Is Saree Shapewear Comfortable? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Women Shapewear

One of the greatest ways to achieve a mermaid look while wearing a saree is to put on a saree shapewear. Most women prefer saree shapewear as a replacement for saree petticoat or in-skirt. This all-around attire can smooth out your side and give you perfect curves and a curvy look, unlike a petticoat.

After all, comfort is the most important thing to look for when it comes to sarees. But, is a saree shapewear comfortable?

A saree shapewear is super comfortable to wear. It is made from the softest fabric and has a side slit which is flared design that makes it easier to move around in. Low-compression saree shapewear provides maximum comfort and can be worn all day long without any hassles. 

Ladies, you don’t need to worry about anything whenever you want to wear saree shapewear. You can comfortably wear it under various outfits such as saree, Ghaghara, or even Lehenga.

Today, we explore the beautiful world of saree shapewear. You’ll learn incredible kinds of stuff, including how to choose a saree shapewear size, how tight should shapewear be, and the most comfortable saree shapewear. Read on.

Can We Wear Shapewear under Saree?

You can wear shapewear under any saree to enhance your curve and look elegant. The saree shapewear will keep the saree in place and add glamour to your entire look.

A saree shapewear will perfectly sculpt your body to look flawless when you wear a saree. For instance, if you have any flabby areas, then the shapewear will perfectly cover those areas and make them appear smooth from the top. You can easily achieve an amazing ton figure in seconds by just putting on a pair of shapewear underneath your saree.

You can also wear shapewear under a saree if you desire to achieve optimum comfort. In fact, saree shapewear is more comfortable than regular petticoats. Therefore, apart from sculpting your body, a saree shapewear can also provide great comfort.

Additionally, you can wear shapewear under a saree to improve your posture and abdominal muscles. Since saree shapewear is elastic, it will provide you with compression and encourage you to stand with your back straighter and firmer.

The support also alleviates pain, particularly in the lumbar area and the lower back. This helps improve walking and sitting, and it also reduces strain on the back, especially for those who sit for extended periods. 

On the other hand, some saree shapewear might be uncomfortable when you put them on. Therefore, when choosing the right saree shapewear, make sure it is made from polyamide spandex. This type of shapewear is more breathable than cotton, polyester, or satin, while it gives a smooth look.

Is Saree Shapewear Comfortable?

Most of the ladies are abandoning the traditional way of wearing a saree with a petticoat and adapting to the new-age style of putting on a saree shapewear. This is because a saree shapewear provides more comfort than any other type of underskirt.

Most of the saree shapewear is made with a targeted firmness to smoothen out and compliment your abdomen, thighs, and back, making you look slimmer and comfortable. Saree shapewear has a unified waistband that is strong enough to hold the saree tucks and a side slit on the hemline to enhance effortless movement.

A saree shapewear is smooth and gives that desirable hourglass shape. It is more comfortable wearing saree shapewear because it doesn’t have strings bunching-up at your tummy.

This attire is designed with a thick waistband instead of strings. The waistband majorly keeps your tummy area looking smooth and holds your saree in place. Also, the waistband ensures you remain chafe-free and comfortable all day long.

Additionally, a saree shapewear is crafted with stretchable polyamide, which hugs your curves in all places. It is designed with targeted compress to contour and relax your back, waist, hips, and thighs, making them look toned and curvy.

A saree shapewear is flexible too. Most saree shapewear designs come with a side slit cut that helps you walk comfortably. You can go down a few inches with the saree shapewear within minutes. If you are after a slimmer silhouette, choose medium or high-compression shapewear to give you optimum comfort.

Unlike most of the regular underskirts, saree shapewear tucks in your tummy, fixes love handles, perks up your rear, and tightens your thighs all in one at ago.

Saree shapewear’s compression level also contributes to its comfort. Saree shapewear with light compression is more flexible and offers less smoothing than shapewear with high compression.

With the saree shapewear, you’ll never have to go to the tailor to get the perfect fit. Whether you are curvy or small, the saree shapewear fits all sizes from XS – 2XL.

But remember, if you want to achieve the extreme comfort that comes with saree shapewear, you must ensure you wear the right style, use appropriate compression level, and use the proper size.

