10 Tips to make my net saree less transparent

Indian Girl Wearing Saree

Sarees made of net and organza are in style these days because they make women look more feminine and delicate. The wide variety of net and organza sarees makes them irresistible. If a woman saw herself in a net or organza saree, it would be a dream come true for her. However, we hold back our dreams of wearing net and organza sarees because they are transparent. Are you wondering how can I make my net saree less transparent? The below-listed tips will work best for you if that’s the case.

Here are the best answers to “how can I make my net saree less transparent?”. Keep reading!

1. Wear Long Blouses to Cover Belly and Waist

You have noticed that sheer sarees keep your torso region fully revealed. I am sure most of you might feel a bit hesitant with such sarees, right? Now you can wear your favorite net saree without exposing the belly and waist area while looking stylish. You can try out a long and full-sleeved blouse with a net saree that covers your tummy and waist entirely.

2. Wear Crop Tops to Cover Your Skin

Do you wish to add more style to your net sarees while covering your body completely? Guess what? You can do so by wearing a crop or peplum top as a blouse with your favorite net saree. The style goes well with simple net sarees that don’t have much show.

3. Choose the Right Blouse Color to Illusion Coverage

Get a blouse having a similar color to your net saree. Choosing similar shades gives an illusion that your net saree is slightly opaque. However, your sheer sarees will appear highly transparent if you pick a contrasting blouse. For instance, a mustard yellow blouse with a similar saree looks better than pairing it with a white blouse.

4. Drape Your Net Sarees Above Navel

Enough of blouse hacks for your net sarees! Here’s another way to make your sarees look less transparent. Try draping your net sarees above the navel if a showy belly is a no-no for you. You can keep the length of your blouse some inches below the bust to cover the exposed tummy region if any.

5. Ruffled Net Sarees or Blouses to Deviate Focuses

When you can’t eradicate the transparency, try deviating the focuses by adding more ruffles into your ensemble. You can either choose a ruffled net saree or pair a ruffled blouse with a plain net saree. These features will balance the transparency factor and deviate attention towards the ruffles.

6. Wear Satin Petticoats in the Same Color as Your Net Saree

Wearing a satin petticoat underneath your net saree suppresses its transparent attribute to a large extent. Such petticoats appear like an extended version of your saree and highly curbs its see-through appeal. The effect amplifies when your petticoat has an exactly similar color to the saree. 

7. Get an Embroidered or Sequined Net Saree

If you’re planning to wear a net saree in your next outing, you can get a sequined or embroidered saree. These apparel mask transparency and create an opaque appearance effortlessly. Don’t get sad if you wish to revamp your existing sarees! You can approach a tailor to customize your simple net sarees with sequins to balance the transparency.

8. Carry Your Net Saree in the Pant Style

I notice that wearing a net saree in the pant style covers your body without revealing even an inch! Despite being extremely fashionable, pant-style net sarees appear decent and give you the exact non-showing look you were craving. Try it out once!

9. Layer Your Net Saree with a Jacket

You must have observed fashion divas like Sonam Kapoor slaying their saree looks with a layered approach. They carry a glamorous jacket over blouses to create a distinguished trend among the saree connoisseurs. You can turn such a dressing sense to your benefit and hide the exposed parts in a net saree. When the jacket is slightly longer, your back and waist get covered in a transparent sheer saree.

10. Wear a Wide Belt to Cover the Torso

Let me share a magic trick with you now! Wearing a wide belt is the ideal answer to “how can I make my net saree less transparent?”. Yes, you heard it right! Wear your net saree above the navel and pair a wide belt with a matching buckle in your ensemble. Finally, you will get a look that appears the least transparent of all. Give it a shot!

Why do girls wear transparent sarees?

Although the outfit is traditionally associated with the Indian subcontinent, this outfit is worn by women worldwide. Many girls look for ways to make transparent sarees appear more opaque. I’m sure many of you might be thinking, “why do girls wear such sarees, after all?”. 

It’s because net sarees are in vogue, simple! You can spot multiple celebrities slaying net sarees differently almost every day. So, girls love trying out the fashionable ensemble and carrying it on different occasions.

Also, the transparent sarees make women feel comfortable and look great at formal events because they allow them to be as revealing or as modest as they wish. That’s the major reason for carrying net sarees. 

They are a massive hit for parties and weddings due to their flexibility of draping. You can create different styles, match unique blouses, try out layering, and wear different jewelry with net sarees. Such characteristics make transparent sarees a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe. 

No more running away from transparent net sarees! Now, you can wear a net saree with confidence and attend a function without worries. Keep your fashion mindset open and try out one of the above tips to make your net sarees less revealing. Besides, you can combine multiple hacks to create a style of your own. For instance, how about carrying a jacketed net saree with a wide belt? Experiment with your net sarees now!