn about how to wear saree in traditional Bengali style. So, without any delay, let’s move towards learning the cultural Bengali saree draping.

How to Wear a Saree Bengali Style Step By Step?

Just as any other style of draping a saree, the Bengali saree style is all about the art of draping gracefully. Bengali saree is the answer to “how to wear saree for wedding reception” and also “how to drape saree for regular wearing”. I have seen women slaying simple Bengali sarees just by draping them elegantly, while some incorrect draping ruins the beauty of the most gorgeous Bengali sarees even. Check out this video for the standard process of draping a Bengali saree.

Although Bengali sarees are versatile and support a variety of draping styles, the beauty of these sarees are complimented when draped in the following two widely popular draping styles.

Traditional Bengali Style of Saree Draping

Easy and manageable defines the traditional Bengali style of draping a saree. The traditional Bengali style of draping depends on how neatly you make the pleats and how gracefully you keep the parts in place. Unlike other draping styles, the pleats in the traditional way of wearing a Bengali saree are smaller in size and slightly more in number. Follow along to learn the traditional Bengali draping step by step.

Find below an infographic on clearly explaining how to wear a saree Bengali style. How to wear a saree Bengali style - Infographic

  1. Begin with tucking your saree slightly above the navel, such that the bottom of the saree remains level with the ground.         
  2. Start tucking the saree towards your left, make a complete circle, and return to the initial point from your right-hand side.
  3. Now, take the remaining fabric towards the left without making a full-circle. This time you stop tucking the saree at the back near your waistline.
  4. Now that you will be pleating the saree make sure that the lower portion of the attire is levelled with the ground right before tucking the pleats inside.
  5. Once you are done pleating, focus on refining whatever you did till now. Smoothen the pleats to remove any crinkles, arrange the pleats well, and make the fabric wrinkle-free.
  6. With an intention of crossing the pallu across the right to the left side, bring the remaining part of the saree in front through the right, and tuck it near the back and waist.
  7. Then, you are all set to arrange the pleats of your pallu while keeping the length of the pallu aligned with the ground. Pin the pleats in place properly, smoothen, and arrange everything flawlessly to achieve the neatly draped look.

Modern Bengali Style of Saree Draping

The most popular style among all the ways of wearing a saree in the Bong way is the modern way of draping a Bengali saree. Even the celebs are papped slaying the red carpets in the modern Bengali style of draping a typical Bengali saree.

Having said about the elegant modern style of wearing a Bengali saree, I know that I raised the bars of excitement. So, let’s cut down everything and jump right into the step by step instructions for wearing the Bengali sarees modernly.

  1. Begin with tucking the saree slightly below the navel from the right side, all the way through the back, until you reach the starting position. From the initial steps, ensure that the lower part of the saree is slightly above the ground level.            
  2. Take the remaining fabric, make a rough pallu, and place it over your left shoulder. At this moment, keep the pallu longer than what is required.
  3. Now, take the untucked frontal part of the saree, and make broad pleats, roughly about the length of your midrib.
  4. Tuck the pleats neatly near the navel, and remove crinkles and wrinkles in the fabric.
  5. Now is the time to arrange your pallu. Make small, crisp, and neat pleats on the pallu, secure them with a safety pin, and place the pallu on your left shoulder.
  6. Take the right side of the pallu from your back, bring to the front from below the right arm, place it on your right shoulder, and secure it with a safety pin or a bunch of keys.
  7. Finally, bring the right part of the pallu-forming fabric in the front near the waist, and secure with a safety pin.
  8. Ensure that all the parts are smooth and wrinkle-free. Also, ensure that the saree is tightly draped to snuggle on to your body for accentuating your curves.

  9. Does it get over only with draping perfectly? Absolutely not! Having complete knowledge about accessories, makeup, and hairstyles is as necessary as knowing the styles of draping a saree in the Bengali way. There are numerous tips and tricks for bringing out the best version of wearing a saree in Bengali style. Let’s know these tips in detail.

Tips for Wearing a Saree in Bengali Style

Walking some extra steps for completing the saree look successfully isn’t that bad. Moreover, correctly accessorizing the Bengali style of wearing sarees is as crucial as draping the sarees neatly. I’ve seen wardrobe malfunctions and fashion disasters in a careless draping and non-sophisticated styling of sarees when draped in the Bengali style.

For avoiding such mishaps, adhering to the following extra tips for wearing a saree in the Bengali style gives you a distinctive edge for standing out in the crowd.

