10 Tips to Improve Online Saree Business

Online Saree Business

Your most-awaited saree business went online. It’s doing pretty well even. But, are you seeking opportunities to improve your business a little more? You’ve visited the best place if that’s the case! Many of my friends have been doing online saree businesses for years. I decided to learn about their business improvement strategies and collected them in a single place below. So, here’s your answer to “how can I improve my online saree business?”. Keep reading!

You can improve your online saree business by mentioning it to everyone you come across. Also, cross-selling more products to existing customers will give more sales. Besides, you can collaborate with global manufacturers, bring more products to your store, and offer discounts to attract customers. 

Tips to Improve Online Saree Business

Regardless of whether you are a novice or an established online saree business owner, all your concerns revolve around “how can I improve my online saree business?”. Worry no more! Here are the most selling tips to improve your online saree business dramatically.

1. Tell About Your Online Saree Business to Everyone

Nothing can beat word-of-mouth sales! So, speak about your online saree business to everyone you come across. Tell them about your unique selling point, price ranges, etc., to generate more sales and improved profitability.

2. Cross-Sell More Products to Existing Customers

Apart from capturing more customers, focus on nurturing the existing ones equally. You can recycle existing shoppers and encourage them to shop more from your online shop by a cross-selling strategy.

Are you wondering what cross-selling is? Let me clear out that cross-selling refers to selling more products to existing customers and generating higher revenue through them. For instance, you can cross-sell blouse fabrics or stitched blouses at a lower cost with sarees and watch your customers shop for both of them on your online store. 

3. Collaborate with Global Manufacturers and Expand Your Collection

Limiting to a few manufacturers provides your store with a restricted apparel collection. Let’s face it that smaller collections never attract massive traffic. So, I recommend collaborating with manufacturers across the globe and source unique saree pieces for your online business ranges.

4. Solve Your Inventory Concerns with Dropshipping

You need to manage the inventory if you decide to expand the online saree business collection. Where will you store the products? How will you ship them to customers? – there are so many concerns that flood your mind. Fortunately, dropshipping firms like Baapstore do it all on your behalf. 

All you need is to connect to them, store your products at their warehouse, and take orders from customers. Once you get an order, Baapstore-like companies will deliver it to the desired address.

5. Focus on Festive Discounts and Seasonal Sales to Sell Sarees at Once

Much like me, most people prefer to shop online to access massive discounts. So, customers will visit your online saree store to get exclusive sarees at a discounted rate. I suggest offering festive discounts and seasonal sales to make new customers and sell more pieces within some time.

6. Share Weaver Stories to Establish Product Authenticity

How to make people believe that your sarees are authentic? Share weaver stories, simple! Let people watch videos, read about your weaver community, and believe that your products are authentically sourced from original manufacturers.

7. Bring New Materials and Designs to Attract Customers

Customers love variety in sarees. You get more sales when your store entails more saree fabrics and stunning designs. So, get in touch with more saree manufactures and expand your collection for more sales.

8. Follow a ‘Buy More, Spend Less’ Scheme in Your Store

I know that individual product purchases won’t make much revenue. So, focus on selling multiple products to a customer at once. Offer a lucrative discount scheme where more products in the shopping cart result in higher discounts. 

9. Offer Goodies to Reward Your Customers

Make your customers get back to your store by providing them with freebies. Send surprise gifts like pocket perfume, accessories, scrunchies, or anything with a saree order to your customer’s address. Believe me that such a gesture will bring them to shop more from your online business.

10. Get a Mobile App for Higher Sales

When you run a saree store, understand that most of your customers will shop with you using their phones. So, get an eCommerce app for your store and bring more sales to your doorstep in the blink of an eye.

How Can I Promote My Saree Business from Home?

No matter how sellable your products are, you will not get optimum sales without promoting them to your audiences. So, here are some fool-proof promotion hacks to implement from home itself.

1. Maintain a Blog to Educate Your Customers

Educate your audience about your offerings by maintaining a blog.

2. Use Social Media to Get More Attention

Utilize social media to advertise your online business to the users for more sales.

3. Advertise on WhatsApp for Closer Interaction

You can reach out to your customers with multiple products through WhatsApp if you have their contact information.

4. Guest Blog About Your Business

You can share posts about your online saree business on websites having an established audience.

5. Partner with an Influencer to Gain Instant Traction

You can send free saree to relevant influencers and ask them to advertise your online business on their social handles.

How Do I Market My Saree Business?

Apart from the above hacks, you can follow the below tips to market your business while stepping out of your home.

1. Advertise in Public Places to Get More Customers

Approach a billboard advertiser and get printed commercial banners hung at public places for immediate attention.

2. Organize Giveaway Competition at Shopping Malls

Organize playful giveaway competitions at shopping places and get people to notice your online business broadly.

So, they were the highly profitable answers to your question on “how to improve my online saree business?”. Besides, we also discussed methods to market your brand. So what makes you wait? Utilize all the above tips and become a successful online saree business owner.