Is it disrespectful to wear a sari?

Is it disrespectful to wear a sari

Sari, the beautiful Indian attire is an epitome of gracefulness blended with culture. The elegance of this 5-meter excellent piece of clothing is relished by girls and women of all age groups over generations. However, with time, the ways of styling a Sari have experienced a few alterations. From carrying a Sari with a handbag to styling a Sari with a belt, we have come a long way.

Is it disrespectful to wear a sari? No, not at all. Based on any occasion, as a daily wear, when you are not Indian and irrespective of religion, it is never disrespectful to wear a sari. In fact, it enhances the situation particularly if you are attending an Indian wedding. In cases where a theme is already set and hosts do expect certain culture, check with hosts before wearing.

Less distraction, more affection and infinite authenticity, that’s what saree gifts you.

Although Sari is a piece of clothing that makes you look elegant, however, if you do not wear it the right way, you might face the wrath of being called disrespectful towards it.

You must be having a few apprehensions regarding the prohibitions of wrapping a sari.

Let’s address it one by one.

Is Sari a religious dress?

Sari has always been associated with the deep roots of Indian culture but was never put into religion-based boxes. Saree, known for enhancing the feminine look is worn by many women regardless of their culture, religion, or ethnicity. For example, Banarasi Sari, one of a kind, is worn by most of the brides across India.

However, the color of the saree sometimes signifies certain religious aspects.

For example, the ‘white saree’ is symbolic of women’s grief and some Hindu widows wear it after their husband’s demise. On the other hand, the ‘red saree’ signifies auspiciousness and is worn by the new brides entering into a new phase of their lives. ‘Green saree’ is often associated with Islamic connotations while yellow is considered to be the saint’s color.

Although, such discernment was widely followed in the pre-modern world. However, with changing times, saree is now considered as an epitome of ‘progressive’ glamorous women, irrespective of the color that they wear.

Let’s have a glimpse at a few saree styles followed across India.

Bengali Sari

In this style of a sari, the pallu comes from the back to the front and is one of the most prominent draping styles in Bengal.

Nivi Drape

It’s the most renowned style in parts of Andhra Pradesh and was mostly worn by aristocrats. This style is known for enhancing the beauty of women’s curves and today’s saree draping styles are widely inspired by Nivi.

Kappulu Style

This sari style is one of the elegant styles of Andhra Pradesh and is worn by the elder women in the family. This saree is draped from left to right and is known for flattering the curve.

Nauvari Sari

The elegant and flexible look of the sari signifies the strong and powerful women of Maharashtra. It’s wrapped like a dhoti from the bottom and a sari from the top.

So, here you see that regardless of the regions the women belong to, the saree draping style speaks of their uniqueness and establishes their identity in the people’s minds.

Can sari be disrespectful anytime?

First of all, you must understand a sari is the most celebrated outfit in India’s culture. It’s widely known for enhancing the traditional Indian look. Women all over India wear the Sari on special occasions.

Although a sari looks very classy, however, it cannot be your benefactor all the time. For example, if you are going for a business meeting where the dress code is a blazer, wearing a sari on such occasions is certainly not advisable.

When in Rome do as Romans do.

You must always be mindful of the quote while wearing a sari or any other outfit, otherwise you might get yourself into trouble with limited knowledge.

However, if your host says that the dress code is ethnic, definitely you can choose an elegant sari style from the lot that goes with your personality and rock the party.

But, whatsoever, it’s not going to be disrespectful in any case, though at times, it might not be apt for a particular occasion.

Is it disrespectful to wear saris, if I’m not Indian?

No, not at all! When western culture people wear saris gracefully, Indians see it as a respect to their culture and admire such women.

British PM Theresa May wore a gold and green sari during her visit to India. She looked so elegant that the social media could not resist itself from appreciating her for her gracefulness.

Lady Gaga also tried Sari in one of her musical concerts and looked absolutely stunning in it.

So, the next time, if you are skeptical of wearing a saree owing to the reason that you belong to a non Indian Origin, just note that it’s completely fine to drape a sari. Moreover, if you are unsure about the ways of wearing it, you can always approach an Indian woman for it. They would love to help you out with Sari draping.

Still not convinced?

Check this video to understand better.

Saree is the sexiest garment ever. It shows you the right amount, it covers the right amount. It’s extremely versatile, it suits every body type. It suits every face

Is it offensive to wear a sari?

No, not at all! Indian culture highly encourages women from wearing a sari as it symbolizes femininity. However, sometimes people unintentionally style sari in the wrong ways that eventually turns into controversies.

There was a controversial picture of lady posing with the blouse hanging off her body. This picture was criticized by many. Indians treated this as a disrespect to India’s traditional outfit as it appeared more sensuous than elegant.

However, you can easily avoid it by learning a few things about the historical values of Sari.

Also there was a picture while hosting a sports session with national flags and many felt hurt.

Such mistakes are accidental, however, one must be very cautious when experimenting with something that has got sentimental values.

Every sari talks, more than you know and I know

What are some must-know sari etiquettes if you are trying it for the first time?

  • Go for a sari fabric that is easier to carry and always secure your sari with pins to avoid the pallu from falling off.
  • Wear a petticoat beneath your sari and tighten it well.
  • Do not go for high heels if you are trying sari for the first time.
  • If you drape a sari too high or too low, it might give the right look. So, if you want to have an elegant one, decide wisely.
  • Go for blouse styles that would enhance your feminine look and would flatter your body type.

Get flirty, sexy and quirky!

Yeah, you read it right! Sari is one such dress that can turn you from a traditional looking beautiful girl to the sassy looking girl next door. Besides, it’s an outfit that doesn’t demand a weight loss or a weight gain for embracing it. You just need to choose a style and a fabric that defines your personality. Once you are done, you will be ready to slay all the gatherings.

Be it a wedding ceremony or an ethnic day at your office, don’t hesitate to wrap yourself in this 9 yard of clothing. It is never disrespectful. Whether you try the  Maharashtrian Sari to a Punjabi wedding or a South Indian Sari in the Bihari function, if you are confident of your style, you are good to go.

And, always remember Sari has two main purposes, comfort and love. So, the next time you are choosing a sari, you know what to choose and what not to.

Dear all of you outfits there,
Try all you want but only I bring out her true beauty and elegance.
Yours sincerely,