14 Ways to Look Taller in a Saree

How to look taller in a saree

There is a wide belief that women who are wearing sarees actually look shorter than they are. This becomes worse when the woman wearing the saree is already short as she already is. But there are some ways that you can use to make yourself taller when you are in a saree. Take note of these tips and you will no longer feel and look short when you are wearing a saree.

  1. Don’t use sarees with big and broad borders

A saree that has a heavy and broad border should never be a choice that you should go for if you are short or if you don’t want to look shorter than you actually are. That’s because the big or heavy borders will make the saree look shorter than it actually is. When that happens, it can also make you visually look short, which is something you don’t want to happen if you are wearing a saree.

Instead, the best thing to do is to use a saree with light or small borders because they make the saree look longer. The longer the saree looks because of the thin or light borders, the more likely you will also look tall. Hence, always opt for sarees with lighter borders and not the ones that have big and heavy borders that will instantly make you look short.

  1. Fabric choice makes a difference

Believe it or not, the choice of fabric for your saree also makes a huge difference when it comes to making you look taller or shorter when you are wearing a saree. The lighter the fabric of the saree is, the more likely you will look taller than you are. Sarees that are made with material or fabric that looks heavy and thick will only make you look shorter. Moreover, sarees that look heavy and big will also make you look heavier than you actually are.

Cotton will probably be a bad choice for you in terms of the fabric of your saree. It might be soft but it’s going to look stiff and bulky. And when your saree looks bulky, you are going to end up looking bulky and hefty in places that you shouldn’t even be bulky. The bulkier you look, the shorter you will end up looking as well.

Always go for a saree made from light fabric such as silk and chiffon. Sarees made from such fabrics can easily wrap around your waist without adding a lot of visual weight on you. This does not only make you look taller than you are but it will also give you a slimmer appearance thanks to how the saree wraps around your abdomen area really well.

  1. Heels are always there to help you

No matter what you wear, heels will always be there to help you whenever you want to look taller. This is usually the case for young women out there because the younger generation is more likely to prefer to wear heels when wearing a saree, especially when going out to attend formal events and other similar happenings.

But the thing you have to remember is that the choice of heels will also make a difference when it comes to making you look taller while you are wearing a saree. The shinier or glossier the heels are, the better especially when it comes to formal events. However, wedges might not be the best choice because they look thick and heavy. That’s why stilettos might be the better heels to wear. Still, you should remember that you should not wear heels that are too high because they will draw away attention from your saree, which should be the highlight of your entire outfit.

  1. Big prints are canceled

Sarees come in all those different designs. Of course, there are sarees that some ladies tend to love because of their prints. But remember here that sarees with big prints can give people the illusion that you are shorter precisely because of how big the prints are compared to the overall size of the saree. That is why you should cancel sarees with big prints off of your list if you want to look taller.

Moreover, big prints can also draw enough attention from other people to the point that they will immediately notice your frame. You don’t want people to notice your frame because that will also make them notice how short you actually are. 

Go for a saree with a light print instead because of how small and light prints are small in comparison to the rest of the saree. This gives you a “lengthening” effect that makes you look taller in your saree. Also, sarees that have smaller prints can give you a leaner appearance while also decreasing the chances of people getting attracted by the prints and end up noticing your actual frame. People who are leaner always tend to look taller than people who are quite chunky even though both have the same height.

  1. Vertical lines work well for your height

In relation to how you should choose the print of your saree really well, you should also know that the lines printed on your saree can make a difference in your height as well. Avoid horizontal lines at all times. Even though horizontal lines make you look slimmer than you are, they will also make you look shorter to cancel out the slimming effect that they give to your overall physique. As such, you might as well avoid sarees with horizontal lines.

So, instead of going for sarees with horizontal prints, go for the ones that have vertical lines instead. Something as simple as vertical lines printed on your saree can already give people the illusion that you are taller. However, you should also make sure that you are choosing a saree with lines that are narrow and not ones that have thick or broad vertical lines because thicker lines can make you look chunky and short.

  1. Slim petticoats or jeans are great

Your saree isn’t the only piece of clothing you should look at when you want to look slim while wearing a saree. That’s because the clothing you are wearing under your saree can make as much a difference as your saree can if you want to look taller than you actually are. In that case, dump the petticoats or the jeans that seem to pack up under your saree because they can add a lot of weight to your figure while also making you look shorter.

In that case, when you are wearing a petticoat underneath your saree, it is best to choose one that holds to your waist really well to make you look slim. The slimmer you look in your petticoat, the more likely you will look taller. Also, the same principle applies to when you are wearing jeans as you need to avoid wearing baggy jeans. Instead, go for slim jeans that wrap nicely around your waist and your legs so that you will appear taller when your legs look slim.

  1. The blouse plays a role too

Similar to how your petticoat or your jeans play a role in making you taller when you are wearing a saree, your blouse also has the same effect. Don’t wear a blouse that is too big or too stuffy that it would make you look chunky under your saree. As such, it would be best to wear a blouse that is medium in length and gives you a nice overall figure as well instead of making you look stuffy.

