All You Need to Know About Length of Lehengas

Red Lehenga Choli

The wedding season is at its peak. And the ladies brigade has stuffed their wardrobes with gorgeous lehengas. Also, many others are planning to get a lehenga stitched for an upcoming event. Like me, you must have faced a dilemma of ‘how long should a lehenga be?’ whenever it’s time to sew a lehenga. Worry not. I am here to discuss different types of lehengas and their lengths in the following article. Keep reading!

A lehenga should measure around 44 inches. Based on your waist size, it can be 38 inches for petite ladies and 47 inches for plus-size women. Furthermore, its length can be around 36 inches for short ladies and 49 inches for taller women.

You can be in a hurry to get a lehenga stitched at the earliest. So, here is a comprehensive lehenga length chart for your ready reference.

Size and ScenarioLehenga Length
Waist Size: 3036-38 inches
Waist Size: 3440 inches
Waist Size:4442 inches
Waist Size: 56 inches (Plus Size)44 inches
Short Ladies36 inches
School Girls (12-13 years old)30 inches
Small Kids (4-5 years old)20 inches
Plus Size Women44 inches
Low Waist Lehenga40 inches
High Waist Lehenga46 inches
Mid Waist Lehenga44 inches
Tall Ladies48-50 inches
Maternity44-47 inches
Tube Blouse40 inches
Peplum Blouse44 inches
Kurti44 inches
Fish Cut Lehenga40 inches
A-Line Lehenga44 inches

1. Lehenga Length Based on Waist Size

Lehengas look pretty when they have the best fit. Too small or long lehengas can ruin the show of your apparel in one shot. Also, your lehenga length varies according to your waist size. Yes, that’s true!

I mean, there has to be a generous ratio between lehenga waist and length. You should aim at getting the perfect tapered waist and flared bottom when wearing a lehenga on any occasion. Without proper waist-to-length measurement, your lehenga would appear like a rectangular cloth draped around your waist. And such a style is a no-no!

Ideally, your lehenga length decreases with the waist size. For instance, a petite waist size of 30 inches requires a lehenga length of approximately 36-38 inches. Similarly, the length increases to 42 inches for a waist size of 44 inches. However, for plus-size ladies, you would require a 44 inch-long lehenga.

2. Lehenga Length According to Height

The length of lehengas is directly proportional to your height. Although you will mostly find free-size lehenga in shops, they won’t fit you ideally if you are below 5 feet or above 6 feet. 

Before getting your lehenga stitched, you should wear your heels and measure your height. Otherwise, the lehenga will expose the footwear and won’t look as exposed. 

You can go with a lehenga length of approximately 36 inches if you are a petite lady. However, you would require getting a lehenga of size 48-50 inches if you are on the taller scale. Also, you should know the standard lehenga length for the average-height ladies. Typically, the standard lehenga length is 44 inches and fits most Indian ladies with an average height.

3. Maternity and Plus-Size Lehenga Length

Wearing a lehenga does not become obscene if you are expecting a newborn. Nowadays, brands have come up with maternity lines and present gorgeous lehengas for the momma-to-be ladies. You can get your hands on these products provided you know the length that suits your newly-attained sizes.

The waist size for maternity lehengas increases dramatically. So, the length has to be adjusted for the ensemble to look perfect. Typically, maternity lehengas have a length of 44-47 inches. 

Although you can try more stretched-out waist sizes, the lehenga length would increase in such cases. Talking about the plus-size lehengas, you can go for a length of about 44 inches.

4. Lehenga Length for Girls

The lehengas for school-going girls and small children have different measurements. If you are planning to get a lehenga stitched for girls under the age of 5 years, you can keep the length to approximately 20 inches. However, for still smaller kids, the length can go to 12 inches as well. 

Lehengas for school-going girls are slightly longer. You can keep the length to 20 inches for 12-13-year-old girls. 

5. Lehenga Length Based on Waist Type

Nowadays, low and high waist lehengas are in vogue. For low-rise lehengas, you can keep the length around 40 inches. However, you can choose the length to be 46 inches to get a high-waist lehenga stitched by the tailor.

6. Blouse Type Decides Lehenga Length

Depending on the choli style, the lehengas can have different waist sizes. Consequently, the garment length varies. You can wear a 40-inch lehenga to cover your ankles with a tube blouse. You can choose a 44-inch lehenga that covers your toes with a peplum blouse for optimum appeal.

7. Length Based on Lehenga Cut

Finally, you can have different lehenga lengths with the cuts chosen. As you can see, a fish-cut lehenga appears better if it’s a low-waist one. Consequently, its length can be around 40 inches. However, for A-line lehengas, you can keep its length to be approximately 44 inches.

How to Measure the Length of Lehengas?

Now that you know how long should a lehenga be, you should understand how to measure its length.

  1. Place the measuring tape on your waist at the point from where you wish to wear the lehenga. It can be below the navel for low-rise lehengas, and above it for high-rise garments. For mid-waist lehengas, you can align the tape with your navel button.
  2. Drop the tape down to your feet. You can adjust the end depending on whether you wish the lehenga to cover your ankles or toes.

Tadaa! You have your lehenga measurement. You can wear heels before measuring the length to get the perfect sizes.

With these measurements near hand, you can get the best lehenga that suits your personality and figure. So, find the right length and bring gorgeous lehengas for yourself now!