  • You must have admired the looks of the models and celebrities carrying a white and red saree in the Bengali style. One thing that is common to all the celebs is the neatness in draping the sarees. Though small crinkles enhance the entire Bengali look, neatness in draping the saree is highly appreciated.          
  • Bengali style of wearing sarees is known for complementing the feminine curves of your body. So, from the initial steps, ensure that the saree is snuggled tightly on to your body, giving you a slimming and tall effect.       
  • Moreover, for extra detailing and emphasizing your waistline, carry gold or oxidized gold waist girdles. Also known as Kamarbandh, a waist girdle will keep the attire in place, providing you with greater mobility and comfort.
  • If you notice carefully, you will realize that the modern Bengali style saree encompasses more pleats and twists than the Nivi style saree. So, pay more attention to safeguarding all the entities of the saree in place with ample safety pins.
  • Bengali sarees look perfect with blouses having long or quarter sleeves. Avoid carrying a sleeveless, short-sleeved blouse and backless blouses. If you are on the slimmer side, you can even pair your look with a puff-sleeved blouse for achieving the traditional Bengali saree look.
  • Choose sarees with heavy borders or shaded in white and red. Though other colored sarees look equally good when draped the Bong way, white and red sarees look perfect during festive seasons.
  • Accessorizing is the key to rocking the Bengali style of saree draping. Statement nose rings, maang tika, and red bindi form the best combinations with Bengali saree style.
  • Moreover, the married women can even carry sindoor, Pola (coral bangles), and Shankha (conch bangles) to give additional Bengali aesthetics to your overall look.
  • Potli bags and jute chappals look extremely good with the Bengali style of wearing a saree.
  • Bengali style of draping sarees is a versatile method. You can carry such a style not only on special occasions but also at casual outings. Choose a simple Bangla saree without zari borders, pair with a fairly plain blouse, and carry lighter pieces of jewelry for creating a fabulous casual look.
  • Either keep your hairs open and untamed or make a neat updo when carrying a saree in the Bengali style. Accessorize the updo with a white gajra and/or traditional jewelry pieces for the bun.

Now you are enlightened enough with the style of draping the saree in the Bengali way. Also, you know the tips and tricks for amplifying the beauty of Bengali draping. Now, what remains untold? Yes, you’ve guessed it right. Knowing about the most popular types of Bengali sarees and choosing the right garment for your look is necessary for recreating the typical Bengali look.

5 Styles of Bengali Sarees

Replicating the outfits of the trendy women of Bengal, slaying the streets of the Victorian era can be a bit challenging if you are deprived of the right type of Bangla saree. Traditional Bengali sarees are easy to find and form the basics of styling the outfit in the Bengali style. But what are the types of Bengali sarees? Well, there are five major styles of Bengali sarees, quintessential for creating the best Bengali saree look.

  • Garad Sarees
    The most common type of Bengali saree is the Garad. I am sure that most of you can relate Garad with the typical white and red Bengali sarees portrayed in the movies and serials. Mostly, Garad sarees have white or beige bases and red striped borders. These sarees are available in other color combinations as well. However, white and red Garad sarees are perfect choices for creating the best Bengali style.
  • Tant Sarees
    Tant sarees are the handwoven fabrics of Bengal. Weavers have been making the sarees for generations. So, Tant sarees are a part of Bengali traditions. Heavy pallus and thick borders are the characteristic traits of Tant sarees. Surprisingly, such beautiful Bengali style sarees are inexpensive and perfect for daily wear.
  • Jamdani Sarees
    Jamdani sarees are muslin artistry, declared as ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’ by UNESCO. The most attractive feature of Jamdani sarees is their breathability and lightweight. Like any other saree, the Jamdani sarees come in a wide range of color palette, suitable for festive and casual wearing. However, the white and red Jamdani sarees and the Bengali style of draping these sarees form the most flimsy duo.
  • Bengal Cotton Sarees
    Bengal cotton sarees are the perfect amalgamation of comfort and elegance. Suitable for wearing on all occasions, the Bengal cotton sarees offer a wide scheme of colors. The Bengal cotton sarees in the shades of pastels are the most common choices among the Bengali women, as they allow more room for accessories and displaying creativity.
  • Baluchari Silk Sarees
    Baluchari silk sarees are the saga of Bengali folklore on fabrics. Wearing a Baluchari silk saree means echoing the tales of grandeur and rich Bangla history wherever you go. Heavy borders and a rich color palette are the specialties of the Baluchari Silk saree. These traditional Bengali fabrics form the perfect outfits for carrying at wedding receptions and other cultural events.

As I said, owning a traditional Bangla saree is a must before carrying the Bengali style perfectly. If you wish to replicate the typical Bong look or want to remain on the safer-fashion side, then choosing a Jamdani, Tant, or Garad saree in a white base and red border will solve your purpose. However, if you want to assimilate a bit of your creativity, and wish to recreate the Bengali style of wearing a saree, then choosing one of the five styles of Bengali sarees in the other shades will work equally great.

Bengali culture is a saga of Bengali grandeur, tastes of literature, art, and architecture. Resonating with and accepting the Bengali culture is difficult until you are equipped with the traditional Bengali sarees and have the right knowledge of wearing a saree in the typical Bengali style. Regardless of your choice among traditional and modern ways of draping a saree, wearing a Bangla saree in the Bengali style is sure to glam up your feminine beauty, and embark a touch of sophistication to your entire look.