Moreover, going for a blouse with vertical stripes can also make you look taller similar to how a saree with vertical stripes does. You should also try to experiment with different blouses of different designs but never wear a neck-high blouse under your saree because this will only make you look shorter. The more you show off your neck, the more likely you will look taller than you normally are.

The length of your sleeves can also affect your height. Some blouses may end up looking better than others but they will not help your height in any way. Instead, go for long-sleeved blouses because of how they will make your arms look longer. In turn, your height will also look longer in proportion to the lengthening effect that your long sleeves give your arms.

  1. Find the right place to pin it

The way you pin your saree can also affect how you look visually to the eyes of others especially when it comes to your height. When going for creases, always make sure to avoid bigger creases because they can make you look shorter. Meanwhile, make sure to overlap your saree will enough to avoid creating a lot of layers that will add some heft to your appearance. The heftier you look, the shorter you would be to the eyes of others.

As such, go for smaller creases when you are overlapping your saree. Don’t try to overlap too much because this will make your saree look thick and heavy. That is why you must learn how to pin your saree the right way so that you would be able to make yourself look taller. This may take skill and experience but you will be able to learn how to do it eventually.

  1. Style can be everything

Similarly, the style of wearing your saree can be just as impactful as the way you pin it when it comes to making yourself look taller in a saree. In other words, choosing the right style can be everything because the wrong style may end up making you look shorter while the right style can be flattering for both your height and your figure.

One of the most popular draping styles for the saree is the nivi style, which is often called ulta pallu sare. This style is quite common but it is also the best style to use for women who are on the shorter side in terms of their height. The reason is that the style allows you to look classy while giving you a more proportionate shape. And if you look proportionate in terms of your figure, you will also end up looking taller.

  1. Wear your hair right

Even when you do everything right with your saree just so you would end up looking taller than you actually are, wearing your hair the wrong way will probably still make you look short or will probably reveal how short you really are. In that sense, going for a good hairdo will actually help in making you look tall because the right hair will subtract weight off of your image while also making you look taller and leaner.

Parting your hair right down at the middle should be avoided at all times because it gives your face a fuller appearance that will also make you look short. Parting your hair three-fourths might be a good idea but it won’t always do the trick. Instead, try to reveal a bit of your neck by wearing a high bun because this makes your neck look longer while also adding some height on top of your head because of the placement of the bun.

  1. Less is more when it comes to jewelry

When you are accessorizing with your jewelry, try to make it minimal at best. Don’t style yourself with plenty of jewelry because this will make you look short just like how a living room that has too many decorations can make it look smaller than it actually is. At the same time, not wearing enough jewelry can also have the same effect in the sense that it will make you look shorter as well.

Instead, try to make sure that you are balancing out your overall look by wearing the right number of jewelry instead of just going for a lot or too little. Make sure that the jewelry you are using is something that makes a statement. You can go for long jewelry that can make you look longer as well. However, don’t wear all of your statement jewelry at once because this can make you look shorter as all of those different accessories take up too much space while attracting too much attention.

  1. Accessorize the right way

In relation to how you should wear jewelry the right way, you should also accessorize yourself the right way. Don’t wear plenty of different accessories because, as we have mentioned, they will take up a lot of space and will make you look small and short in the process. Some accessories will also break your look because they don’t match with the saree at all and will end up making you look short because of how they clash with your overall look.

What you need to do is to simplify things as much as possible by going for the accessories that best go with your look. Do not over-accessorize because this will only ruin things on your part. Focus more on the accessories that will accentuate your saree because the saree should be able to speak for itself without accessories or even jewelry trying to overshadow it. The more your saree stands out, the less likely you will look short while wearing it.

  1. The darker, the better

When choosing your saree color, the best way to make yourself look taller is by choosing dark colors. Avoid lighter colors because of how they will make you look heftier or bulkier. Of course, as we have mentioned time and time again, looking hefty and bulky will only make you look shorter. Hence, you should very well avoid light-colored sarees that will only make you look bulky and short.

Again, go for darker sarees such as black. Going for black is never a bad reason because of how it not only makes you slim but also makes you taller as well. Looking slim will easily make you look taller as your figure is accentuated. On top of that, dark colors such as black are quite classy and are easy to accessorize and pair with other clothes.

  1. Tie your saree the right way

The style you use for your saree isn’t the only thing that’s important when it comes to wanting to look taller. That’s because the way you tie your saree can also play a good role in elongating your overall frame as well so that you would end up looking taller than you actually are. As such, make sure to tie your saree just below the navel because of how this will elongate your torso and make you look taller than your actual height.

In the same way, avoid tying your saree above your navel. This will create an illusion that your torso is shorter without even making your legs look longer in the process. Doing so will only end up making you look short or even shorter than you actually are.