How to Wear Ruffle Saree?

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Ruffle sarees have a special place in all our hearts. These sarees are unique and have a different way of draping. Do you want to learn how to wear a ruffle saree? I’ll show you right below! 

How to Wear Ruffle Saree? 

Unlike ordinary sarees, ruffle sarees have a different draping style. If you have been wearing it like other sarees, you were committing a fashion blunder. These sarees have a unique look. So, you need to be careful when draping them to avoid hiding the fabric details. 

The essence of draping a ruffle saree lies in showing off the frills carefully. Let’s learn the ABCs of wearing a ruffle saree with the following steps! 

But before, please have a look at the following video to get the steps at a glance! 

  • Get a ruffle saree of any texture and fabric. 
  • Since ruffle sarees attenuate your figure, it’s better to wear shapewear before draping your saree. Try to buy matching shapewear to avoid getting it reflected through the saree, especially if the saree fabric is net, georgette, or chiffon. 
  • Now, wear your heels to get an estimate of the saree length when draping the ruffle garment. Wearing heels after draping your saree might showcase the heels from the rear side which doesn’t appear very attractive. So, put on your sandals before wearing the ruffle saree. 
  • Furthermore, wear your blouse before wearing the saree. So, you should be ready with the inner garments before you start draping the ruffle saree on your body. 
  • Now, get some safety pins. You will need a lot of them if the saree fabric is slippery like chiffon and net. You can remove the extra pins afterward but they will keep the folds in place when you strive hard to drape the saree on yourself. 
  • Stand in front of a mirror to drape the ruffle saree more efficiently. It will be better if you have a full-body mirror to adjust the saree folds while viewing yourself from the front in the reflection.
  • Now, take your saree and keep the ruffles at the bottom near your feet. Take an end of the saree and tuck it into your shapewear near the waist. Pin the fabric to avoid slippage. Also, take some fabric aligned to the shapewear band and tuck it near the navel region.
  • Keep tucking the ruffle saree from near the belly till you complete a circle and end up at your waist. It’s better to check if the fabric is tucked well without overlaps and wrinkles.
  • Now, take the saree pallu and leave some fabric on the front. You can make a cluster of the remaining pallu fabric with the ruffles kept hanging below. Please ensure that the ruffles are never placed above to avoid their scattering due to the gravity.
  • Cross the clustered pallu fabric from the back and place it on your left shoulder. It’s a challenging step and you must ensure no ruffles get intermingled or upside down when crossing the pallu fabric from one side to the other. Arrange the pallu pleats on your left shoulder and pin it.
  • Now, you will need to arrange the loose fabric at the bottom near your shapewear. Assemble the entire fabric, remove crinkles, and ensure that the ruffles are not upside down.
  • Take the frontal fabric loop and tuck the left fabric near the right side of your waist. Pin the saree to avoid its slippage. You will still have a loop left unattended.
  • Start pleating the leftover fabric at the front and tuck the pleats into your shapewear near the navel area. Pin the pleats to secure the saree folds.
  • Now, remove the pallu pin. It’s time to arrange the saree pallu. You can keep a simple pallu to highlight the ruffles. However, make small pleats to give your ensemble a sleek appearance. Arrange the ruffles and let them hang at the bottom of your pallu when crossing your bust. Pin the fabric on your left shoulder to avoid slippage. You are ready!

Ruffle saree drapers should pay attention to some additional precautions when wearing the garment. Let’s review the safety tips when wearing a ruffle saree to avoid fashion blunders and mishaps.

Tips and Precautions while Wearing Ruffle Saree

Do you know? Ruffle sarees need catering to some excess precautions when draping them. So, you can become a professional ruffle saree draper if you know about these tips and keep them in mind when wearing the garment. I’ll share a few precautions and tips to efficiently wear ruffle sarees based on my experiences.

  • Ruffle sarees are gorgeous attires. They have the most eye-catching element called ruffles or frills. So, you can avoid purchasing ruffle sarees with additional details. For example, large prints and dense patterns will ruin the show of your saree. So, it’s better to avoid these sarees for your ruffles to appear more prominent.
  • Don’t go for an excessive showy blouse. Since you want everyone to look at your ruffle saree, pairing a showy blouse will distract them from your saree. So, you can get a simple yet trendy blouse to keep your saree at the focal point.
  • It’s better to wear a blouse in the same color palette as your ruffle saree. It will help you promote the beauty of your saree without emphasizing the blouse. You can go for a contrasting blouse only if your saree has neutral shades like white, off-white, ivory, and beige. However, adhering to the monochrome look will keep you on the safer side.
  • Most ruffle sarees are thin garments. The popular ruffle saree fabrics are net, georgette, and chiffon. You can risk tearing these weak materials if handled carelessly. So, carefully deal with the ruffle saree fabric when draping it on your body. Also, you need to pin the saree without damaging the fabric.
  • The ruffles in your saree will tend to get upside down. It creates an improper look and you should avoid it at all costs. So, check your saree in a mirror before stepping out from all the sides and the back. It’s better to adjust the ruffles before stepping out of your home.
  • Choosing the wrong petticoat or shapewear will ruin your entire ruffle saree look. So, it’s better to choose a matching undergarment to avoid its show beneath the saree.
  • Many times, ruffle sarees can hide your waistline making you appear slightly bulkier. It’s better to carry a belt with your outfit to define the waistline precisely. Also, keep the belt simple and not too blingy to keep your ruffle saree at the focal point.

