How To Wear a Saree For Wedding Reception

How to wear a saree for wedding reception

Sarees are the unstitched legacy, draped to uplift your look on all occasions. I cannot back foot from saying that irrespective of the personality, sarees glorify every woman even in the simplest style of draping. The charming attire needs to be draped more creatively for suiting the zeal and wearing it at a wedding reception. 

You need to know about the latest fashion trends, fabric knowledge, and different ways of draping to pick out the most comfortable way of styling the sarees for wedding parties. Seems a bit difficult, am I right? For helping you to come out of such a styling dilemma, I am sharing all the ways to wear a saree for a wedding reception.

How to wear a saree for wedding reception? Wear such a saree that remains easily manageable, supports your comfort, provides unhindered mobility and is trending in fashion along with resonating with the festivity and culture.

Different Styles of Sarees to Wear at a Wedding Reception

Being an unstitched attire, sarees allow you to showcase your creativity when draping and styling them for wearing at a wedding reception. Having said so, you can derive that there are numerous styles to wear a saree at a wedding party. Out of all the styles, some are too challenging to carry, while the others are too simple for an exciting wedding. Well, some saree styles are falling apt for wearing at a wedding reception. Let’s get to know them in detail.

1. Retro Style Saree

I am sure that you must have admired Mumtaz’s beautiful saree draping during the retro era, at least for once in your lifetime. Though the era seems dwindling in the test of time, the retro style saree draping remains in fashion trends and makes one of the best ways to carry a saree at a wedding reception. 

Apart from being capable of attracting all the crowd-eyeballs, the retro style saree draping is comfortable to carry and does not restrict your movement. All you need to slay the retro look is an elegant chiffon saree with a shimmering border.

2. Saree with Belt

Do you fear that your saree might fall off in the middle of the ceremonies? Then, a saree with a belt is your thing. Combining belts with the sarees not only makes you fashion trendy but also keeps your outfit in place for a much longer time. Although sarees are already known to enhance your feminine curves more than any other outfit, wearing a belt with your wedding party saree further defines your waistline, and compliments your figure.

3. Royal Wedding Saree Look

Are you looking for simple yet royal saree styles for wearing at a wedding reception? Well, to bring such a look into reality, all you need is a glamorous and traditional silk saree with subtle accessories for completing the look. 

Banarasi sarees, Kanjivaram sarees, and Assam silk sarees are the perfect outfits for bringing out the royal look. When combined with accessories like traditional oxidized jewelry, heavy eye makeup, and a gajra, even a simple silk saree gets transformed into a royal affair for wearing at a wedding reception.

4. Nivi Draping Style for Wedding Reception

The most simple, and widely accepted Nivi style of saree draping gives you a charming appeal and accentuates your curves without much brainstorming about the styles and ways of draping. Such a style of draping a saree becomes magnificent when you combine elegant jewelry pieces and accessories with your outfit. A gorgeous saree, a small potli bag, and lots of elegance are all that you need for rocking the Nivi draping style.

Styles of Sarees to Wear at a Celebrity Wedding Reception

What comes to your mind when you hear about a celebrity wedding? Lots of glamour, in-trend fashion, and creativity, right? Well, you are true to think that. Celebs with an extraordinary sense of fashion attend the wedding ceremonies, raising the bar of fashion and creativity for everyone. 

Choosing a distinct saree draping style is a must for rocking the celebrity wedding functions, and attracting everyone’s attention out there. So to resonate with such celeb wedding party vibes, you need to walk some extra steps and choose one of the following styles of saree draping to wear at a celebrity wedding reception.

1. Butterfly Style of Draping a Saree

Butterfly style of saree draping is one of the best styles to wear at a wedding reception. Even the celebs love butterfly draping and have been papped carrying the style multiple times on different occasions. Before anything, choose a gorgeous pastel-shaded saree, make a thin pallu, and start giving a butterfly appearance to the lower portion of your pallu.

2. Dhoti and Pant Style Saree for Wedding Reception

For the ones looking for something different, and more creative for wedding receptions, dhoti and pant style saree make the most fashionable option. 

Bollywood divas, Sonam Kapoor and Shilpa Shetty made the dhoti and pant style saree such a famous attire for wedding receptions. All you need to slay the dhoti and pant style saree look are a regular saree, a crop top or westernized blouse, tight leggings, and statement pieces of jewelry.

3. Jacket Style Saree Draping for Wedding Party

Jackets are the accessories that vibe with the celeb wedding receptions. But you cannot go western with a jacket at a wedding party. So, the fashionistas created a beautiful indo-western fusion outfit using the jackets – the jacket style saree draping. Choose a plain, or shimmering jacket or blazer, and wear it in place of a saree blouse, or carry the apparel over your saree to create a layered look.

4. Knotted Style Saree Draping

Instead of carrying the saree pallu ordinarily, you can carry it like a scarf. For slaying, the knotted style saree draping, choose a saree with gracefully bordered pleats. Apart from being extremely fashionable, the knotted style saree draping is perfect for winter weddings as it creates an illusion of styling a winter accessory, and keeps you warm.

