This Is What Makes Mysore Silk Sarees So Unique

Why are Mysore Silk Sarees so Unique

Mysore silk sarees! These are my favorite ones and I love to fill my wardrobe with these elegant and stylish sarees. Even many of my family members and friends are huge lovers of these sarees.

Frankly speaking, I do not always feel comfortable wearing heavy silk sarees. It happens more commonly when I am to attend simple events during summers. I am sure you find it relatable, don’t you? Mysore silk sarees come to my rescue in such scenarios.

Apart from being a glamorous and everyday silk attire, Mysore silk sarees won my heart a long time ago due to their uniqueness. Whatever the occasion is, I would love to be wrapped in Mysore sarees. What makes them so different? Let me throw some light on how distinct are Mysore silk sarees and provide you a glimpse of my viewpoint.

Mysore silk sarees are minimally designed with exquisite Zari work on rich silk fabric, manufactured only by KSIC. Every Mysore silk saree differs from the other, and a unique embroidery code separates their threadwork and design.

What is Mysore Silk?

At the very beginning, let me throw some light on what Mysore silk is before discussing its specialty. Karnataka, the silk kingdom of India, contributes about 45% to the nation’s entire mulberry silk production. Mysore silk is a unique product from Karnataka and registered patent by the Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation Limited (KSIC). These threads are processed to manufacture the finest and authentic Mysore silk sarees in India.

Is Mysore Silk Pure Silk?

After going through the Mysore silk composition, you might be wondering if they come under the pure silk hood or not. Yes, Mysore silk sarees are pure silk variants with subtle Zari work on them. Such a minimalistic design makes Mysore silk sarees the most preferred sarees for weddings, receptions, and any other event.

What Makes Mysore Silk Sarees so unique?

Mysore silk sarees are unique and distinct from other silk sarees. Despite having calmed palette and Zari work, these sarees are evergreen and most sought-after for all occasions. Being a pure silk variant, the Mysore silk sarees are a sensational favorite among silk lovers and admirers around the county. Mysore silk sarees differ from other silk sarees due to the following reasons.

  • The birth of Mysore silk sarees accompanies an age-old tale. It is said that Maharaja Krishna Raja Waudiyar IV went to Britain, got impressed by the foreign silk production, and brought 32 power looms to India. Since then, Mysore silk sarees began embellishing the wardrobes of every Indian lady.
  • As I already mentioned, Mysore silk sarees are simple yet gorgeous attires, unlike the overwhelming heavy silk sarees. These entail the peculiar silk sheen but have the least Zari work near the borders.
  • Weavers attempt hard to weave a single Mysore silk saree border in about 4 hours. Taking away such a piece echoes the artisan’s hard work and creativity behind weaving and manufacturing a masterpiece.
  • Pure silk threads, twisted with silver Zari, and dipped in gold, are used in weaving other silk varieties like the Kanjivaram silk sarees. On the other hand, Mysore silk sarees are made of pure silk, 65% silver, and 0.65% gold threads.
  • Mysore silk sarees are machine woven but have a similar texture to the handloom woven silk sarees.
  • A single color forms the base of Mysore silk sarees. Additionally, gorgeous threadwork adorns the borders with beautiful motifs and designs.
  • The Mysore silk sarees have an exquisite pallu contrasting to the subtle garment-body. Such a contrast makes Mysore silk sarees a popular choice among all women.
  • Private firms do not produce royal Mysore silk sarees. Only KSIC manufactures these sarees and provides a unique code to each piece.
  • Another striking Mysore silk saree feature is that they are lightweight and easier to carry. You can drape them comfortably and wear them at daylong events even without feeling tired at all.
  • Mysore silk sarees are expensive members of the entire silk saree family. You will end up spending more on Mysore silk sarees than any other silk variant.
  • If stored carefully, the Mysore silk sarees remain afresh for decades and centuries. These don’t perish easily and remain alive through several generations.

What other points make Mysore silk sarees unique?

Being produced by KSIC only, you might not come across a genuine Mysore silk saree always. There are fake varieties available in the market, compelling you to spend a big budget while purchasing an ingenuine piece. But how do you recognize a pure Mysore silk saree? Here are the proven ways to identify authentic Mysore silk saree and prevent yourself from fake pieces.

  1. KSIC Hologram

KSIC-made Mysore silk sarees have a trademark hologram on them, verifying their authenticity. Before purchasing a Mysore silk saree, checking for the KSIC hologram partially assures you about its genuineness.

  1. Price

As you know, Mysore silk sarees entail costly gold threads, making it the most expensive silk saree variety available in the marketplaces. Mostly, the Mysore silk saree price begins from INR 14,000 and goes up to several lakhs. If you are getting a Mysore silk saree at an even lesser price range, then it is likely to be a fake one.

  1. Unique Embroidery Code

Each Mysore silk saree piece is unique with distinct embroidery and threadwork. So, every saree is given a unique embroidery code to record the unique designs and establish their truth value. You can look for the KSIC embroidery code to identify a pure Mysore silk saree.

  1. ISO Certification

ISO certification recognizes all high-quality and genuine products. When purchasing a Mysore silk saree, the presence of an ISO mark speaks about its pureness and authenticity.

  1. Printed Seal

KSIC imprints a “100% Pure Mysore Silk Saree” label on each genuine Mysore silk saree. Such a seal is enough to identify a pure Mysore silk saree and separate it from other fake variants.

How Much Does Mysore Silk Sarees Cost?

Mysore silk sarees are irresistible and a must-have in your collection. Are you wondering about the budget required to get an authentic Mysore silk saree? If you wish to get the most minimal Mysore silk saree variation, you will need an investment of INR 14,000 approximately.

Furthermore, depending upon your wish to purchase a more detailed and exquisite Zari work on a Mysore silk saree, the prices will go up accordingly. Some Mysore silk saree prices go high up to several lakhs even.

Why are Mysore silk sarees expensive?

You might have noticed that Mysore silk sarees are quite expensive. This is because of the zari work that these sarees have. This zari work comprises approximately 65% pure silver and 0.65% gold and silk. Hence, the cost of the Mysore silk saree is justifiable with the efforts and metals used on it.

Wearing a Mysore silk saree in Gold and Silver is a compliment in itself and you will definitely feel like you belong to a royal family.


If you love sarees and Mysore silk sarees, in particular, then you will be highly grateful to this article as it has given you a wider exposure to Mysore sarees. You are a lady of grace and owning a Mysore silk saree is a proud affair of royalty and glamor. These south Indian heritages will never go out of fashion and hold their place due to their unique and distinct features.

So, waiting for what? Come on, get up and stroll your nearby market places and find the saree that is most suitable for you. Choose the color of the saree wisely which may match your skin complexion.

That’s not all! Complete the look with the ultimate piece of jewelry and elegant bun style. Carry your look with confidence. Now, you are ready to rock the floor.