16 Tips to Impress Your Husband in a Saree

How to impress husband in saree

Saree is one the most common Indian ethnic outfits that you can style in several ways and still gives you an entirely different look anytime you drape it. But when it becomes a way to be graceful at home, and a tool to impress your husband, it is fun. Wondering how to impress your husband in a saree. This article is for you.

While there are many ways to impress your husband, this article focuses on 16 amazing and seductive tips to impress your husband in a saree. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

1. Choose the Right Saree Fabric

Generally, choosing the right saree fabric is the key to looking beautiful and impressive. There are multiple classy saree fabrics such as chiffon, georgette, khadi, crepe, supernet. For example, Georgette, Chiffon and crepe cling to the body and flatter the silhouette, giving an illusion of a slender body.

2. Wear Low-waist Saree

Nothing will make your husband salivate for you other than wearing a low-waist saree. Wear your saree on your waist, a few inches below the navel. Make sure the saree is exposing your curves slightly and not more. Mini sarees such as this lycra saree will make you look so hot.

3. Choose a Sleek Border Saree

If you’re less endowed with height, steering clear of bold borders is the key to pulling off a saree beautifully. Most of the sarees are accentuated with sleek borders to help you look more attractive. Broader borders will accentuate your curves, while narrow borders will render a slimming silhouette. The broader the border, the broader you look!

4. Pleat Your Saree Right

Besides choosing the right saree fabric, you should also understand that you must pleat your saree right to make an impressive look. Each fabric has its own pleating style. For example, chiffon is looser, while silks will need to be broader and more regular. The way you pleat a saree will go a long way in making you look attractive.

You can start by tying the saree a bit lower than the navel. Further, you can tie the pallu properly at the shoulder and make neat and tidy pleats as you drape the fabric. This look will give you an elegant and tidy look and accentuate your curves and waist.

5. Go for Lighter Saree Prints

There’s just a subtle way in which saree prints attract an individual. If you want to impress your husband with the choice of printed saree, you must know that the lighter printed saree is replete with subtle embroidery. Also, smaller prints or motifs are always preferable over bolder and darker printed saree. You can also go for floral, graphic, geometric, stripes, or digital print saree.

6. Choose a Contrasting Blouse and a Petticoat

Gone are the days when a woman’s bare chest was considered immodest and improper. However, in this contemporary world, most females prefer wearing a pair of saree, blouse and an underskirt to enhance their elegance.

To make your husband proud of your presence, especially on an evening dinner, wear a perfectly fitting petticoat and a flattering blouse. A satin petticoat will make you look glamorous. Stitch your petticoat in a way that makes the upper part of your hip a lot slimmer, making a flare below the knees.

Donning blouses with full sleeves or quarter-length sleeves will glean any unwanted attention and end up looking beautiful.

7. Pair Your Saree with the Right Jewelry

A set of good-looking jewels with the latest silk saree is essential if you want to look more impressive to your husband. The blend will enhance your silk saree’s charm and make you look stylish, and add a feminine touch to the looks. For instance, for a wedding look, you can pair up a heavy necklace with heavy earrings.

However, a smart and elegant pair of earrings and necklace would be enough to complement his evening if both of you are out for an evening dinner or party.

8. Add a Belt to Your Saree

Men love ladies with exotic body figures, and one way to impress your husband with your figure is to add a belt to your saree look. This look is taking the Indian fashion industry by storm.

If you want to achieve a proper look in this way, drop your saree in a basic manner and add a belt that helps cinch your pallu at the waist.  Additionally, if your husband prefers something traditional, you can even use a Kamar bandh to create the same look. After all, it would be best if you impressed him.

9. Wear the Saree in Lehenga Style

One of the simplest yet impressive ways you need to create a stylish statement is to wear your saree and drape it in the lehenga style. Lehenga style is extremely easy to ace. What you need to do is to keep pleating the complete saree. But remember, to enrich your beauty, you need to leave some piece of the saree for your pallu. 

10. Try the Pant Style Drape

Besides the lehenga style, you can also look impressive in the pant style drape. Pant style drape is one of the modern and trendy ways of styling a piece of saree. This style of saree draping is easy, comfortable, functional, and super chic

All you need to do is wear pants underneath the saree and then drape it from one leg. Make sure you leave one side of the pants visible.

The pant style drape will make your husband think he married one of the famous Bollywood celebrities. Try it out.

11. Always Keep Your Pallu in the Front                   

Do you want your husband to go crazy about you all day? Keep your pallu always in the front. Pallu saree draping will take your impressive statement to another level. Since the silk saree collection is usually heavy, you can put the front pallu look by draping your saree so that the heavy pallu of your silk comes in front of your shoulder. If you’re wearing a net or georgette or chiffon saree, remember to never pin-up the pallu.

The look will showcase the full beauty of the saree, giving you a look that will make your husband get you your favorite gift.

12. Wear Your Saree with a Short Kurta

Another great way to impress your man is to blend your silk saree with a short kurta. A short kurta is extremely beneficial, especially when it comes to enhancing your look in public. It makes you look classier and helps you hide your curves in a very subtle manner.

To enhance your look in a short kurta, you can mix and match your plain silk saree with a heavy work kurta or combine a silk plain kurta with a heavy work silk saree. Pinterest has a variety of short kurtas to choose from.

13. Wear High Heels

Evening dinner with your husband cannot go wrong if you complement your saree with a beautiful pair of high heels for your feet. But remember, you must pick a pair of high heels that will enhance your confidence and make you comfortable. If you pick the right fit and heel height, you’ll look sophisticated yet chic.

Fashionistas advise that you should not show more than one inch of the heel if you want to look more beautiful in your saree. Therefore, put on your heel before draping the saree. Shoes such as wedges, platforms, and boots should never be considered while wearing a saree.

14. Add a Brocade Blouse to Your Saree Wear

You’ll agree with me that there’s no better way to catch the eyes of your husband in a subtle way than to wear a classy and heavy embroidered blouse with your new silk saree. If your saree is plain silk, then donning it with heavy brocade or a banarasi silk blouse is the way to go. It can add all the grace and the old charm you require to make your look nothing but extraordinary. Check out the latest brocade and banarasi silk blouses.

15. Choose Shimmer Saree

If you’re going for an evening outing, the best way to impress your husband is to choose a pair of shimmer saree. The shimmer saree adds a touch of glamour to your look, giving you all the sassiness you need to create a stylish statement. You can also don it with a blouse that is a quarter-length sleeve or full-length sleeve. You can either choose a classic or trendy saree look for the evening. Either way, you’ll look impressive.

16. Don’t Overuse Safety Pins.

Finally, pin your saree to the rescue! Overusing safety pins as you wear your saree will ruin your expensive saree. Also, it can make your saree rigid and make you uncomfortable as you walk with your hubby. The best way to look impressive is to allow the saree to flow.

However, if you don’t know how to handle or drape a saree in the most effortless way, you need to pin it up. The art of hiding pins can be arduous too. Refrain from using multiple safety pins.