15 styles to match Blouse Color to Golden Saree

Choose right color blouse for golden saree

Indeed, a golden saree is an ethereal option for all types of cultural events in India. Like me, you also must have tried a gorgeous golden saree. But the problem arises when choosing the right blouse color for your golden saree. Luckily, I am here to help you out with the top fifteen blouse colors that go wonderfully with a golden blouse.

1. Black Blouse for a Confident Look

Who doesn’t love the black royalty? Surprisingly, you can extend the magic of black color when pairing it with a golden saree. You can choose a simple black saree if you have a heavy golden saree. Else, you can pick up a black blouse with golden borders to complement a lightweight golden saree. A black blouse with full sleeves will keep the look subtle. However, you can go for a sleeveless blouse to add drama to your appearance.

Being a bold appearance, too many accessories can ruin your black blouse-golden saree look. So, you can add simple accessories like heavy golden Jhumkas to keep the appearance balanced. Also, you can go with heavy eye makeup and make a bun with Gajras to complete your overall look.

The beautiful golden saree and black blouse look are ideal for evening functions. So, you can choose the best black blouse and pair it with your favorite golden saree to create a confident appearance.

2. Green Blouse for a Contrast Look

Do you wish to create a contrasting appearance with your golden saree? Try out a green blouse with your costume. The green blouse adds some contrast to your appearance and distinguishes you from the crowd. You can try different shades in green to create different looks with the same golden saree. 

Mostly, a full-sleeved green blouse works with a golden saree. However, you can give a shot to sleeveless blouses if you have a lean figure. Also, you can get a green blouse with Dori at the back to amplify your golden saree look.

When you pair such apparel with accessories having a tinge of green beads, you look more gorgeous. You can carry heavy makeup and jewelry if your saree is somewhat lightweight in appearance. In contrast, carry light makeup and simple accessories to compliment your heavyweight sarees. All in all, you can wear such contrasting garments at any time of the day to create a mesmerizing appearance.

3. Pink Blouse for a Chic Appearance

A pink blouse is the best choice if you wish to create a chic look with your golden saree. Many times, ladies complain that a golden saree doesn’t seem ideal for daytime ceremonies. Here’s the drill! You can turn a golden saree look fit for morning events by pairing it with a pink blouse. Furthermore, you can try different pink shades to prepare for different functions using the same golden saree. 

Complete your golden saree look with matching jewelry and a small Potli bag. You can choose lightweight jewelry if your blouse is intricately designed. Also, you can try heavy jewelry if your overall appearance is somewhat lighter.

A golden saree with a pink blouse is the best thing that you can get if you wish to keep your hair open. Being a lightweight attire, you can carry heavy make-up and hair accessories to look gorgeous without overdoing things.

4. Red Blouse for a Bold Look

Red is bold – we all know that. So, you can pair your golden saree with a red blouse to add boldness to your overall appearance. You can choose a simple red blouse if your golden saree is heavy. Also, you can go with a designer red blouse with a lightweight golden saree. You will appear gorgeous in all types of red blouses with a golden saree.

Remember that a red blouse is bold in itself. So, you cannot carry heavy jewelry with red blouses when pairing it with a golden saree. A heavy golden Jhumka and a bun will compliment your golden saree appearance. 

You can further add glow into your appearance by doing simple eye makeup that does not look too much on your costume. Also, avoid keeping your hair open with such a combination as it will create too much drama that might ruin your overall apparel.

5. White Blouse Gives You a Subtle Look

We always seek subtleness when it comes to attending a daytime function. Also, older women prefer going with a nondramatic appearance when wearing a golden saree. You can get that oh-so-gorgeous look by pairing a white blouse with your golden saree. Again, you have the option to choose a simple white blouse if your saree is heavy. Or, go with a designer white blouse if your golden saree is lightweight without much sparkle. 

You have the freedom to match any jewelry with your golden saree look if you decide to go with a white blouse. Keep the jewelry tone golden to create the perfect mix-and-match. Also, you can be as crafty as you want when it comes to styling your hair.

You can either keep your hair open or make a bun with Gajras to amplify your subtle white blouse with a golden saree look. Or, you can make plates if you are a South Indian bride. All in all, this look will never let you down.

6. Ivory Blouse for an Indifferent Look

Do you want to try a subtle look with some differences? Go with an ivory blouse with a golden saree, simple! Believe it or not, ivory blouses are uncommon and remain a favorite choice for celebrities like Rekha and Vidya Balan. Like a white blouse, you can choose a designer or simple ivory blouse to suit your golden saree apparel.

You can showcase your creativity by pairing different pieces of jewelry with your ivory blouse and golden saree. Also, you can pick different clutch and Potli bags to create a wonderful appearance with your ivory blouses. Halt! Remember that overdoing accessories can break the game. So, keep them in balance according to your costume.