How Do I Choose a Saree Shapewear Size?

Saree shapewear with smaller size will cut into your skin, and you won’t breathe properly. This is because the high compression will make you uncomfortable all night.

Likewise, saree shapewear with a bigger size won’t give you your desired comfort because the wrinkle will show through.

Here’s the best way to choose a saree shapewear to suit your size;

Measure Your Size

The best way to know which shapewear fits your body is to measure your body size. Measure your hi-waist, low-waist, and hips with a measuring tape held straight around your body.

If you want to measure your hi-waist, hold the tape measure three points above the waist (the point where your waist goes when you bent sideways.

To measure your low-waist, hold the tape 12cm below the waist.

To measure your hips, hold the tape measure 22cm below the waist or at the point where your hips look widest.

You should always ensure your shapewear is your correct size. Many people believe that smaller-sized shapewear will make you look slimmer. However, smaller sizes tend to highlight your flaws even more. Shapewear should not be too loose or too tight.

Select saree shapewear size from the shapewear size chart.

After you’ve known your right size, select a saree shapewear from the size chart that targets your problem area. For instance, if you have a small waist but your hips are wider than the bust or shoulders, select a thigh shaper. Remember to go by the size that tallies with your hips.

If the size of your tummy is more than your hips, go for a waist slimmer or high-waist slimmer that tallies with your waist size in centimeters.

The following is an example of a saree shapewear size chart to find the right size for you (you MUST have your measurement);

Size GuideWaist (cm)Hips (cm)
S68 – 7788 – 95
M78 – 8496 – 93
L85 -90104 -109
XL91 – 99110 – 105

When choosing a saree, you should be careful and order according to your exact size for a perfect fit. Buying one with a smaller or larger size may not give you the result that you’re looking for. 

Pick saree shapewear types that enhances your body shape

It is also important to understand your body shape type before making a move to choose a shapewear. Here are a few examples of saree shapewear types that will help you choose the best saree shapewear size.

Hourglass Shapewear

Hourglass shapewear has bust and hip measurements that roughly correspond to each other. If you have this body-type, choose a shapewear that will put on weight evenly all over your targeted areas.

Ruler Shaped Shapewear

Ruler-shaped women, also known as rectangle/athletic, have almost the same bust, waist, and hip measurements. Generally, straight-bodied women conform to this shape. This shape will not pile weight on your sides as much as it will do on the front and back.

A high-rise rear enhancing shapewear works for all-day shaping. It tucks in your tummy while giving your rear an enviable lift. It also sits at your natural waist, relaxing any muffin top as well. If you have a ruler shaped body, make sure you choose saree shapewear of this type. It is a perfect all-day, invisible companion.

This type of shaping bodysuit from Amazon is the most apt style for such women. The shapewear will provide you with an invisible smoothening and lifts, helping you feel confident!

Apple-shaped Saree Wear

Another type of saree wear chosen is the apple-shaped or V-shaped. Also called the inverted triangle, it suits women with a comparatively heavier upper body, narrow hips, and a short torso.

An ideal shapewear to choose is this saree shapewear  from amazon. It is an ideal to buy if you’re of this type. It will not only relax your love handles & compress your bust but subsequently give the illusion of a longer torso.

Pear shaped saree shapewear

As the name implies, pear-shaped women have significantly wider hips, and their waist measurements are less than their bust measurements. This type is also alternatively called triangle-shaped. If you have a pear shaped body, it is important to go for this type of thigh-shaper from Amazon. It works wonders for women of this body-type, targeting the love handles, muffin tops, the rear, and of course, the thighs. Helping you achieve a sleeker look.

Choose the Right Color

The next thing that you need to consider is the color that you choose. It would be best to choose according to the saree’s closest shade you plan to wear with so many available options. Choosing contrasting colors may not be a great idea unless you plan to start a new fashion trend.

How Tight Should Shapewear Be?

Not too tight.

Your shapewear should feel tight and secure around the area it’s covering, but it should not be too tight to allow comfort. Shapewear should be comfortable to breathe, move, and bend in, provided you have good posture.

Most shapewear feels very tight, especially the ones labeled as high compression. Therefore, if you cover your core with too tight shapewear, you might feel stiff in the torso, making you feel uncomfortable.

