How To Tell If Organza Saree Is Pure?

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Organza sarees are in vogue these days. I am sure you have seen many celebrities flaunting their fashion sense by styling an organza saree. Being so much in demand, many fake organza sarees remain available in the market. So, how do you know if organza is pure? More precisely, how do you identify an authentic piece out of all sarees? Well, I learned several tips from my friends and elders to differentiate between a real and artificial organza saree. Let’s discuss each of them in detail!

You can detect pure organza saree by feeling its texture, looking at its appearance, listening to its crispy sound when saree layers are rubbed. Also, you can go for a matchstick test and burn a small part of the fabric to detect a burnt hair-like smell.

What is Pure Organza?

Before learning about “how do you know if organza is pure?”, let’s talk about pure organza fabric. Organza is a flimsy, sheer, and lightweight fabric made from silk, polyester, or nylon. The plain-woven Organza fabric made from synthetic threads has slightly more durability than the silk-made ones. Being a regal-looking fabric, eveningwear and interior decorations contain Organza many times.

What does Organza Look Like?

To understand the difference between pure and fake organza sarees, you need to know about the fabric’s appearance. Organza has some similarities with chiffon fabric. Like chiffon sarees, organza is translucent, soft, and shimmery. Also, both fabrics make the best replacement for bridal veils made with tulle. However, organza is flimsier and more lightweight than chiffon.

How Do You Know if Organza is Real?

Imitating a real organza saree is common nowadays. You can walk into a showroom and expect to find a fake organza saree easily. However, you can save yourself from such bluffs if you know the difference between a real and artificial organza saree. Here are some tips to identify pure organza sarees effortlessly.

1. Touch and Feel to Identify a Real Organza Saree

The touch and feel test is the most common one among all. You can perform it hassle-free in a shop or market to distinguish between artificial and authentic organza saree. Although made from silk threads, the organza fabric is stiffer. You can feel a wiry and hard texture when running your hands on an organza saree. 

Unlike silk sarees, the organza ones are not smooth, soft, and shiny. They are slightly rough and coarser than silk. Also, pure organza sarees are more translucent than fake ones. You can see your fingers beneath a layer of organza saree if it’s real. But, doing so will not reveal your fingers if the saree is an imitation. 

2. Bounce Test for More Guarantee

Bounce test is a reliable method to identify pure organza sarees. Organza, when mixed with several other materials to create a saree, becomes extremely bouncy. In contrast, real organza tends to stay at its position and does not bounce much. So, a perfect way to spot a real organza saree is folding it properly and throwing it on a hard surface from some distance. The saree is a real one if it doesn’t bounce back. However, it’s a fake piece if it bounces and remains elastic.

3. Verify Real Organza Fabric’s Translucency

Another test that you can conduct at a shop or market without anyone’s objection is the translucent test. Organza saree has the property of translucency. You can perform the translucency test to detect pure organza at any place. 

All you need is to keep your hands beneath a layer of organza saree. It’s a real saree if your finger remains partially visible. An opaqueness or complete transparency indicates falsity and fake organza fabric. So, whenever you step out to buy an organza saree, ensure to conduct the translucency test and differentiate between real and artificial organza sarees quickly.

4. Crisp Sound Authenticates its Purity

The organza fabric is stiff, hard, and slightly coarse. So, the organza sarees make a crisp sound when handled or draped on your body. That’s a reliable test to determine pure organza sarees. 

Take 2-3 layers of organza saree in your hand and rub them gently near your ears. Observe what you hear. It’s a fake organza saree if the fabric doesn’t make any sound upon rubbing. However, you can detect a pure organza saree if it makes a crispy sound. Unlike other tests, the sound test is ideal for you to conduct in a marketplace to identify authentic organza sarees in the blink of an eye.

5. Matchstick Test for More Assurance

Now, it’s time to discuss a firm test to detect real and fake organza sarees. The matchstick test is a more reliable method than any other discussed above. All you need is to cut a small piece of fabric from your organza saree and burn it. Now, observe the smell. 

Being a silk-made fabric, real organza sarees will give off a burnt hair-like smell. So, if you get a somewhat similar smell, it’s an authentic saree. Otherwise, you can claim that the saree is fake and comprises mixed materials with organza fabric. However, you might not get permission to conduct a matchstick test at shops.

6. Laboratory Test for Highest Guarantee

You might feel unconfident with the above tests to detect an organza saree. Why not go for a laboratory test? Yes, you’ve read it right! Fabric laboratories and research centers have enough resources to conduct a fabric test for your organza sarees. 

Like other fabrics, they will create a detailed report for your organza fabric. The report might comprise details like fabric composition, authentic extent, and much more. These results are enough to conclude if a saree is made from organza or mixed materials.

Organza fabric is trending and has become a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Such popularity has created opportunities for fraudsters to create fake organza sarees and earn profits. So, keep the above tests in mind when you step out to shop for organza sarees in the future. You will never get disappointed and identify pure organza saree by performing these credible tests.