Styles of Sarees to Wear at Family Weddings

Family weddings are the most fun ceremonies, and the memories are captured in the hearts forever. Carrying a charming outfit at such precious ceremonies doubles the fun and frolic. Talking about the ethnic attires, how to wear a saree for wedding in a family? Follow along to find more about saree draping in a family wedding.

1. Classic Saree Draping

Classic ways of styling the ethnics never go out of fashion. Begin with choosing a traditional saree for the wedding party, drape it most traditionally, and accessorize the look with a classic waist girdle, and oxidized gold or silver jewelry pieces.

2. Mermaid Draping Saree Style for Family Weddings

The mermaid style of saree draping is the most complimenting for the ladies with an hourglass figure. The mermaid style saree begins with draping the attire like a skirt with no pleats, while the pallu remains well-pleated. Such a draping style further accentuates your curves and gives you a magical appearance.

3. Banjaran Style of Saree Draping

The Banjaran style of saree draping is a further improvisation of the ordinary style of saree draping. In the shawl type Banjaran style of saree draping, the pallu resides on the right shoulder and is not pleated well. Other than the pallu, the draping of the other parts of the saree remains the same. 

Along with such a distinct style of saree draping, the inclusion of statement pieces of jewelry, like a traditional maang tika looks graceful.

4. Bengali Style of Draping a Saree

Although you can choose any zari saree for creating the Bengali style saree draping, a white saree with a red border forms the perfect piece for creating the Bengali style of saree draping. For further enhancing the Bengali saree draping look, you can combine traditional statement pieces of jewelry like a maang tika, or a neckpiece.

5.  Marathi Style Saree Draping

Are you craving the peppiness of a Marathi girl in your family weddings? Then, why not try out the Marathing style of draping a saree for the family wedding ceremony? You can easily carry the Marathi style of saree draping not only in Marathi weddings but also at all the weddings whatsoever.

Styles of Sarees to Wear at Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are dream-come-true affairs for everyone. Such a dreamy ceremony must witness all the attendees in some extraordinary apparels. Moreover, if the destination is chosen outside of India, then carrying the entities of your culture, and reflecting the same through your outfits becomes a must. Necessarily, sarees are the best choice for wearing at a wedding ceremony. But, what are the best saree styles to wear at a destination wedding? Let’s find out.

1. Western Blouse Cotton Saree Draping

Styling a regular cotton saree for a wedding party can be a bit challenging. The soothing pastel shades can turn out to be a boring palette for weddings if not styled properly. One way to enhance plain cotton sarees according to wedding ceremonies is to carry a western blouse along with. Crop tops, Bardot tops, and blouses with voluminous sleeves are the perfect options for carrying with plain cotton sarees at a wedding function.

2. Double Pallu Style of Saree Draping

The double pallu style of draping looks the most elegant for wearing at a destination wedding. If you choose a dual-toned designer saree, such that pleats and the remaining saree provide a great color-play, the double pallu style of saree draping becomes more graceful than any other saree style. For further enhancing the double pallu style of saree draping, you can combine a waist girdle and statement earpieces into your look.

3. Deepika Padukone Saree Draping

The way fashionista Deepika Padukone slew a silk saree at her Bangalore wedding reception, drew a host of eyeballs making it a style inspiration for many. While she draped the saree in a classic way, the celeb left the pallu as it was, without any pleats. Such draping provides a royal and dreamy wedding look, perfect for all the destination weddings. Furthermore, you can accessorize the look with heavy eye makeup, hair updo, and statement traditional pieces of jewelry.

4. Can-Can Skirt Saree

Inspired by the dreamy ball gowns, the combination of Can-Can skirts and sarees form the best garment for destination wedding parties. In the Can-Can skirt saree draping, the pleats fall at the back, while the remaining outfit boasts a nice pleats-free fall.

Best Sarees to Wear at a Wedding Reception

Now that you know about all the in-trend and fashionable styles for draping a saree for a wedding reception, you are already enlightened with the ideas of the best sarees to wear at a wedding party. You can carry any saree of your choice at a wedding reception, as long as you can style the attire perfectly, and in sync with the location of the wedding.

With a heavily-designed saree, the challenge of styling is a bit lesser than styling a plain saree. However, some of the above-mentioned styles demand plain sarees, and some of them require intricately designed traditional sarees. 

Cotton sarees, chiffon sarees, georgette sarees, and net sarees form the perfect lightweight sarees, suitable for all the styles that require plain sarees. Banarasi, Kanchipuram, Assam silk, and other traditional silk sarees are the irreplaceable choices for heavy wedding sarees.

Last Words

I feel that sarees, in all forms and styles, are the perfect attires for complimenting the feminine beauty of all the ladies, regardless of their personalities. If you want to keep the saree style simple, yet charming, then go for the traditional styles of draping, and make use of traditional statement pieces of jewelry to stand out of the crowd. 

For the ladies, who are bored of the ordinary draping, and hunting for some extraordinary saree styles for wearing at a wedding reception, there are plenty of options to choose from, ranging from jacket style to dhoti and pant style saree draping. Be it any of the saree styles, you are sure to look the most beautiful at the wedding reception. Indeed, sarees are the best attire for a woman.

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