Too tight shapewear might also cause skin irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin and you wear it for a long period. Your skin might become chafed and may turn red or itchy and could eventually become infected.

Another issue with too tight shapewear is that it could be responsible for gassiness and bloating after you eat. This is because the gas produced with digestion and the air you naturally swallow while eating has trouble escaping. So, fit your shapewear well!

Too tight shapewear can cause ill-functioning of lungs. Mostly, people wear shapewear on the upper body, which compresses the lower lobes of your lungs. This phenomenon restricts the lungs from expanding and not taking up enough oxygen, directly affecting the lungs’ functioning. In the process, most people suffer difficulty breathing while wearing shapewear.

Additionally, if you wear ultra-tight shapewear around the hips, it can constrict blood circulation to the lower level, resulting in tingling sensation or numbness. If the shapewear is too tight especially around the hip area, it can constrict the blood circulation to the lower legs.

If you feel uncomfortable in your shapewear while stooping, then it’s trying to correct you! Make sure you are getting the right size when you purchase shapewear.

The following are tips to ensure you’re comfortable in your shapewear;

  • Your shapewear should fit tight enough that you can pull your waist in on the 3rd hook closure. Shapewear that fits perfectly will ensure maximum comfortability.
  • Your shapewear should have enough structure not to roll over the waist. If it rolls over, it is a sign the waist shaper is too small.
  • Your waist shaper should not interfere with your breathing system, and you should not experience any pain. Pain is an indication that your shapewear is too tight.
  • The shapewear is going to feel uncomfortable until you get used to it. For this reason, you should gradually build up to wearing the shapewear for a more extended period.
  • The shapewear should close properly with no bulging.
  • Always break in your shapewear if you desire to have a more relaxed shapewear fit.
  • Measure your natural waist properly, often the smallest part of your waist.

Most Comfortable Saree Shapewear

Generally, if you want to get the best saree shapewear, you must confirm that it is designed with a breathable fabric. This will help to compress comfortably and contour the target areas and smoothen out your waist, back, thighs, and hips, making them look curved and toned.

Below is the list of the most comfortable saree shapewear;

Verhevishh Women’s Microfiber Seamless Saree Shapewear

This type of saree shapewear tops our list of the most comfortable shapewear because it is made of super elastic fabric that offers target compression that causes no unwanted bulges.

It also features a well-built sturdy drawstring on a strong waistband grip to hold all types of sarees. The shapewear’s soft waistband holds your saree perfectly without causing any chaffing.

The saree has a thoughtfully designed side slit on hemline for confident and easy movement

Verhevishh women’s microfiber saree shapewear is also seam-free shapewear that you can wear not just under sarees but also under fitted gowns, sheer maxi dresses, and fish-cut lehengas for a smoother look.

This shapewear is meant to be skin-tight. If you can breathe easily, it’s the right fit!

Zivame Women’s Mermaid Saree Shapewear

Zivame women’s mermaid saree shapewear is a four-way stretch fabric that offers targeted compression, which helps to smoothen out the fabric from the waist, hips, and thighs. It is among the best because it has a seamless chafe-free finish that doesn’t cause any discomfort, no matter how long you wear it.

This saree shapewear has a feather light design to remain undetectable and to make you comfortable for up to 9 Hr. of wear. It is a long shaping skirt for stomach & thigh shaping.

This shapewear will offer you medium control that makes you look slimmer and flawless.

HOPz Women Multicolor Microfiber Fabric Saree Shapewear

We highly recommend this type of shapewear because it is crafted with 92 percent microfiber and 8 percent elastane to help you retain your original shape. This shapewear comes with a seamless waistband that can comfortably hold your saree in place for the longest hours.

Like the other shapewear, it’s designed with targeted compression that helps smoothen out the concern areas such as the abdomen, thighs, and back, making you look slimmer. This type of saree shapewear is designed with a targeted compression.

It also features a seamless waistband that is strong enough to hold the saree tucks.

The saree has a side slit on the hemline for an easy movement. Unlike other available saree shape wears, the slits on this saree shapewear is thoughtfully designed and does not curve outwards giving any undesirable perky shapes at the bottom.