Iyengar Madisar Saree: Drape 9 Yards of Nobility

Iyengar Kanchipuram Saree

Iyengar is a kind of popular Indian designer saree. It is popular in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Iyenger Madisar saree was used by the Iyengar and Iyer brahmin community of Tamil Nadu, but later on, this fantastic saree was opted for by all over India.   

The Iyengar Madisar Saree is designed exquisitely with 9 yards of pure cotton fabric, making it the perfect drape for any woman’s wardrobe box. It can be used as outerwear without any hassle whatsoever.

This 9-yard cotton saree can be worn both in informal and formal settings. The fabric of the saree is of pure cotton that makes it comfortable to wear in all seasons. It also comes with two fabric pottu attached to all edges, making it more attractive and adding a classy look to the wearer.

Iyengar Madisar Saree comes with 6 thread embroidery on the pallu, making it very attractive for people who like making their saree look elegant and stylish. The saree also comes with a fancy zari border which makes it even more special.

The Iyengar Madisar is the best option for the women of today to go with. It is easy to carry, comfortable to wear, and can be used in any event. Iyengar Madisar Saree is worth every penny spent on it.

What is the meaning of a nine-yard saree?

The Iyengar Madisar Saree is made of pure cotton fabric which makes it very comfortable to wear. It comes with two place pottus at the end that adds to its looks and makes it more attractive.

Iyengar Madisar Saree comes in different colors like red, brown, green, black, pink, and many more depending on the customer’s choice. These sarees are suitable for both formal and informal functions. But the color red in the nine-yard saree is considered to be most popular amongst all.

It is special because it can be worn to any occasion be it informal or formal. The main feature of Iyengar Madisar Saree is its 9 yards of pure cotton fabric which makes it very comfortable to wear. It comes with two place pottu which adds to its looks and makes it more attractive. The pallu is made of pure cotton that makes it very comfortable to wear.

Iyengar Madisar Saree is easy to carry, comfortable to wear, and can be used in any event. Iyengar Madisar Saree is worth every penny spent on it.

Iyengar Madisar Saree made in India has always been an essential part of Indian women’s wardrobe box for many years now. It is the choice of numerous customers around the world for its exclusive quality and best features.

The Iyengar Madisar comes with 6-thread zari work embroidery on the pallu to make you feel royal and elegant at all times.

How do you wear an Iyengar nine yards saree?

Iyengar 9 yards sarees are among the most beautiful forms of Indian wear. They are made of silk and come in more than one style.

Most Iyengar sarees can be comfortably worn on any occasion. Still, some events call for an extra dose of elegance that only a fancy blouse or a more traditional saree will do. And while you’ll find lots of articles on how to wear your nine yards more formally, this article is all about the easiest way to wear your nine-yard (and look elegant doing it).

First, no matter what size you are, there are ways to adjust the length, so it suits you perfectly.

If your nine yards is long enough, this is the simplest way to wear it.

Wearing the Iyengar 9 yard saree is the easiest because you do not have to adjust the length at all. You can use a cotton or polyester blouse, but try wearing a silk blouse with your nine-yard saree for special occasions.

1) Drape your saree on one shoulder using your left hand, holding it in place with the saree pallu.

2) Bring it up to cover your right shoulder, tucking in extra fabric as needed beneath the saree pallu so that it doesn’t show. Fluff out the pleats to soften them and create volume.

3) Take a few steps forward, so the front of the blouse rests on the front of your body, and place your hands on your right hip bone.

4) Slowly move your hands down as you bring the rest of the saree (the blouse) with it. This will give you an entire look that is very elegant and flowing.

To know more about how to wear this 9-yard saree, check out this nice video.

If the length is not enough, you might want to take the extra fabric off at one end and make it longer (you can always make it shorter simply by cutting off another few inches).

If the length is too long, you could cut off one end. But you can also make it short by adjusting the length at the other end using a tailor’s tape measure.

Iyer Madisar Draping Made EASY!

But if you don’t want to adjust or cut any extra length, you can tuck your left hand inside your blouse behind your back and tuck in excess fabric as needed to create volume at one end of the blouse (or front of the saree).

To tuck in extra fabric, fold it in half or cut it into 4-5 snips (circles) with scissors before tucking it under. If you cut the excess fabric into snips, be sure to match up the edges when you tuck them under.

If your right arm is hiding the extra fabric, bring it forward, so it rests on your thigh so that the blouse is smooth.

You can also adjust your blouse length by opening up the front pleats slightly and gently pulling out any extra fabric before bringing in the saree pallu to cover it. This way, you don’t need to tuck in any extra or make any snips in the material.

What is unique about the Iyengar nine yards saree?

Iyengar sarees are one of the most popular and beautiful varieties of sarees in the world.

They use a special kind of silk which is known as “Iyengar” Silk and give a vibrant look. It has become one of the best event wear as well as party wear for women.

They are super easy and comfortable to wear and can be worn by everyone without adjustments. Other than the ease and comfort, the Iyengar sarees offer outstanding design and beautiful artistry. Iyengar sarees are not only a great fashion statement but also a significant investment. It is a long-lasting saree that increases in value over time.