About the hair, you can keep it open or make a bun. You can try the latter one if you wish to add a Maangtika to your appearance. Also, you can go with heavy makeup if you wish to create a healthy balance between subtle garments and touch-ups. So, ivory blouses are your all-time favorite answer for “what color blouse goes with golden saree?”.

7. Beige Blouse Compliment Golden Sarees

A beige blouse is your answer if you want to create an appearance in similar tones. Although highly uncommon, a golden saree looks ravishing when paired with a beige blouse. You can add a beige blouse to your appearance if you wish to carry a golden saree during the daytime. The color, beige, is soothing and does not create much drama in your appearance.

You can add golden jewelry to your look if you wish to compliment your beige blouse and golden saree appearance. All you need is to go for traditional golden and oxidized-gold jewelry to create a mesmerizing saree appearance. When it comes to accessorizing, you can also add layers of different necklaces to amplify your overall appearance.

Now, you require to stay careful when it comes to styling your hair. Avoid keeping it open if your jewelry is heavy. You can make a bun if that’s the case. Carrying an open hair look appears beautiful when your garment and accessories are simple.

8. Maroon Blouse Adds Warmth to Your Sarees

Are you willing to attend an evening ceremony that is not so glamorous? You can choose a maroon blouse for your golden saree if that’s the case. A maroon blouse is also the answer for older women who do not wish to add much drama to their appearance. Another advantage of wearing a maroon blouse is that you can harness the magic of red blouses without bringing their boldness into your appearance.

You can pair oxidized-gold jewelry with your garment to create the perfect appearance. Mostly, keep the blouse simple and choose a heavy golden saree to strike a balance. Although you can go with a designer maroon blouse only if your saree is somewhat simple.

About the hairstyle, you can go with either open hair or make a bun depending upon your appearance. If you find the look to be calm, you can keep the hair open to balance the outfit. However, you can make a bun if the costume and make-up are heavy.

9. Get a Sober Appearance with Brown Blouse

Do you want to add more depth to your maroon blouses? Choose a brown blouse for your golden saree to add warmth to your golden saree look and create a sober appearance. All you need is to choose a simple or designer brown blouse and cleverly match it with your golden saree. 

You can choose a simple brown blouse if your golden saree is shimmery and glowing. Also, you can go with a designer brown blouse if your golden saree is translucent and lightweight. Furthermore, you can add some jewelry, especially the oxidized accessories, to complement your overall appearance.

Moreover, you can carry heavy makeup and open hair if you want to add some drama to your appearance. Also, you can add simple makeup with hair in a bun to keep things light and manageable. So, you can play and experiment with your brown blouse and golden saree appearance to find the best one for yourself.

10. Mustard Blouse for an Uplifted Look

Many times, women fear carrying a bright yellow blouse with a golden saree. But still, do you wish to create a hypnotic yellow appearance? It’s time to bring a mustard blouse into your wardrobe. You can bring a shimmery or embroidered mustard blouse to complement your overall look. The choice of your blouse depends on how gorgeous or subtle your golden saree is.

You can choose simply heavy jewelry to compliment your mustard blouse and golden saree appearance. A mustard blouse looks more beautiful when draping a dull golden saree on your body. Although you can carry a bright mustard blouse if your saree is the perfect golden one.

Keep your makeup, hair, and accessories subtle if your mustard blouse is self-designed and embroidered. You can go with heavy accessories and make-up if your mustard blouse and golden saree are somewhat simple looking.

11. Monochrome Leads

The most trending appearance of all is the head-to-toe golden saree look. This is called a monochrome look. You can find many brides and top celebrities carrying the monochrome look and attracting worldwide paparazzi. You can also become the talk of the town by pairing a golden blouse with a saree in a similar tone. 

All you need is to wear bright red lipstick and ear studs to compliment your look. Also, you can wear a Mangalsutra and Sindoor if you are married and going to attend an evening ceremony.

12. Magenta Blouse Adds Drama

You must have watched the South Indian brides slaying their golden saree look with a magenta blouse. The magenta blouses can be your game if you wish to add more drama to your golden saree appearance.

13. Sequined Blouse Rocks

Sequined blouses are a go-to thing to pair with all types of sarees, aren’t they? You can match a sequined blouse with your golden saree to create a magical appearance at any point in time. About the blouse color, you can choose either a golden or diamond-sequined blouse to compliment your overall appearance.

14. Blue Blouse Adds a Cooler Tone

You can choose a blue blouse with your golden saree to create a cold look during evening functions. Moreover, you can play with the blouse colors to pick the best appearance for your golden sarees.

15. Multicolored Blouses are In-Vogue

You will be surprised to know that a multicolor striped blouse looks ravishing with a simple golden saree. You can add a multicolored blouse to your golden saree look regardless of the type of function that you wish to attend.

That’s all! Now, you know “what color blouse goes with golden saree?”.Pick the best one from the above 15 styles, and you are all set to slay the streets.