What Kind of Jewellery to Wear with Yellow Saree?

Yellow saree with jewellery

You are in love with those yellow sarees, you know you are going to look good in a yellow saree. But somewhere you have doubts, what about accessories? Can I make some mistake in the choice of jewellery given that too much yellow or some matching mistakes can make it worse? This article is for you, check out my 10 styles here to know what kind of jewellery to wear with yellow saree and how to style it to increase your grace.

1. Kundan Jewelry with Yellow Saree Gives a Royal Look

Kundan jewelry is a matter of luxury and aristocracy. These accessories when combined with a yellow saree creates the most mesmerizing look. Although you will rarely find such a combination, Kundan jewelry with yellow sarees distinguishes you from the crowd effortlessly.

You can pair Kundan jewelry with chiffon, organza, and other flimsy fabrics having a yellow tint. Also, you should take care of never overdoing the jewelry as it might ruin your chic and feminine appearance dramatically. All in all, Kundan jewelry is a must-try alternative to carry with yellow sarees if you wish to create a unique and regal appearance.

2. Oxidized Silver Jewelry with Yellow Saree to Create a Boho Look

Silver oxidized jewelry is well-known to create a classic Boho look with all types of ensembles. Also, it gives off the same appearance as traditional sarees. Moreover, the silver oxidized accessories have a special combination with yellow sarees. Although lesser-known, the yellow saree and oxidized silver jewelry look is a buzzword in the fashion world, especially among celebrities.

You can carry all types of yellow sarees with oxidized silver jewelry and create an extraordinary Boho look. Such an appearance looks perfect with cotton and lightweight silk sarees. All you would require is to make a high bun and wear a choker necklace to complete the traditional appearance.

3. Gold Jewelry for the Traditional Yellow Saree Appearance

Have you seen a charming South Indian bride wearing a yellow saree and gold jewelry? They are a delight to the eyes, aren’t they? You can recreate such a traditional appearance by combining gold jewelry with your yellow ensemble. It is one of the most common yellow saree looks. So, you can find numerous inspirations to style your saree like a pro.

Besides necklace and earrings, you can pair a golden waist girdle and Mangtika to complete your traditional look. Also, you can add layers of necklace with a yellow saree to appear more regal and ethereal. Such a combination goes well with heavyweight silk sarees having a yellowish tinge.

4. Carry Oxidized Gold Jewelry with Yellow Saree for a Subtle Appearance

Gold is one of the most sought-after jewelry regarding yellow sarees or the ones having yellowish borders. However, some ladies do not prefer the shining texture of gold, especially for morning events. They can satiate their quest by pairing oxidized gold jewelry with yellow sarees. Carrying the same charm as golden jewelry, the oxidized accessories offer a subtle appearance that is ideal for all-time events.

You can add more charm to your overall look by layering oxidized gold necklaces having different lengths. Also, you can go with a choker necklace and a high bun. You can even omit wearing necklaces and carry a pair of oxidized golden Jhumkas for a minimalistic appearance. The choice is yours ultimately!

5. Create a Funky Look with Beaded Jewelry and Yellow Saree

Oxidized and pure metal jewelry with yellow sarees are too traditional, aren’t they? Luckily, you can break the monotony by pairing beaded jewelry with a yellow saree. All you would require is picking a contrasting shade like green, blue, or red for the beaded jewelry and combine it with your yellow saree to get that oh-so-funky look effortlessly.

You can pick a multi-layered necklace as statement jewelry to style your simple yellow saree for parties and ceremonies. Also, you can take up a self-designed yellow saree and combine different beaded jewelry to fetch the ideal funky appearance.

6. Green Emerald Jewelry Creates a Contrasting Silhouette

The green and yellow combination stands evergreen. You can implement such a duo when styling a yellow saree. How do you do that? By getting green emerald jewelry, simple! Green emerald jewelry with yellow sarees makes one of the best pairs for traditional ensembles.

You can either choose pure emerald jewelry or get it mixed with other stones like diamonds. All in all, the green tinge will amplify your yellow saree, creating a contrasting appearance that you wished for an eternity. Regardless of whether you are a guest or the bride, pairing green emerald jewelry with a yellow saree can be a captivating thing for your traditional look.

7. Pearl Jewelry with Yellow Saree Gives a Chic Appearance

Pearl jewelry goes well with light-colored and pastel-shaded sarees. Having said so, you can understand that pearl jewelry can be the best match for yellow sarees. You can carry pure pearl accessories with sheer yellow sarees to create a chic appearance. 

A simple pearl necklace or large pearl studs are enough to amplify your yellow saree. You can make a sober bun and let the eyes focus on your jewelry and sense of fashion. All in all, white pearls can make you look gorgeous during all events effortlessly.

8. Get a Diamond Jewelry Having Yellow Stones for an Unmatched Appeal

Diamond jewelry is a symbol of unmatched elegance and luxury. When pairing such charming jewelry with a yellow saree, the overall appearance becomes ethereal. Carrying pure diamond jewelry with a yellow saree gives off a shiny texture. So, you can make it subtle by pairing diamond jewelry with yellowish stones with your traditional ensemble.

9. Yellow Pearl Jewelry Creates a Calm Look

Do you find pearl jewelry too shiny for a yellow saree? Here’s a way out! Carry pearl jewelry, having a slight yellowish tinge. Such a combination looks subtle and gorgeous with a yellow ensemble. You can carry such a look in Haldi or Sangeet ceremonies. All in all, the yellow-tinted pearl jewelry looks exceptional with yellow sarees, providing you with a feminine and charming appearance.

10. Wear Matching Jewelry with Blouse

Are you tired of matching jewelry with a saree? Carry accessories that match your blouse and witness the magic. Such a combination will distinguish you from the crowd. You can break the monotony of carrying golden, oxidized, pearl, and diamond jewelry with a yellow saree by pairing something that compliments the blouse color.