An excellent way to sew your saree petticoat [Step-by-Step Guide]


Festive and wedding seasons are here and it’s time to wear some traditional stuff. Saree is never an outgoing fashion in our tradition. It is a very popular attire among Indian women and it is the identity of Indian women. Any girl can’t say no to the magic of saree. It enhances your beauty, looks and adds elegance and grace to the beauty of women. Equally important is the petticoat. A lot depends on the combination. At festivals and weddings, you have to do lots of work. So it is suggested that you should wear the saree comfortably with the petticoat and astoundingly. But you have decided to make your own petticoat, how do you make saree petticoat, lets see.

Important choices to make about the petticoat

Before proceeding into the crux of petticoat making, let’s examine some important qualities to consider for the petticoat that you are going to create. Comfort and right colour are the most important things to consider before making a petticoat.

Choose comfort

It is not important that to look good, you have to compromise with your comfort zone. You can wear anything comfortable and you look gorgeous. Choose the fabrics in which you feel comfortable. Today there are a variety of options available. Make sure to choose the right petticoat. It should not be too loose or tight and should be according to your height. Also, ensure that you are not having any problems while walking.

Choosing the right colour

Earlier women used to wear only matching petticoats but now it is not so, wear what looks good on your saree. You can also choose a contrasting shade petticoat.

If you want to wear a saree perfectly, it is very important to choose the right petticoat. Earlier, we used to hide the petticoat under a saree but it doesn’t happen anymore. Make sure that you have chosen the right fabric and right fit petticoat for yourself.

The main purpose of the petticoat is to tuck the saree in. But the entire look of the saree depends on the petticoat. So, in this article, we are sharing some tips and methods of making an unerring petticoat.

First of all, choosing a material for your petticoat is a crucial step. Here is the guide to choose petticoat material.

Which material is suitable for your saree Petticoat? 

  • If you want to choose a petticoat for your daily wear then choose the cotton fabric. Cotton fabric is best, it is more comfortable, sustainable, strong and durable as well. You will also get a night of better sleep.
  • If you are looking for a petticoat for a formal saree then silk or satin can be your priority. They are perfect for your designer and net saree. Satin will give you a fashionable and a party look. It is not only soft, durable and wrinkle-resistant but also has a shiny finish, which enhances your whole look. Silk is known for its shining and lust nature. It will also give you a soft feel and an elegant appearance.

Types of petticoats

There are many styles of petticoats, however, the two most admired ones are-

A-line petticoat – These are the regular petticoats used by most women, they are very comfortable and lightweight. You can easily move while wearing these petticoats because there is enough space for the moment.

Mermaid petticoat

If you want a slim look just like any Bollywood actress and social media influencer then you can go for a mermaid petticoat. In this petticoat, you can flaunt your curves and show your perfect look.

How to sew a benign petticoat? 

First of all, to stitch a petticoat you will need 2 meters of fabric. Then, to remove wrinkles, iron the fabric. It will make your stitching process easier and clearer.

For accurate measurement, it is suggested to use a measuring tape. Ideally, the petticoat should be 1 to 2 inches shorter than a saree to get a perfect look. You can also take your old petticoat to make the right measurement.

How to make a petticoat step by step?

1. First of all fold the fabric from the width and then from the length.

2. For making the waist belt of the petticoat: On the open side of the fabric make a mark of 5 inches from the length.

3.  Cut the marked fabric with the help of scissors. Now the remaining length is 33 inches.

4. Join the two parts together. After joining, adjust it according to your waist size and cut the remaining fabric. Now keep it aside.

5.  Make a mark of 5.2 inches and 5.7 inches on the open side of breadth again make the same marking on the other side of the breadth as shown in the video. 

6. Join both the marks of 5.7 inches with the help of chalk and cut them with scissors.

7. Now arrange them in the correct position, once you place them, you will get the shape of a saree petticoat.

7. Leave one side and stitch the four parts together as shown in the above video.

8. While stitching the last slide of the petticoat leave a 3-inch gap and sew half an inch inwards.

9. Attach the waist belt with the petticoat.

10 . And now you are ready to go, your petticoat is ready. You can slay your saree look.

For more information, check this video.

Petticoat can enhance or break your look. So choose the petticoat wisely that suits your saree. Today different types of petticoats are available such as A-line Petticoat, Satin Petticoat, Crepe Petticoat, Fish Cut Petticoat,

Layered Petticoat, Slimming Petticoat, and Designer Petticoat. Choose the right petticoat and definitely, you are going to rock at any event.

Until and unless you know how to sew. It will be much easier for you to sew a petticoat. But if you are a beginner, you don’t know much about sewing, follow the above steps and you will be amazed by the outcome.

Do you know, you can wear a saree without a petticoat too, read this article to know more.