What Kind of Jewellery to Wear with a Silk Saree?

Jewellery with saree

Silk sarees are the epitome of luxury. However, they appear more gorgeous when paired with the right type of jewelry. But how do you select the best jewelry for your silk sarees? Here is an ultimate resource if you are stuck in a dilemma. From bridal to everyday and party wear styles, below you will find at least one jewelry type that suits your saree and the occasion simultaneously. Let’s unwind the best jewelry and silk saree fashion for you!

1. Temple Gold Jewelry and Kanjivaram Silk Sarees for a Traditional Look

Have you seen a gorgeous south Indian bride? Their gorgeous temple gold jewelry might have attracted your attention. The temple jewelry has a separate fan base and gives a traditional appearance with kanjivaram silk sarees. South Indian brides wear gold temple jewelry for eternity on their D-day.

You can wear such jewelry on any traditional occasion with all types of silk sarees. Also, you can try out layering with different jewelry, not necessarily the temple ones, to create an outstanding look. The temple jewelry look is perfect for brides and newly married women, regardless of their culture.

2. Wear Kundan Jewelry with Banarasi Sarees for an Elegant Appearance

Banarasi sarees are the portrayal of royalty. So, you require a touch of elegance to complete the traditional avatar. All you need is a royal Kundan set to complement your Banarasi saree ensemble. Since the Banarasi silk sarees are shimmery, a gorgeous Kundan saree will amplify the appearance.

You can either choose a Kundan necklace or a set to accessorize your Banarasi saree ensemble. Moreover, you can add a Maangtika in your apparel to turn up the drama and look more graceful. Regardless of whether you are the bride or a guest wearing a Banarasi saree, Kundan jewelry will integrate your traditional look like no other accessories.

3. Get an Emerald Necklace with Silk Sarees for a Royal Look

Do you have a white, beige, or off-white silk saree? It’s time to pair your saree with green emerald jewelry and make every head turn towards you. Also, you can break through the monotonous golden jewelry by wearing emerald accessories with a gorgeous silk saree. 

You can keep the hair tied in a bun and avoid wearing heavy earrings to keep a balance in your apparel. Besides, you are free to show your creativity when styling your silk sarees with emerald jewelry. Additionally, you can pair a pearl or Kundan necklace of different lengths than the emerald jewelry to create depth in your accessories.

4. Guttapusalu Necklace Suits Soft Silk Sarees

The Guttapusalu necklaces have a delicate beauty that perfectly goes with soft silk sarees. Such jewelry goes well with lightweight and single-hued silk sarees. So, you can choose a gorgeous Guttapusalu necklace, wear small danglers, and add a beautiful Nath to complete your overall look.

Such a traditional look is unique and sophisticated which is ideal for all silk sarees. Also, you can wear these accessories with any silk saree and hairstyle. Moreover, you can carry heavy makeup and style any blouse piece to complement your overall appearance. Indeed, these gorgeous accessories are a must-have in every wardrobe. Go get them at the earliest!

5. Get a Chic Look with Pearl Jewelry and Silk Sarees

Do you wish to create a chic appearance with your silk saree? Here you go! Bring pearl jewelry for your silk saree and style it like a pro! These accessories look perfect with pastel-shaded sarees. Also, you can create a layering effect with different lengths of necklaces and widths of beads. All in all, beaded necklaces are the best thing for any type of silk saree, provided they are simple and have a single shade.

6. Coin Jewelry for a Boho Appearance

You must have numerous modern jewelry in your wardrobe if you are a young lady. Do you think these are imperfect for traditional silk sarees? Rethink! You can style coin jewelry with silk sarees with some fashion sense. Here are some tips! You can add a coin Choker to your apparel and carry a hair bun to complement the traditional saree to look like a pro.

Also, you can carry long coin necklaces and keep the hair open to appear like an untamed diva. Similarly, you can play with these necklaces and earrings to create a mismatched appearance using the same silk saree on different occasions effortlessly.

7. Diamond Jewelry to Slay the Bridal Look

Are you planning to wear a silk saree at your wedding? It’s time to pair a gorgeous diamond set with your apparel and appear like a princess on your D-day. Although uncommon, the combination of silk saree and diamond necklaces is ethereal. Again, you can try layering and create a virtual depth in your ensemble by combining diamond necklaces of different lengths.

8. Silver Oxidized Jewelry for Subtle Appearance

Silver oxidized jewelry is ideal for your silk saree look. You can add simple statement jewelry to your ensemble to create a subtle appearance. Also, you can carry oxidized silver danglers with the saree to amplify your appearance dramatically.

9. Beaded Jewelry for an Out-of-the-Box Look

Beaded jewelry with silk saree – sounds unfamiliar, right? However, everything is possible if you have a wise sense of fashion. You can combine a beaded necklace of medium length and has a large statement pendant. That’s all you require to slay the traditional look without any difficulties.

10. Tussled Jewelry for a Statement Appearance

Tussled jewelry is the best option to pair with different silk sarees. These versatile accessories look perfect with all types of silk sarees, Assam silk, and Kanjivaram, to name a few. You can also style your hair and carry makeup of your liking with such jewelry effortlessly. All in all, the Tussled jewelry will make you look different and out of the crowd at any event. Another pro tip! You can carry a contrast-colored beaded necklace with silk sarees to create a statement look.