Which silk saree is light weight?

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Silk sarees have a special place in the heart of every woman. From the age-old traditional days to the contemporary day, silk sarees have evolved to match up with the trend yet not losing their authenticity and quality. Silk sarees will make you stand out in the crowd and will prevent you from wearing overly warm clothing with an attractive drape. Silk sarees form a compulsory part of every Indian woman’s wardrobe. Silk is regarded as one of the most popular fabrics and is considered magnificent. They are an essential part of a bridal trousseau. Indian festivals and occasions are enhanced with the women wearing gorgeous silk sarees. 

Art silk saree is light weight as it is not pure silk and made of very light weight fabric. It is very comfortable to wear and less heavy while wearing. You can easily wear it for any occasion being a light weight silk saree.

What can make a silk saree lightweight?

Silk Sarees are lightweight and comfortable to wear, giving you a warm feeling and vibe even in the cold winter evenings. While other sarees can be uncomfortable during certain days, silk sarees are a package that would make you look both elegant and comfortable where you can carry them easily. Thread is used to create delicate designs, complicated patterns, and bold embroideries in the feather-light weaving of lustrous silk fabric.  The saree’s ambiance of themes, hues, and patterns harmonize and complement each other, making it a delight to drape for any occasion.

Which are the light weight silk sarees?

Sarees are the six-yard elegance that never fails to make women look gorgeous. Yet, while we choose silk sarees, we should be aware of what kind of silk fabric sarees are lightweight to be worn.

Here is a list of some specific silk lightweight sarees that can be chosen on several occasions.

Chanderi handloom saree

Handloom sarees are quite popular and you can find them being on the top of the trend. Handloom sarees are lightweight and would give a comfortable feeling to the body. The imprints on the saree are usually inspired by the Chanderi temples. Draping the chanderi handloom saree that is enhanced by the subtle golden designs on its pallu gives a warm feeling. This chanderi handloom would be the best fit for any Indian wedding giving you a traditional look. This can be paired up with black or golden metal jhumkas and wear golden strap heels. You can keep your mane perfectly tamed, or go for a sleek ponytail to complete the appearance.

Art Silk sarees

Art Silk sarees are light, flowy and are soft silk sarees that are incredibly comfortable to wear, especially for people who do not frequently wear sarees and want any cool and comfy look. The fabric is breathable and is also suitable to wear during hot and humid temperatures. From timeless classics to modern swish, pristine autumn to flexible materials and minimalistic detailing to sumptuous embroidery, these high-quality curtains have it all in the sarees. Also, the cost of art silk sarees is much lower than that of pure silk sarees.

Jamdani saree

Jamdani saree is one of Bengal’s best muslin fabrics that has been produced for centuries in Rupshi, Narayanganj, Dhaka District, Bangladesh. The beautiful shade designs and lightweight fabric of Jamdani sarees are what make them so attractive. Jamdani sarees are the perfect rescue from heavy-weight sarees that would tire you out. The border on this Jamdhani silk saree is magnificent that adds more to the pattern of the saree. You can pair up with traditional meenakari jhumkas and mojarris along with the jamdani saree to have a graceful look.

Mysore silk sarees

Mysore silk sarees are light and simple to manage sarees that are worth purchasing. It is a popular choice for any event and can be wear to the office or parties. They come in a variety of colorful colors and they can be paired easily with any jewelry and trendy blouse. Manufactured originally in Karnataka is one of India’s best mulberry silk factories, it is one of the popular and best-selling saree. They have a vibrant color and silky texture with minimalist designs yet they wouldn’t fail to give you a rich feel. 

Mangalgiri cotton sarees

Mangalgiri cotton sarees are made in the state of Andhra Pradesh, and they are quite stunning in both their look and fabric. The mangalgiri cotton sarees are specifically textured traditional lightweight fabrics that would delicately define all the curves without any signs of wrinkles. You can wear it with some lightweight pieces of jewelry to compliment the look.

Kanjeevaram Silks

Lightweight pattu sarees are an excellent option for most young women who want to start experimenting with wearing sarees. Lightweight pattu sarees are an excellent option for most young women who want to start experimenting with wearing sarees, yet would give you a stunning look. Kanjeevaram Silks are woven at Palam Silks by expert weavers who have perfected their craft for centuries. They are the perfect outfit for weddings or any occasion. 

Is pure silk saree lightweight? 

Silk’s adaptability is one of the main reasons for its popularity. Silk is a natural protein fabric with many different varieties, so there is plenty of texture variety. Pure silk sarees that are hand-loomed and lightweight. Banarasi silk, Tussar Silk Sari, art silk sarees, Kanjeevaram or Kanchipuram Silk sarees, Mysore silk sarees are some of the pure silk sarees. Pure silk sarees are hand-loomed with premium quality fabrics using different techniques and intricate weaving patterns. 

Significance Of Silk Sarees in Weddings

Symbolizing wealth and majesty, silk sarees are high-end drapes. There is nothing like a wedding to show off one’s glamour. Also, pure silk sarees are symbols of the divine, notably of the goddess Lakshmi

Final Thoughts

Silk sarees are meticulously created from the highest quality materials. Aside from that, they also expose the local weavers’ talents to the globe. They’ve come a long way from their beginning, but the roots haven’t altered that much through time either. If you need to choose one single silk saree that is light weight, that is Art Silk Saree.

We hope that this article would provide you an insight into the magnificent world of silk sarees. You can wear any silk saree and pair it with pieces of jewelry to get a gorgeous look. Now that you are well aware of the authenticity of these sarees, they are worth a purchase.