What kind of jewellery to wear with Black Saree?

Black Saree with Jewellery

Nothing can match the beauty of black sarees, isn’t it? These gorgeous sarees become ethereal when combined with appropriate jewelry. Besides amplifying its beauty, accessories reflect your fashion sense and make you appear out of the crowd. So, it’s high time to get your wardrobe equipped with multiple accessories that go with black sarees. Here is your ultimate guide to shop for jewelry that suits all types of black sarees. Let’s dive in!

Below are 10 styles about what kind of jewellery to wear with black saree and how to style it to increase your grace.

1. Get that Boho Look with Oxidized Jewelry and Black Saree

Oxidized silver jewelry is all the rage these days. Regardless of the type of costume, oxidized jewelry goes with all ensembles without any difficulties. Similarly, these accessories are the best counterpart for black sarees. Since these accessories have a tarnished appearance, they complement black sarees like no other jewelry.

Nowadays, plunged or V-necked blouses are in vogue with black sarees. So, you can pair an oxidized Choker necklace with your garment to appear unique, elegant, and Boho from head to toe. Also, you can choose multiple oxidized necklaces having different lengths for your black saree. The layering method works, isn’t it?

2. Appear Royal with a Black Saree and Gold Jewelry

Golden jewelry has age-old bond sarees, especially the black ones. Since the color black can be slightly dull, you can wear gold jewelry to add sparkles to your ensemble. Besides, these accessories provide you with a traditional appearance when combined with black sarees.

Also, you can be as creative as possible when pairing gold accessories with black sarees. Choose a golden choker necklace or wear Jhumkas with a black saree to appear minimalistic and gorgeous. Also, you can try out layering if the saree is too simple. However, be watchful when you match the accessories with a black saree as overdoing them might ruin the look.

3. Kundan Jewelry for an Elegant Look

Nothing can beat Kundan jewelry regarding elegance and ethnicity. It will not disappoint you regarding black sarees. Kundan jewelry when paired with a black saree attracts attention towards your ensemble. Besides, these accessories look flawless with a simple black saree as it adds sparkle to your silhouette and creates a statement look.

You can wear a heavy Kundan necklace along with similar earrings to complete your black saree look. Also, you can omit the earrings if the necklace is too heavy to maintain the style equilibrium. Remember that the combination of Kundan jewelry and black saree appears gorgeous, so you should make a bun for a healthy style balance.

4. Green Beaded Jewelry for a Contrasting Appearance

Many times, the combination of pure black, golden, and silver might appear monotonous. How about adding some different colors to your ensemble? Sounds brilliant, right? You can do so by wearing golden or Kundan jewelry that has green beads on the outline. Believe it or not, green emerald compliments black sarees. So, the overall combination will look classic, elegant, and distinctive.

As you are showcasing your jewelry creations, everyone must focus on your brilliant fashion sense. So, you require avoiding distractions by making a bun and wearing a simple saree and blouse with such jewelry. All you can do is carry heavy eye makeup to complement the look of a diva.

5. Keep it Subtle with Oxidized Gold Jewelry

The shining gold jewelry with a black saree might be a no-no to many ladies. However, the combination of gold and black is invincible. So, how can you wear gold with a black saree without creating a shimmery appearance? Try out oxidized gold jewelry, simple! These accessories appear traditional and give off a subtle appearance when paired with black sarees. Give them a shot!

6. Mirror Work Jewelry Makes You Look Bold

Although lesser-known, the combination of mirror work jewelry and black sarees is deadly. You should understand that black sarees are gorgeous, so you cannot pair all accessories with your apparel. However, the minimalist mirror work jewelry is worth giving a try. These accessories when combined with a black saree make you appear bold and bossy effortlessly. Here’s a bonus styling tip for you! You can make the mirror work jewelry the center of attraction by making a bun and wearing a simple blouse. 

7. Diamond Jewelry for a Dazzling Appearance

Black and white – the most ethereal duo, isn’t it? You can extend the concept when styling your black sarees by choosing a diamond set for yourself. You can wear a gorgeous diamond necklace with a black saree to appear like a princess. Or, you can wear a simple diamond necklace with danglers to create an out-of-the-crowd look. All in all, you will become the talk of the event by pairing diamond jewelry with black sarees.

8. Get a Chic Look with Pearl Jewelry

Talking about the combination of black and white, we cannot ignore pearl jewelry. Believe it or not, pearl jewelry creates a chic appearance when paired with black sarees. You can wear these accessories when you wish to achieve a feminine touch while draping a simple black saree. You can choose a pearl set to complete the elegant look in the blink of an eye.

9. Meenakari Jewelry to Create a Traditional Look

Are you tired of mundane stones, pearls, and metals? It’s time to incline towards Indian heritage, the Meenakari jewelry. As you already know, these accessories have subtle color-play on the pendants and danglers. Such intricate detailing is ideal to create the perfect traditional appearance with black sarees.

Furthermore, you can choose a long Meenakari necklace to make a statement appearance with black sarees and open hair. Also, you can tie your hair in a bun, wear a Gajra, and add a Meenakari Choker necklace for a distinctive look. Such an attractive appearance is perfect for evening parties and traditional festivals.

10. Maroon Jewelry for that Oh-so-Diva Look

Bold maroon and black is the most captivating combination that you will ever come across. You can create such a million-dollar appearance by pairing maroon jewelry with your black saree. Wearing a maroon dangler with similar lipstick looks fantastic when paired with a shimmery black saree. 

Also, you can carry a gorgeous maroon belt in your saree to create a statement appearance. The maroon belt will also attract several eyeballs towards your saree, compelling everyone to praise your bold, unique, and oh-so-diva look. Besides these accessories, you can style different pieces of jewelry to innovate new looks with a black saree.