Woohoo! You have mastered wearing ruffle sarees by now! Now, it’s time to get a glimpse of the top ruffle saree styles creating a buzz in the fashion world.

Let’s dive in!

5 Styles of Wearing Ruffle Sarees

Ruffle sarees look brilliant, provided you style them well. The simple draping style with a minimal blouse is out-of-fashion. Now, it’s time to showcase your creativity with the following five styles of slaying ruffle sarees. Check them out!

1. Wear a peplum blouse with your ruffle saree to get a royal look

Ruffle sarees are extravagant and have the scope of looking regal if styled properly. You can pair a peplum blouse with your ruffle saree to appear royal. The best blouses for ruffle sarees are the solid-colored ones with minimal fabric detailing. You can go for a V-neck peplum blouse to leave some scope for accessorizing when pairing it with a ruffle saree. 

Since peplum tops and ruffle sarees look gorgeous, it’s better to choose a top having the same color tone as the saree. It will help you create a balance between the peplum design and the frills in your garment. Now, you can add a traditional belt on top of your peplum top near the waist to define your line. Also, you can wear a gorgeous Kundan, oxidized, or Afghani choker with your outfit to enhance the show of your ruffle saree.

2. Get the angelic look with a ruffle saree and a bishop-sleeve blouse

Do you want to look angelic in a ruffle saree? You can pair the saree with a bishop-sleeve blouse to get that look. Volume sleeves will help you create a balance between your heavier and ruffled bottom. So, your entire outfit appears aligned with equal elements at the top and bottom. I love carrying a bishop-sleeve blouse with stonework near the bust with a ruffle saree.

It will look better if you choose a V-neck blouse for your ruffle saree. Avoid overdoing your accessories when pairing a bishop-sleeve blouse with a ruffle saree. You can add a simple chain to your neck and wear pearl danglers to complete your ruffle saree look. This look will appear gorgeous with light-colored fabrics like white, baby pink, light yellow, and ivory. Besides, you can carry a pearl Potli bag with your outfit to appear more angelic in your traditional ensemble.

3. Get the contemporary look with a one-shoulder blouse and a ruffle saree

Do you want to convert your traditional ruffle saree into a contemporary ensemble? You can do so by pairing a one-shoulder outfit with your ruffle saree. It will give you a diva look without making much effort. It’s better to choose a blouse with full sleeves. It will add a glamorous touch to your ensemble. You can align your blouse with the pallu’s edge to hide it completely. Honestly, it will give you a sleeker appearance.

You can style your silhouette the way you like when pairing a one-shoulder blouse with a ruffle saree. The best accessories for your look are minimal jewelry like a statement pendant and matching danglers. You can add a watch or bracelet to your outfit to create a gorgeous appearance. A sleek and clean hairstyle will look perfect with your contemporary outfit. Finally, add the cherry on the cake with a bling belt worn over the saree.

4. Become a fashionista with a simple ruffle saree and a heavy necklace

I love creating a clean, traditional, and sober look with a ruffle saree. So, this getup is my favorite. All you need is a simple and pastel-shaded ruffle saree to don this look. You can get a blingy or sequined blouse to add drama to your outfit. However, it’s better to keep the blouse simple as your focal point will be the heavy necklace. Yes, the beauty of this look lies in your ruffle saree and matching heavy jewelry. 

Go for oxidized silver necklaces if your saree has a cool undertone in it. Ruffle sarees in blue, green, and white colors will look perfect with oxidized silver chokers. However, choose an oxidized gold necklace for yellow, orange, and reddish sarees. You can keep your hair untamed and curled with such a saree look. Furthermore, wear minimal earrings to balance your outfit. You can wear a simple belt with this saree to create the best appearance.

5. Get ready for casual outings with an Ulta pallu ruffle saree

Many ladies don’t want to be too creative with ruffle sarees. Besides, you cannot carry excessively styled ruffle sarees in casual outings. So, it’s better to go for minimal styling when you want to wear ruffle sarees on a regular day. My favorite getup for casual purposes and daytime events is the Ulta-pallu ruffle saree. 

You can create this look with cotton ruffle sarees with patterns like polka dots and floral prints. It’s best to pair your saree with a neutral blouse to complete the look. Unlike other sarees, you keep the pallu on your left shoulder and add a belt to secure the fabric.

Wrapping Up!

Ruffle sarees are the new fashion statement. They give you the freedom to experiment and exhibit your creativity. So, it’s better to get some gorgeous ruffle sarees in your wardrobe and style them for your next event. No eyes will get off your ruffle saree. I bet you!