Reasons why Kanjivaram saree is expensive

Kanjivaram Saree

Kanjivaram silk sarees are India’s richest heritage. They are an integral part of every bridal trousseau and a glamorous inclusion in all our wardrobes. Like you, I love to carry the expensive Kanjivaram silk sarees on all occasions. However, the price tags stop us from draping them every day. Do you wonder why Kanjivaram sarees are so expensive? You’ve hopped to the best location if that’s the case. Here I will discuss all the reasons making Kanjivaram sarees costly, and a lot more.

Kanjivaram saree is expensive due to the production cost of silk, exhaustive manufacturing process, the need for them to be hand woven and due to cost of silver in the saree threads. They are also expensive due to unique design, need of skilled craftsmen and cost of colourful threads.

What is the Average Cost for Kanjivaram Silk Sarees?

Before you can understand the reasons that make Kanjivaram silk sarees expensive, you should walk through the average price range for these garments.

So, what’s the average cost to buy Kanjivaram silk sarees? Kanjivaram silk sarees are the most expensive hand-woven garments with an average piece priced at approximately INR 7,000. Furthermore, as the threadwork and detailing in sarees increase, they become more costly. The price range for Kanjivaram sarees can go up to INR 2,00,000.

Moving on, let’s discuss the reasons making Kanjivaram silk sarees so costly.

Why is Kanjivaram Saree So Expensive?

As you already know, Kanjivaram silk sarees are pricey. Not everyone can afford them. Ever wondered why the Kanjivaram saree is expensive? Let me share the reasons justifying the statement right below.

1. Silk Production is Costly

One of the most prominent reasons behind hiking the price for Kanjivaram sarees is that silk production has become costly.

Silk producers spin silk threads for Kanjivaram sarees from silkworm cocoons. These insects feed on expensive Mulberry leaves and grow enough to cocoon themselves to transition.

Right here, silk producers boil the cocoons and spin authentic silk threads for Kanjivaram silk sarees. 

Over the years, cultivating silkworms and producing silk threads have become highly expensive. Consequently, it affects the cost of Kanjivaram silk sarees.

2. Kanjivaram Silk Saree Manufacturing is an Exhausting Process

Unlike other handwoven sarees, the Kanjivaram silk sarees have the most tiring process. Apart from consuming extensive manpower, these sarees take a bit too long to get manufactured.

Approximately 3 craftsmen work upon a gorgeous Kanjivaram silk saree and complete it within 10-20 days. Furthermore, the duration might increase if the saree encompasses more detailing and intricate Kaarigari.

3. Kanjivaram Sarees are Hand Woven

You might have heard that handwoven sarees are expensive. Why so? It’s because weaving a saree by hand takes extensive time. In contrast, manufacturing sarees using power looms enhances their production and generates more pieces within the same time range.

So, the production efficiency for craftsmen decreases when manufacturing Kanjivaram silk sarees manually. Thus, they price the sarees at a higher range to compensate for their lower production.

4. Kanjivaram Threads Have Silver

Weavers create the silk threads in a special way for Kanjivaram silk sarees. The thread twisting process involves intermingling silver Zari to impart durability into the fabric.

Such a twisted-thread fabric makes Kanjivaram silk sarees ideal for storing and draping for years. 

Let me tell you that silver Zaris are highly expensive. Also, every Kanjivaram saree comprises them for enhanced durability. So, the prices for even the simplest Kanjivaram silk sarees increase.

So, the presence of pure silk and silver Zari make Kanjivaram sarees extremely expensive and distinguished from other hand-woven garments.

5. Every Design on Kanjivaram Sarees are Unique

I love the designs created on Kanjivaram silk sarees. Like me, you also must be a die-hard fan of these sarees and their Karigari. 

Do you know? The sarees in your wardrobe have unique designs found in no other Kanjivaram saree in the world. Getting the ownership of such unique pieces is extremely expensive.

Apart from designs, the Zari-work is unique for all Kanjivaram sarees. So, you are likely to buy a never-seen-before saree by paying a bit more than what you offer to own other sarees.

6. Use of Colorful Silk Threads Make them Expensive

Another striking feature of Kanjivaram sarees is their unique color palette. Generally, the pallu and basal fabrics in a Kanjivaram silk saree have contrasting colors.

Unlike other sarees, the Kanjivaram silk attire comprises colorful threads. When using such threads, it becomes challenging for the weavers to blend different yarns and create a uniform gradient in the Kanjivaram silk sarees. 

Consequently, the price of Kanjivaram silk sarees hikes. You are likely to pay more for the pieces having two or more colors than monochrome Kanjivaram sarees.

7. Only Skilled Craftsmen can Weave Kanjivaram Sarees

Weaving Kanjivaram silk sarees is not a cakewalk. It demands extensive expertise and experience to create the exact show and feel of authentic Kanjivaram sarees.

Besides, it’s challenging to impart desired thread work on Kanjivaram silk sarees. So, only skilled craftsmen can create wonders in the form of Kanjivaram sarees. However, you cannot find many experienced Kanjivaram craftsmen in the world.

All these factors make Kanjivaram a rare piece and price them high to compensate for the experience of Kaarigars in weaving Kanjivaram sarees for eternity.

8. Kanjivaram Silk Sarees are Not Produced Everywhere

The Kanjivaram silk sarees from Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu are rare ensembles. You cannot find genuine manufacturers of these sarees in other parts of India or the world.

So, they are localized and sourced to other parts of the globe from Kanchipuram. Since they have low availability, they have a higher-than-usual price range.

Hopefully, you have understood the reason behind the expensiveness of Kanjivaram silk sarees. All the above points make Kanjivaram silk sarees costly and an affair of elegance and royalty.

Where Can You Find Inexpensive Kanjivaram Sarees?

Although Kanjivaram sarees are expensive silhouettes, you can reach out to the manufacturers in Kanchipuram to shop for some of the inexpensive pieces.

Also, you can find authentic Kanjivaram suppliers on online shopping sites like Amazon. They have numerous inexpensive sarees in desirable palettes and detailing.

You can also grab amazing deals on authentic Kanjivaram silk sarees if you go bulk shopping. The manufacturers can offer huge discounts and guarantee high-quality when shopping for more Kanjivaram sarees at one time.

Now, you are well-familiar with why Kanjivaram silk sarees are expensive. Also, you know the smart hacks of buying inexpensive Kanjivaram sarees. So, what makes you wait? Go on a shopping spree and grab some unique sarees for your wardrobe now!